Am I the only one who liked Van Helsing? :(


Apr 3, 2006
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On every board I go to, I seem to be the only one who really enjoyed Van Helsing :(

Is that the case here? Come on people, show a lonely guy some support :(
I liked most of it. It was a good popcorn movie.

I think they spent too much on the special effects, considering it was a B movie.
It made me vomit up my soul. :down
I thought the end credits were masterfully put together.
Really? Dammit! That's what I get for leaving the theater early.

"Beat the traffic, beat the traffic." **** traffic, good credits are worth the traffic.
I liked it...have the SE dvd
GReat concept, great plot, bad follow through.

It had the first real good protrayal of Frankensteins monster though.
this was enjoyable for me, yes. I want a sequel.
i loved Van Helsing. i probably would've still liked it if it didn't have HJ in it. And David Wenham is hilarious. I love how there was three aussies in it too. GO US AUSSIES!!!! *clears throat* i think it was critically hounded too much, it wasn't as bad as everyone thought, it's a good movie to see if you dont expect too much. As for the DVD i also own the special edition.
It could of been great if they didn't CGI the werewolf,CGI Dracula's look,if they got rid of the vampire babies,made Frankenstein an evil monster,if they didn't make Igor look like the vampire from that "Subspecies" movies,if they didn't CGI the werewolf Van Helsing turned into.
I liked it. I didn't go into it expecting anything world changing though, it was a movie just to watch. I hate it how people see a movie and if it was a groundbreaking piece of materfull cinematogrophy, they say it sucked. I have a very good friend who is like that, same way with music he is. Cool guy though. Anyways, I like the movie. But then again, I liked Battlefield Earth and Waterworld as well. :shrug:
same here. It's not the best damn piece of cinema ever but it didn't have to be for me to still like it. I want a sequel.
*Makes list of people to...bump off*
I like it. But I got no problem with people disliking it either.
There are some movies that I can undertand what do people see that's so bad about it, and others that I can't.

For example, I don't know what's so wrong about "Van Helsing". It's a cool, mindless monster movie.

I mean, when you heard about a movie about a guy fighting Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, you weren't expecting Shakespeare, did you?
I liked VH, have the DVD, its good to watch if you dont want to think for 2 hours.
I liked it. I understand why people don't though...

Good popcorn movie. Now it could have been alot better. But it's still alright regardless.

There are gripes but I still enjoy it when it's on. And a faithful rendition of Frankenstien was good. A bit too CGIed up when they could have used practical effects on some things and the 3rd act got a little silly in some places. But it was a genius concept.

Though I do think people seem to enjoy hating it a bit too much. It's one thing to hate a movie. It's another to act like it caused you physical harm.:o

I should get the DVD eventually
I enjoyed VH to a certain point. Visually it was awesome, but storywise it was weak. I didn't like the way Dracula was portrayed. The "eggs" and "little bats" was cheesy.This film could've been the perfect opportunity for the Old Universal Monsters franchise re-start or remakes.

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