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The Amazing Spider-Man Will The Amazing Spider-Man be better than...


Oct 9, 2010
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So, I don't really know if this thread/poll should be in this area, or the non-spoiler area, so if a mod wants to move it, then do it if you want.

HOWEVER, my question is this...will The Amazing Spider-Man be better than any of Sam Raimi's films? Imo, Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have outshined Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, except '89 Batman is far superior than both, imo, so what will Webb's reboot do? Will it succeed in beating Spider-Man 1, 2 or 3? Or all of them? What do you think?
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Who knows? I haven't watched it yet. I'm not clairvoyant.

... or am I?
Well Spider-Man was my personal favorite...I hope it's better than that, and I think it will be.
Better than Spider-Man.

As good as Spider-Man 2.

Better than Spider-Man 3.
It will certainly be better than Spider-Man 1 & 3.

Batman '89 will always hold a place in my heart despite preferring Nolan's Batman movies.
As good as SM.
SM2 will be better.
Better than SM3.

This is my prediction. I really like SM2, so it will be tough to top that.
Since i was never particularly fond of the Raimi movies, and this thus far actually looks to be promising, it could easily be better than all of them. Emphasis on "could".
Truly. After all that's been seen and what is already relatively known about this film. I don't think it's a complete non-realistic thought that Webb's Spidey flick will leave the old ones in the dust! It really looks to kick all sorts of ass. And the feel is definitely cooler and more stylish. That one is for damn sure! I have a very good feeling about this one.
I think it'll be as good as Spider-Man 2.
Webb knows how to handle his characters and I liked his kind of storytelling. That's why I think it'll be as good as. Maybe better, who knows?
The action will certainly be great, so I'm not worried about that.
I think it will be better than SM1 and will present us with a more fulfilling take on the Spiderman origin story.
I think TAS could definitely top Spidey 2 as well! Granted that movie is VERY good, and does indeed obtain an epic feel in certain places. But it's far from impossible! Webb could do it... and I think he will!
Do you guys think it would be more fair to only compare TASM to SM1 since they are both origin stories?
1 vote for "As good as Spider-Man 3"

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Not as good as Pete's Dragon, better than Iron Eagle II.
I say better than all 3 Spider-Man movies, but with the Spider-Man vs Doc Ock battle still remaining unbeaten as one of the best comic book fights.

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