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Marvel's "How Would You Do It?" thread, based on a thread by Anubis

The Question

Objectivism doesn't work.
Apr 17, 2005
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Marvel's distinguished competition has one, so it's only fair.

To quote the original:

"Here's the skinny. Pick an event, a storyarc, etc, and "fix" it. Didn't like the way Civil War went down? What would you have done? Feel this character could be more awesome? Well, inquiring minds wanna know Mr. I-know-better-than-*****ey-established-writers-pants. :o"

In addition, any neat ideas you have that could be added to the MU are welcome.

Just no self insert fanfics.

Now to get things started:


As the movies have established, the Avengers Initiative existed before the formation of the actual team. As it turns out, it's much older than we were initially led to believe.

The Avengers Initiative was first created in the 1950s by SHIELD, then a fledging NATO task force formed from what was the wartime Strategic Scientific Reserve to track down, study, and contain HYDRA Tesseract technology that was still unaccounted for after the war, as a replacement for Captain America. Almost immediately after his disappearance, attempts to recreate the super soldier formula were made, but were up until that point fruitless. With the threat of HYDRA technology loose in the world and potentially falling into Soviet hands, as well as the looming shadow of communism and the propaganda war that needed to be waged against it, it was felt that a hero like Captain America to serve as both a field agent and a symbol was needed.

That need was answered when SHIELD agents encountered Marvel Boy, a teenager who had been raised and empowered by extraterrestrials who returned to Earth to get to know his home world. SHIELD recruited Marvel Boy as one of their agents, and set to work recruiting other unique individuals they had encountered in their search for HYDRA tech, and brought them together as their primary field team, the world's first super hero team, dubbed The Avengers.

This first Avengers team was tasked with retrieving Tesseract technology that had fallen into the hands of Russian and Chinese forces, and battling threats to global security and peace that arose from that technology. As secrecy was of the upmost importance during the Cold War, especially where weapons technology was concerned, the team's existence and activities were, initially, kept top secret, with plans to eventually reveal their existence to the public to be used as a weapon of propaganda against the Soviets after the threat of the HYDRA technology was dealt with.

The team consisted of:

Marvel Boy: Robert Grayson, a young man who's father, an engineer specializing in communications technology, made contact with a colony of Eternals living on the planet Uranus. The Eternals brought him and his infant son to Uranus as they were curious about modern humans and he was convinced that the impeding world war would mean the end of human life on Earth. There, their bodies were altered to be able to survive in Uranus' atmosphere, and young Robert, as he grew, was further altered to have a physiology similar to that of the Eternals. As their skills in bio-engineering were limited in comparison to the god-like Celestials that made them, his bio-augmentation was assisted by electronic implants, namely his Quantum wrist bands, which served as a catalyst for his body's internal energy reactions as well as a regulator, and his head band, which facilitated his psionic abilities. When he turned 17, having learned the war had been over for five years, he returned to Earth to see his home world.

Marvel boy possessed superhuman strength and durability, flight, the ability to generate an enormous amount of energy which he could direct outward as heat and light, telepathy, illusion casting, heightened intelligence, and a halted aging process. In addition to being one of the team's heavy hitters, he was also their chief scientific advisor. The space ship he traveled to Earth in also served as the team's transportation.

Venus: A mysterious woman found guarding a jewel necklace made from a Tesseract fuel cell in rural Italy. When questioned, she remained evasive about her origin, only occasionally claiming to be the actual Greco-Roman deity incarnate as a human, though these claims were all taken in jest. She possessed the ability to influence the minds of others, alter her physical appearance at will, and seemed to be unable to be killed by known conventional means. The working theory as to her nature by SHIELD scientists is that she had been in some way altered by exposure to Tesseract energy, which she would neither confirm nor deny.

Namora: A member of an amphibious species of intelligent primates that splintered off from a common ancestor to humanity ten million years ago who was first encountered by SHIELD during an operation to thwart Russian attempts to retrieve lost HYDRA aircraft from the ocean floor. Taken into SHIELD custody, she agreed to work as a field agent in exchange for her freedom but refused to share any information about her people. She possessed incredible strength, speed, and durability, as well as highly acute senses. She possessed a dolphin-like ability to echolocate, as well as an ability to reproduce a wide range of sounds, from ear splitting pitches to normal human speech. Due to having an over developed language center in her brain, she was also able to learn new languages extremely quickly. Like most sea mammals, she possessed enormous lung capacity, able to hold her breath for hours at a time, but unlike most sea mammals her species seemed to evolve organs capable of extracting oxygen from water, allowing her to breath under water as well as on land.

