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The Amazing Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man in the MCU


Marvel Cinematic Universe
May 2, 2006
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Considering "The Amazing Spider-Man"'s Oscorp Tower was slated to appear in The Avengers before time constraints forced it to be cut, I'd say it's safe to assume Sony and Disney are open to incorporating Spidey into the MCU to some degree.

Would you be in favor of an agreement between the two studios that would officially tie the new Spider-Man series to the MCU?

If so, how much cross-series references would you like to see and how would you like them to be implemented?

Personally, I'm on the fence about the prospect of tying Webb's series to the MCU. On one hand, I'd love for Spidey to be recognized in the growing official cinematic universe. But on the other hand, I know Marvel would have less control over the character, which could be problematic.
It would be cool to see a peter parker cameo, Don't get me wrong i would love to see spider-man along side the avengers but I really dont see it happening.
In all honesty, the plucky and breezy tone of the MCU films feels more in line with the grandiosity of the Raimi movies. TASM feels like it could fit rather well into the same world as the X-films or even Nolan's Batman. But the MCU? Not really.
Spidey should stay away from the Avengers. I wouldn't mind a reference, but he shouldn't be actually fighting alongside. He's a bit of a camera-hog because he's so famous. It'd be kinda like how Iron Man is in the advertisements, except Spidey turns everyone else into Thor and Hawkeye
This would have been great to see, hopefully Sony/Disney will have more collaborations in the future since MCU = the way to go
I don't see a reason in incorporating the two now. Sure, that was then, but we didn't see OsCorp Tower in the Avengers and imo, it's for the better. Keep the two separate.
Even if the Oscorp Tower had shown up in The Avengers, that doesn't mean that the universe of TASM would be connected to the MCU, since it would be an easter egg at most.

Sony should really be allowed to establish their own universe and continuity for the TASM trilogy and any additional sequel films or spin-offs without being beholden - even in the periphery - to what's being done in the MCU.
I want Spidey in the MCU.

So you have a supporter in me, and probably most of the general audience btw. (I say this because it's a very probable thing)
Im all for them existing in the same universe but they better not make him an Avenger

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