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May 2, 2003
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I know this doesn't seem like it should be in a Movie Thread. But I think it has everything to do with a Spidey 3 Thread. There's so many aspects that seem to get lost over the years from the Golden Age of Spiderman. If there are any youngsters out there that love spiderman and havent read the 60's, 70's comics then you havent learned about the REAL Spiderman. You're missing Spidey in all his glory. Even up to the mid 80's there were great stories, then it fell off.
What I like about what Raimi did, is that he truly tries to capture those elements of a tortured soul of Peter Parker. Kudo's for that. There was though something else about Spiderman comics though when they started out, even from the writers, it was as if Spidey was an upstart, so they felt intent to spice it up. I dont know any other comic from that time that had so many special Guest Cameos of other Super heroes. That was so cool to me. Not only that, Spidey always made refference to other Charectors. He had this sort of contemporary humor. I think they really are lacking in this regard to the Spiderman Movies today and I think they should really make the effort to add some of it. They had a unforgettable line in the first movie about Superman. But there needs to be more. How about Spiderman passing a joke about the Thing, or saying "I bet the Human Torch doesnt have to do this." The thing is the elements of the golden age Spiderman are not completly in the movie.
The story could be changed but the appeal doesnt havent to be. Yeah people all go to see Spiderman Movies. But that's cause of the original appeal. Thats DESPITE, the forgettable 90's.
What about the fact that Spiderman always threw wise cracks at the villains, to mess with their heads. We dont see that as a familiar aspect or technique in the movies. Spidey's mentioned in the old school comics that he makes it a point to snap on them to distract. He always snaps on Doc Ock, or whoever, to keep them focused on the snaps, to confuse or anger them. Get them off their game. Spidey always played mind games on them. Why not use that alittle bit more here? Spidey was FUNNY. Deadpool is appealing cause he is using elements that was taken from the Golden Age Spidey. Today's spidey dont really do that no more.
Remember the fools luck Peter experiences? In the Comic book it didnt end with Peter. Even when he was Spidey, he embarrassed himself quiet a few times. He even lost his costume once and had to put a bag over his head so nobody could see his face. Another time I think his costume was washed and it didnt fit right. it fit small on him. People would laugh at him, or call him names, cops would try and catch him all the time. People would grab their purses whenever Spidey was close. He never got the addulation he gets in the movie. Sure the Daily Bugle (JJJ) calls him a menace. But you dont really see that attitude reflected in the people. I'm not saying every citizen of NYC should shun him. There were always one or two that appreciated and saw for themselves Spidey was an ok person. But most thought he was a menace and believed everything they read in the papers. This is missing from the movie. In the comics, even Super Heroes were really apprehensive about Spidey, cause of what they read. His job has always been unrewarding. He was a hero that did the right thing even when nobody really knew he did. That makes him more Admirable.
What about his rising to the occasion Ala Rocky (before Rocky). Kicked down and down till he got up and kicked butt! Anyways this is way too long. I am really happy with what the movie has so far. But I think it's too close to perfect not to go that extra couple inches. The backbone of the Spiderman Story is there. But why not Show Spidey's appeal in all his glory? Lets not forget that he was an upstart, and was the odd man out even when he had the costume on.
Heres hoping this new movie has the opportunity to show some of that.
I agree with your points, Weapon M. In "Spider-Man" he says 'cheese' to the bank cameras after foiling a robbery, but that was a weak attempt. Also, he doesn't really through out wisecracks to Doc Ock in "Spider-Man 2." However, this movie did see some of the classic story aspects from Lee & Romita's ASM #50 (i.e. spidey no more). This is only a little taste of what Raimi & co. could have done. Hopefully, "Spider-Man 3" will show the fans and audience, alike, some of these much needed elements.:spidey:

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