Gorilla Man: A highly intelligent Gorilla capable of human speech Captured by SHIELD after they received confirmed reports of such a creature existing in the congo. The ape claimed to be a human named Ken Hale, former Marine and big game hunter/mercenary living in Africa, who killed a supposedly magical ape and in turn inherited it's curse and became an ape himself. SHIELD could confirm the existence of a Marine named Kenneth Hale who's last known location was Africa, but could neither confirm not deny the creature's story. The more widely accepted theory is that it was a normal Gorilla that had in some way had it's intelligence enhanced, either through exposure to Tesseract technology or some other means, and in it's confusion adopted the life story of Kenneth Hale, who it presumably encountered, as it's own. They made it a point never to share this theory with him. Gorilla Man possessed all of the physical attributes of a Gorilla combined with the intelligence and personality of a trained soldier. She was a skilled marksman and fighter, and wielded a customized gun built for his fingers.

3D Man: Charles and Harold Chadler, two brothers fused together into a gestalt being with a shared consciousness after being exposed to alien technology. This new entity, dubbed 3D Man by SHIELD scientists, possessed three times the strength, speed, agility, and durability for a normal human, as well as the ability to see through illusions and recognize shapeshifters regardless of what form they took. The two brothers could separate, but while Hal would return to normal Charles would shift out of phase with this reality, so they were reluctant to do so. The combined 3D Man entity possessed a unique sense of self and perspective on reality, giving the impression to some people of constantly being under the influence of mind altering drugs. He sometimes had a hard time distinguishing between individuals and had a poor sense of personal space.

M-11: A robot created by an American scientist working under to under threat Chinese intelligence operatives using salvaged Tesseract technology. The scientist had a crisis of conscience and planned to betray the Chinese. In retaliation, they killed him, but not before he instilled in the robot a sense of self and human emotion, so that it might defy it's masters and not be used as a weapon. It wandered off on it's own, and was eventually discovered by SHIELD. M-11 possessed a rudimentary sense of self and emotions. It's capacity for complex thought was limited, almost child like, but it was capable of forming emotional attachments to others and developing a personal set of ethics. M-11 possessed superhuman strength, was covered in a thick armored shell that could withstand explosions, and could emit a deadly and destructive electro-static blast.

Jimmy Woo: Former FBI field agent recruited into SHIELD, he served as the team's handler and leader. A gifted tactician and criminal investigator with a strong desire to prove himself due to the glass ceiling he experienced in the FBI due to his race. No superhuman abilities, but skilled fighter and marksman.

Together, The Avengers had many adventures, including battling the legendary Russian assassin The Winter Soldier, a race of shapeshifting aliens drawn to Earth by tesseract energy signals known as The Skrulls (including one posing as Senator Richard Nixon), and the giant draconic alien Fin Fang Foom. Their greatest and most frequent enemy was Pan Tzu, AKA The Golden Claw, a Chinese intelligence operative with ties to the Atlas Foundation crime syndicate who served as their counterpart on the other side. Intelligent, ruthless, and with strong connections in both the Chinese and Russian governments and organized crime, Pan Tzu worked for the Chinese government to further his own ambitions of social engineering and moving the world towards order and away from chaos, and was a regular thorn in the team's side. He possessed a strange respect for their leader, Jimmy Woo, and saw his antagonizing him as a way of strengthening Woo into someone who might have a place of leadership in the world to come.

Unfortunately, all of this came to an end in a disasterous mission against a research facility run by Pan Tzu in 1958 which resulted in the deaths of Namora, Gorilla Man, and M-11. Considered a failure, the team was disbanded and knowledge of their existence was classified and buried.

The remaining members went their separate ways. Venus simply dissapeared, never to be heard from again. The 3D Man entity, distraught over the deaths of his teammates, retired to go on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. He ended up founding a religion in Los Angeles called the Trune Understanding in the lade 70s, and the Harold Chambers half of the entity died of a drug overdose on his house boat in 1980. Jimmy Woo remained as a member of SHIELD, eventually obtaining a high level administration position. Marvel Boy remained on as a SHIELD operative, but his Quantum Bands fell into disrepair due to simple wear and tear, especially after injuries sustained in the final battle against Pan Tzu. He went on a brief sabbatical to return to Uranus and have them repaired, but the Eternals, along with his father, had long since left the solar system, leaving no trace behind.

