ANUBIS' "How would you do it? Thread 2.0

Flash is dating the only chick who can get a *****.
I just want Peter's life to have drama like it used to and not be entirely about who escaped from Prison this week... although...

high School Fires Peter and Peter is having trouble finding a new job S.H.I.E.L.D. offers to give him a job, but reminds him that he won't like it.

Peter Parker: GED tutor. You'd be surprised by the number of meta-humans who have yet to achieve a high school diploma, and those that sign up for it... of course, they don't send Peter to just any prison, no that would be too easy. Peter gets sent to the Vault, and the Raft, and 42

Pretty funny situation Peter David could pull it off.
I was thinking more Dan Slott dark material.

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