ABC's Once Upon a Time - Part 3

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Since we're on the precipice, I think I'll just finish this off...

Eddy Kitsis & Adam Horowitz’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ Spinoff Set In Wonderland Takes Shape, Zack Estrin & Jane Espenson Join

Once Upon A Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are bringing in top-notch writer-producers to help them mount a proposed Once spinoff for ABC and ABC Studios. The studio is closing overall deals with Prison Break alum Zack Estrin and Once consulting producer Jane Espenson that would cover their services on the spinoff. Details about the spinoff are being kept under wraps but I have learned that it takes place in Wonderland. While the original idea was to use Once‘s character of Mad Hatter to transition to the new world, the plan was dropped in part because Sebastian Stan, who has played the part on Once, could not commit to the spinoff and the role had to be recast, a prospect that didn’t sit well with fans. I hear the story will now be told through the point of of view of Alice, who has not appeared on Once, surrounded by several new characters. The spinoff takes place in a post-curse world, though, like on Once, there will be flashbacks, so we could potentially see familiar faces, including Barbara Hershey’s recently departed Cora, who was the Queen Of Hearts in Once‘s Wonderland.

I hear the idea is to air the spinoff in 13-episode season arcs with beginning, middle and end, similar to FX’s American Horror Story, possibly bridging the fall and spring portions of Once. Kitsis and Horowitz handpicked Estrin and Espenson to help them with the spinoff after the two pitched the idea to ABC topper Paul Lee and got thumbs-up. Kitsis and Horowitz are currently writing a 15-20 page, four-scene presentation with input from Estrin and Espenson. Production is slated to begin next month, immediately following the season wrap of Once. If the project goes to series, Estrin is expected to run it with Kitsis and Horowitz, while Espenson, who has been a key member of Once’s writing staff since after the pilot, will likely return to the flagship drama, which Kitsis and Horowitz will continue to run.

For WME-repped Estrin this marks the second consecutive overall deal at ABC Studios. Under the most recent one he served as showrunner on ABC’s The River and Zero Hour. Battlestar Galactica alumna Espenson is with CAA. Once is one of ABC’s top series and a big DVR performer. Season to date, the fairytale drama has averaged 2.98 rating among adults 18-49 in Live+Same Day and 4.34 in Live+7, a 43% jump.
A little bit just got edited into that article...
According to a casting breakdown released last week, they are Amahl, described as exotic, soulful and optimistic; and The Knave, a sardonic adventurer, a man of action, a loner and a heart-breaker.
It's for the best to avoid recasting Jefferson. At least this way, they can hope for the occasional Stan guest appearance, instead of bringing in someone new and effectively erasing that possibility, and pissing people off in the process.
Would the Wonderland show be a prequel? I'd hope so, so that we could at least get the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts/Cora as the villain.
I'd have to assume that time period would come into play somehow. They can't just gloss over that stuff, since that's presumably the time that Alice would've first arrived.
Now that Mr. Gold is alive and well on Once Upon a Time, what will happen to the relationship between him and Neal? –Margena
“Gold, he’s such a flawed character, so he’s trying to do the right thing but he doesn’t really know how,” says Robert Carlyle. Meaning, above and beyond that wacky offer to turn Neal into a teenager again, “He doesn’t know how to take that further, so it’s going to take a while to get any kind of resolution on that. But in Episode 21 or 22, something happens which changes [their relationship] forever.” For the better…? “Maybe,” Carlyle teases.

Once Upon a Time fans were given a hint about a connection between Neal and Hook in Neverland. Do you have any scoop about what their history might be? –Stef
For now I will just say that one rumor making rounds as of late absolutely will not pan out.
Second answer's wording seems pretty clear to me.
Clip 2:
Snow Black... what a *****. :o
For some reason it just occurred to me that Mary Margaret is a lot more like classic Snow White than sSnow white is that we've encountered
Snow is getting annoying. She better snap out of it quick. Or she will be more annoying then the characters that looses their memories
I get it, but she really shouldn't feel too bad about this. It was necessary. Plus, Cora set off all this stuff to begin with, she had it coming.
I think it was just the deception that is getting to Snow. Tricking Regina into killing her own mother is harsh and kind of evil even if it needed to be done.
Yea I agree I think it's more about her manipulating Regina into doing it more than just the fact that she killed Cora. That **** was ****ing harsh. During the episode all I could say to myself was "Oh no Snow wtf have you done?!?!" and it's because of the manipulating. If she just like stabbed Cora's heart or something it wouldn't have been even half as bad
It's the way the game is played. :o

Ain't no thang! :awesome:
Is Baelfire an actual character from something? I don't think he is, I think he's an original character here. I'm just curious because I have never heard the name Baelfire anywhere before and I think it is just like the coolest ****ing name ever. I'd totally name my kid Baelfire. I always said I'd wanna go with Anakin just cuz I like how it sounds but Baelfire is just pure awesomeness. That name has to have come from some where before this show. If not, kudos to whoever came up with it cuz it's just straight up rad lol
Really??? Nobody has anything to say about what I brought up about Baelfire?!? You ****s know an ass load more about fairy tales n **** than I do!! Lol
Baelfire is a completely original creation to the show. Where they got the name, I don't know, probably from some database or book of old European style names, but it's not from a character in any fairy tales. That's part of what makes people think that he'll turn out to be a character from another tale, similar to Rumple being the beast from Beauty and the Beast and Cora being the Queen of Hearts, and he might be Peter Pan or at the very least a Lost Boy.
Well they did say the most popular rumor going around about him wouldn't "pan out" so I'm totally thinking Lost Boy. Hell, he can sail a ship maybe he was part of Hook's crew. He said he'd be in his hundreds by now so I'm willing to bet he has all sorts of tricks up his sleeves and is probably just about as cunning as his father due to being alive so long
Yeah, and that's one of my favorite things they've done. Though Cora has now turned out to be 2 characters. The Queen of Hearts AND the Millers daughter.
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