With his powers now severely depleted, Marvel Boy is no longer able to survive in Earth's atmosphere, and has to live in a special, environmentally controlled apartment that simulates Uranus' atmosphere. The only powers of his that remain are his telepathy, illusion casting, and halted aging process. He now lives in solitude serving as a scientific advisor for SHIELD, kept company only by trophies and mementos of past adventures.

But that doesn't mean his story is done. He still has an important role to play with this new team of Avengers. For he has first hand knowledge of the Eternals. He knows of Thanos.

And what Thanos has planned for the Dreaming Celestial.
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So, basically Marvel Boy is a weirdo SHEILD consultant who helps the Avengers out and we get some or all of this as backstory.

Also I think it would be cool if Thanos' plan in Avengers 2 was to awaken the Dreaming Celestial to cleanse the Earth of all life.
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Apocaylpse, formerly known as En Sabah Nur, is the first documented Mutant from Ancient Egypt. His mutant powers in the beginning were small and grew over time, eventually he gained control over his bodies molecules, and eventually became a bodiless consciousness who possesses mutant and human alike. (Like Proteus.) He has lived for thousands of years going from one body to the next. His plot and schemes usually involve genetic experiments such as the Techno Virus, Mr. Sinister, the Morlocks, and clones like Stryfe. His ultimate goal seems unclear other than world domination, a world where only the strong survive. In an alternate future En Sabah Nur seems to have perfected all his genetic experiments with a series of fully finished powerful 8 foot tall bodies. Ones he can transfer into in case his current shell is damaged.
The Techno Virus is one of the ways in which Apocalypse can take over a person's body.

So I sort of rambled, I think, but the idea is that instead of a massive body with alien tech, this Apocalypse is a consciousness that travels from body to body. He has possessed Cyclops, Archangel, Stryfe, Mr. Sinister, and many many others ever since ancient Egypt. He has used his powers to experiment in genetics to create a body for him eventually, and led to the Morlocks and Stryfe, and Mr. Sinister.
Whoever he is possessing at the moment he usually paints their face and their skin sometimes turns pale and their eyes turn red (usually a sign that their body is dying and he needs to move on).


