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Oz: The Great and Powerful

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How old was the Wizard in the book? I see Nick becoming the Tin Man at least eight years before Dorothy's arrival. I see the Scarecrow being in his cornfield for at least two years before Dorothy's arrival. I actually thought this movie had to be taking at least 10 or 15 years before Dorothy's arrival.

Gives Oz time to age himself, along with the wicked witch and everyone else in Oz. This includes the Tin Man, who I think should be an older and wiser man than when he first faced the wicked witch with Oz. I don't see a year really getting that point across. They don't need to be as old as they were in the older movie, but they should be considerably older than they are in this movie( referring to Oz and Theodora).

I think, I slightly forget, Scarecrow says that he's been hanging their for just one day or a couple of days before Dorothy first arrives. The Tin Man I don't was ever given a time.

Oz I'd like to see older, but there -- I'd be willing to give it liberties. They however could possibly gradually add aging makeup to Franco as the series continued for such a time lapse. He was old, not grandfather old - but I'd say in his fifties or sixties probably.
Wanna talk about who was really miscast? James Franco.

Unbelievably miscast and should not have been the one to carry this film.
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