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After the success of "Alice" and "Oz", what's next for Disney?

Dude of Steel

Dec 12, 2012
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Alice in Wonderland was a billion dollar hit. Oz: The Great and Powerful is on its way to open with $80 million. So what's next for Disney in the fantasy-based genre? And can they keep this up?
Malficent and probably sequels to Oz and Alice.
Maleficent - July 2, 2014
Cinderella - 2015
Alice 2 - ?
Oz 2 - ?
I'd say every answer so far in this thread works.
I think Cinderella will come next year, if it comes together quickly. And I can see Disney fast-tracking that Oz sequel for March 2015.

Dunno about when/if that Alice sequel will materialize.
Maleficent is 2014? but they filmed in 2012. interesting.
Cinderella by far

Directed by Kenneth Branagh. With Emma Watson, Cate Blanchett starring!!
Lets wait and see what Oz does over the weekend and over the next few weeks shall we? It's too early to call it a huge success.
Live action Little Mermaid.
Maleficent is 2014? but they filmed in 2012. interesting.

Disney is willing to spend money, but they don't want to pay through the nose and maintain costs (after overspending on the second and third POTC films). Oz filmed in summer 2011, post-production took over a year and it came out yesterday. Same timetable for Maleficent.
She dies right? :D
The prince sees her and takes her in, enthralled by her beautiful face. But because she can't talk, he doesn't believe she is the girl who saved him. He himself is in love with the maiden with red hair and a beautiful voice who saved him a while ago, but doesn't believe the mermaid is the one because she is mute. He one day meets another red-head with a gorgeous voice, believes her to be the one, and marries her. The mermaid is so distraught she decides to commit suicide. However, he seven sisters come up from the water with short hair and a knife. They tell her that they visited the witch who cut their hair with the knife and if the little mermaid killed the prince, she would get her fins back and be able to join her sisters. Unable to do so, the mermaid tosses the knife into the ocean.She throws herself into the sea. HER BODY DISSOLVES INTO FOAM, but instead of ceasing to exist, she feels the warmth of the sun; she has turned into a spirit, a daughter of the air. The other daughters of the air tell her she has become like them because she strove with all her heart to gain an eternal soul. She will earn her own soul by doing good deeds for 300 years; for each good child she found, she would obtain one year less while, for each bad child, she would cry, and each tear would mean one month more and she will eventually rise up into the kingdom of God."
Disney still has Marvel, Star Wars, Probably Indiana Jones eventually, Pirates, Cinderalla, Maleficent, Lone Ranger sequel(?), Oz sequel, and more live-action movies that we don't even know about yet. Loads of franchises there.

For their animated movies, I think we can expect to see more diverse types of movies like Marvel(If Big Hero 6 is a hit) and possibly Star Wars. I think that we may be seeing less princess movies and more attention on male-oriented animated movies but still not alienating their female audience. I don't think princess movies will ever die out, but I don't think they will as common at Disney as they were/are now.
Live action Little Mermaid.

Now that would be something. And if Disney started doing live-action versions of some of their other classic animated movies, I'd like that too. Cinderella's a good start; and if they ever want to actually put the same songs or even a few different ones in these movies like their animated counterparts(I'd love to see "Under the Sea" or "Part of your world" live action), they've already had practice with Enchanted and I think they did a great job.

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