The Techno Virus is, and apparently always was, a planned tool for Apocalypse to be able to transfer his mind into other's bodies should the need arise.
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Fantastic Four 2099:
In the year 2099 a young scientist prodigy gets hired at the legendary and prestigous Future Foundation as a scientist. He grew up hearing all about the Fantastic Four, one of his relatives used to work for them. This has been his dream for a long time. After a few months he decides to try the experiment he has always wanted to try, one he has been researching since he was a child. This young scientist tries to recreate the same accident that turned the original group of scientists and adventurers from long ago into the Fantastic Four. However things don't turn out exactly the way he was hoping. He and his five friends are changed but not the same as the heroes of the past. Their molecules are slightly more unstable than the records show the original heroes molecules were. And the young scientist prodigy didn't get any powers at all, thats why he considers something to have gone terribly wrong, and in fact he ended up paralyzed from his waist down. Originally this young scientist lead the team from the sidelines like the fabled Charles Xavier led the legendary X-Men, and then the entire mutant nation of X-Utopia. but that wasn't enough for him. He then invented a suit of armor that would allow him to walk and fight along side his friends and colleagues. But even that wasn't enough. He grew to hate his team and turned on them. Now he his their "Dr. Doom" although he never calls himself that, and they fight on without him.
Their new powers don't resemble the original team, they are different, but they still wear the FF symbols and a FF styled uniform. And while there are more than four on the team, five to be exact, they call their team the Fantastic Four.
The uniforms could look like a variation of the classic FF suits mixed with the Future Foundation costumes. And all the members of the FF 2099 worked at the Future Foundation except maybe one of two who were there to observe, like Peter Parker when he got bitten by the spider while observing an experiment. Working fort the Future Fountation and wearing FF uniforms the team was given the name the Fantastic Four of 2099, but they never tried to be that team. But they hearken back to those classic adventures.
So I am thinking the leader would be this SHIELD Astronaut (leader), three Future Foundation scientists, and one young student who was the sister of one of the scientists there to observe. Maybe one of them could be a Kree alien too. And while the original Fantastic Four are sort of takes on the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, thing, these new guys could be based on scientific studies like Nano Technology, energy, robotics, genetic manipulation, cloning, ect. I will come up with more later.
Let me think, guy with Nano Tech powers, he/she is made up of nano tech robots sort of like Sandman. Can use them to infect computers and get them to do what he/she wants, and can maybe use them to alter other technology and change them into what he/she wants. Like turn a car into a gun or something.
Energy/Digital/Laser/radiation powers: She/he is made of living energy. Can travel through digital paths or electricity maybe, and blast energy.
Robotic: A man becomes a living robot. His human organs, blood, veins, nervous system, his very DNA, is altered into inorganic materials. He/she becomes made of wires, metal, circuits, tubes, and such. (This is where the former leader turned Doom type learned how to create a robotic suit for himself. By studying this person.)
Genetic Manipulation: This one is hard. Not sure how this should be used as a power. Maybe this person can alter their own DNA with their thoughts. Maybe they heal fast like Wolverine, can make themselves denser and stronger, maybe they are like the perfect human like Captain America. He/she can also use their abilities to alter the genetics of another slightly maybe. Just sort of thinking out loud.
Cloning is an easier one. This person can clone themselves, making multiple copies of himself or others.
Microbiology: The study is germs and viruses and bacteria. This person, guy or girl, can shrink from Ant Man size to the Atom size and back to human size. He/she also is full of bacteria and viruses and such, their blood/sweat/ etc is packed with it. They can blast this from their hands as well, like a biological weapon.
These are all just ideas to get the ball rolling on who these characters could be. They should be like the original FF but with different, maybe more advanced powers.
Their former friend and leader turned greatest enemy never calls himself Dr. Doom, but he is clearly their Dr. Doom. His armor is super advanced. Without it he cannot walk, and he is scarred on a lot of his body. He is obsessed with becoming the next Mr. Fantastic or Human Torch, ever time (almost) he runs into the Fantastic Four 2099 he has varied powers. and is constantly experimenting to try and recreate the Fantastic Four from the past. Something that had been outlawed years ago by the Future Foundation. He also considres himself an expert on the Fantastic Four, but its all actually flawed history and rumors. He runs an experiment with the Negative Zone, which he thought was how the FF got their powers, but its actually how the comic version (the Ultimate FF) got their powers. I am also considering not having him wear a helmet or mask.
Other enemies include Puppet Master 2099, a man who uses a high tech version of digital and nano tech to control people with his mind.

The Fearsome Four 2099
The reason experimenting to recreate the accident that created the Fantastic Four was outlawed. A few years back in the years between 2088 and 2099 a group of scientists tried to recreate the original Fantastic Four by cloning them. The clones however became evil and almost took over Earth. They were stopped and banished from Earth but their threat is still out there. The Future Foundation takes personal interest in making sure their families heritage isn't destroyed. In fact the Future Foundation has also made illegal any attempts to recreate any experiments and accidents that created the superheroes and villains of the past.

The Future Foundation 2099
The Future Foundation, started in the year 20012 by the FF's children, the Future Foundation grew to become a learning facility as well as a business organization. The leaders of the Future Foundation are sort of like the Imperial Guard of Earth, a wide representation of the aliens living on Earth. Kree, Skrull, human, Moliods, the Brood, Korbinites, the Badoon, etc. The Foundation is led by a older Valeria Richards and a very old Ben Grimm (who barely leaves the building or out of his chair). (As we saw in a recent FF book Ben lives for a very long time into the future.) Valeria spends most of her time as ruler of Latveria, ever since the death of Victor Von Doom. She usually wears Doom's armor, modified for her own body. She is a very old woman but looks younger than she is. More like a 60-70 year old woman. Franklin Richards is a member still but he spends most of his time traveling through space and on alien planets. Franklin actually has spread himself very thin. With such ultimate power and so much do do he belongs to the Future Foundation, the X-Men, and the Avengers, as well as traveling space spreading peace and understanding. The team acts like Illuminati of the year 2099. One of their jobs is to moniter the young Nathaniel Richards, who would one day become Kang the Conquerer. The school young Nathaniel Richards attends is an Future Foundation school. Another very important dutry is to make sure that the aliens who come to live on Earth are safe. Earth has become sort of a central point for alien traffic in the universe. Many many aliens live on Earth.
They see it as their job to create a Utopia and to keep that utopia safe. They almost police society and science, and try to guide the growth of humanity.
The Foundation occasionally fights the Island of Bentley Wittman, the small island nation located where AIM Island used to be. The whole island is populated by clones of various ages and genders all cloned from Bentley 23, one of the original Wizard, Bentley Wittman's, clones. On occassion the army of the island Bently Wittman sends its army to attack America, especially the Future Foundation. The island of Bentley Wittman's history is like this, Wittman (the original) was loosing his mind. The science group AIM took him in, but he soon became too much for them and used his technology and clones to take the science terrorist group over from the inside, as well as their island. From time to time Reed's father comes to visit.

