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"All you need is love" The Mr and Mrs Fantastic thread

Mister Sinister

Picture of Paul McCartney
Apr 8, 2004
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Yeah, a thread devoted to Marvel's original couple Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww.....i already love this thread.............

She's not Mrs. Fantastic... she's just Mrs. Richards. :)
J Alba's Lover said:
i thought she Was Susan Storm Richards?


My point is that marrying "Mr. Fantastic" does not make her "Mrs. Fantastic." :)
Awesome thread idea:D I can't believe no one has thought of this before:up: Now lets get some more pictures in here:mad::up:
My point is that marrying "Mr. Fantastic" does not make her "Mrs. Fantastic."

Does too. :D

Mrs. F.
Dude if they don't invite Dr. Doom to the wedding i'm going to be sooo mad :p,lol
They do look cute together even though Sue and Victor look yummier but ugh Victor is such a jerk.
that pic up there looks to be from the marvel knights collection.....
they might be the best on screen superhero couple...The reason I say that is because they take their relationship seriously and have to deal with their newfound powers also they dont seem all awkward like Spiderman and Batman was..I hope they joke around with each other and act like best friends would act if they dont then theyll be like any other superhero couple.

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