Anyone else play City Of Heroes/Villains?


Jun 28, 2002
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I just got it...what are your names and what servers do you play on?
I bought it, have it sitting on my computer desk. When i installed it, it turns out i have a video card it doesn't support. So i gave up on that, not paying over 100 just for one sad it makes me though...:( i also pretty much threw money away on the game itself
Theres another COH COV thread...the mods will no doubt close this one soon...The game gets boring after awhile...
What I wanna know is... Do you have to play online or can you just play on your own computer and just not interact with a bunch of other people online?

I just wanna develop a hero and do missions - I dont wanna pay £8 a month to play online.

And Spideyman (also PM'd): How does it get boring quick? Its on special at Game right now so I was thinking of getting it (dont really play games but thought it looked fun). But I wont if it gets dull after a couple days or has huge limits if you dont play online and things.
I haven't got Cov yet...maybe I should just give in and go get it. I heard it's alot more fun when you have the COV expansion.
chris moore said:
What I wanna know is... Do you have to play online or can you just play on your own computer and just not interact with a bunch of other people online?

I just wanna develop a hero and do missions - I dont wanna pay £8 a month to play online.
It's a MMO game you have to connect to the server if you want to edit your characters. To develop a character and do missions you have to pay. To use any of the games content you gotta pay. It's the way they work.
I want to get that game so badly...but monthly fees bug me! and I already play SWG=Star Wars Galaxies
Yeah and for us here in the north you gotta double any monthly fee you hear on a news piece. :mad: Which really blows! :down I might consider buying COH/COV when I get my gamming PC online.
You'll find me on the Victory server.

CoH = Colonel Cricket - Lvl30 Regen Scrapper

CoV = Ms Understood - Lvl17 Mastermind

Haven't been on my hero for a while, and am slowly getting back into playing my villain. Oblivion has been keeping me away from this game pretty much completely in the past month...I'm ready to go back. Especially with Issue 7 coming sometime soon!

I do still have some characters on the Virtue server. I just haven't touched him in over a year.

Captian Cricket (note the incorrect spelling of "Captain") - Lvl38 Regen Scrapper.

plus a few more lower lvl characters.

I'd be willing to jump back over there for a while if others here are playing. :)
I've been playing since CoH came out and CoV when it was in beta. Almost all of my characters are on the Liberty server. Most are women too, I figured that if I'm going to look at something for hours at a time I want it to be a hot woman's butt. World of Warcraft has distracted me a bit but I still go back and play with my girls. :venom:

Heros: Saffire, Gold-Rush, Shriek, G'laxia, Vanilla Shake, and the Deadly Mantis.
Villains: Crazy Coyote, Xarak the Unholy, Disgust, Fright-mare, Queen Fire Ant and Hottie McBody.

I have a few heros scattered about on other servers as well but I almost never even bother with them.
I had the game since it first came out stopped playing after I built all my heroes up but just started playing again.
I was in the beta and started playing right away when it was released. Though I got very quickly bored of it.
hope to see anyone from Hype playing if so lets start a league of are own!...Soundwave88 on Freedom
i'm not quite sure if a CoH thread is made yet but if not here heroes(or villains) can chat.:)
why hasnt anyone talked? im sad!:( :ghost: :thing: NOW IM MAD!!!!!!!!
No one has talked because there is an offical thread for the game if you do a search.
yeah, but that's on god knows what page by now...I play sometimes...I'm Shot List on the Protector server for Heros, and Mr. Anachronism on the Protector server for Villains
oh sorry didnt know that theres already one
My heroes name is Green Masheen on the gaurdian server. my subscription has run out but im starting again when school ends
Couldn't find the 'official' thread with the search function. I love this game, recently had to stop playing tho because of finances. Here are some screens of me ingame. My name is Omega Bolt and I'm a Science Tanker.

"We can take em!"

"Don't worry fellas, I'll get him!"

Being Ressurected after eating the seabed.

A Rave with the ladies of Paragon.

In a team, Battling a Tank Smasher.

Ooooo pretty colours, Leveling up.

"Colonel O'niell what the hell are you doing!!"
Nice hero. I still play it from time to time. I didnt' get CoV and I don't know if I will or not.
Did you happen to play thies weekend with the Double XP?
I played it for a while but got bored after awhile. Now play World of Warcraft on Emerald dream English Server. Its a much better game than CoH.

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