The X-Men 2099
Unlike the comic X-men 2099 that actually happened, Mutants actually became accepted by society. After so many years though. After the events of Cyclops and the Phoenix Force Mutants became hated so much more, undoing the work Xavier had accomplished. It didn't get better for a long time, not until Xavier and Jean Grey somehow came back from the dead. Now in the year 2099 mutants are accepted and are free to walk down the street without fear. But there are still those out there that hate them and thats where the Government's Mutant Agents, the X-Men, come in. They are official mutant agents trained and whose authority is recognized by the Government as Mutant and superhuman police. They protect mutants and humans, and well as aliens who are the new targets, living in America. The Brotherhood is a terrorist group who believe in Magneto's cause, humans and mutants can never live side by side, Mutants are meant to rule. And like the scientist who created the new Fantastic Four 2099, the facts about Magneto and his message, as well as Xavier's, have become fuzzy and somewhat misunderstood by time. The new Friends of Humanity are more of an illegal terrorist group as well. They not only hate mutants and think mankind needs to return to its unmutated past but also have begun to target aliens. The alien population has grown a great deal. The mutants of the new Brotherhood 2099 are more like Morlocks, mutants who don't feel like they can live in society. The Nick Fury type leader of the X-Men is none other than Wolverine. His mutant power has kept him alive this whole time. Also on his main team of X-Men, sort of the X-Men high council, is the vampire mutant Jubilee, Cannonball (who found out his mutant powers make him immortal), a young Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, Bishop, Shard, Rachel Summers (maybe), and Franklin Richards who is calling himself "the 4th" these days.(sometimes).
Apocalypse is still an enemy to them, as is Mr. Sinister and Stryfe (but Stryfe is still young like Nathan Christopher).
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Marvels: Mentors
This story would start immediately after the vents of Children's Crusade. Scarlet Witch goes to stay with her son Wiccan and the other team members who stay there too. Not to train or guide them but because she has no place to go. Scott Lang parts ways with everyone to grieve alone.
Captain America decides that the children need the Avengers and so those who the Young Avengers are based on or similar to offer to train and be there for support of the Young Avengers. For example Captain America and Patriot, Quicksilver, Hawkeye and Hawkeye. While sort of an Avenger but sort of not Quicksilver agrees that his nephews Speed and Wiccan need him. Scarlet Witch doesn't offer mentoring but with some talk with Quicksilver she agrees she could be there as a mother to them.
As a side plot, little does anyone know, the Skrulls have been after the Super Skrull. He was going to be used to alter all the Skrull's DNA to allow them all to be Super Skrulls at a genetic level. After months of torture and experiments he escaped and the only place he could think of going was Earth. Super Skrulls needs a place to hide and promises not to cause any problems if the FF or the Avengers can help him. Carol Danvers is already offering Teddy/Hulkling her teaching but the Avengers think the Super Skrull could help train Teddy as well since he is half Kree and half Skrull. Plus Carol will be there to watch the Super Skrull. There is also a subplot of the Vision trying to recreate the Young Avengers' Vision who was destroyed in Crusade.
The Avengers also try to help Scott Lang, who doesn't want to be around anyone.
This idea of Cap's isn't just to train the Young Avengers who will some day be adult Avengers. He wants to make sure they don't cause more trouble like going back in time, almost starting a war with Doom, etc. Iron Lad has become a young Kang, and he doesn't want the rest of the Young Avengers to become threats either.
Iron Lad can return, looking and acting slightly more like Kang. He too is grieving, Cassie is dead, and he killed the Vision. He is sort of the villain and a main hero of the comic too. He spends most of his time in different realities and in the time stream, avoiding his grief.

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