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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents of SHIELD TV series for ABC - General Discussion - Part 2

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You know what just came to mind? How does Rockwell even know about the SHIELD show? I'm not saying it's a low profile show, but at the same time, maybe he's been in talks.

Rockwell mentioned SHIELD because the reporter specifically asked him about appearing on the show. He might have known before that since he and Clark Gregg are friends. Gregg directed Rockwell in Choke.

Cue Thread manager in 3...2...1...
Thread Manager! :argh:

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Thread Manager! :argh:

I knew it was a stretch... but you know what speculation does to the mind.
....mind?.....what mind?
There's a new video about Agent Ward up on the official Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Facebook page. It's pretty cool. A couple new clips in it.
I noticed that he seems like a much more interesting character than before.
Writers of SHIELD

Aside from the two Whedons, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jeffrey Bell, there's also Paul Zbyszewski (Day Break, LOST, Hawaii Five-0), Monica Breen (Charmed, Alias, LOST, Brothers & Sisters, Fringe, Revolution), Brent Fletcher (Angel, LOST, Friday Night Lights, Spartacus), Lauren LeFranc and Rafe Judkins (My Own Worst Enemy, Chuck, Hemlock Grove), and Shalisha Francis (Castle).
San Diego's trolleys have been turned into rolling S.H.I.E.L.D. ads. They look so sleek. :awesome:

That is pretty cool looking! lol wish Chicago would do that with the Metra lol
Holy crap, that couldn't have been cheap painting all those things.
Dang, those are awesome and sleek! Almost looks like those are from a set pieces for some Sci-Fi movie with trains.
I liked the part where Fitz-Simmons were speaking at the same time. The characters are getting more fleshed out as time goes on it seems.
VERY cool. MAN I can't wait for this to START
Coulson's the most adorable spy ever. If he weren't in this show, I wouldn't be nearly as excited about it. I'd watch it, of course, just out of comic loyalty, but I wouldn't be marking the official premiere date down on my calendar the way I am now.
I'd be just as excited. Possibly more, just due to the fact that Coulson is ridiculously over-praised, even if I do still enjoy his presence...
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