Are Twinkies All They're Cracked Up To Be.


Mar 26, 2006
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Living in england they dont sell Twinky's but i hear there really tasty, Always wanted to try some. Actually if someone will mail me some that'd be cool, think of my poor deprived children.

But are they as nice as i hear they are?

You haven't even LIVED until you've tried:


I'm afraid of anything that has a shelf life of eternity...
I'm reading one right now that doesn't have an expiration date.
I'm sure.....but with the amount of crap pumped into it, it stays alive much longer than a month.

One of my theatre professors apparently left a Twinkie on top of his refrigerator for over a year when he was in college and said it was still completely intact when they finally checked on it. I guess his roomate later ate it.

Take that for what it's worth.
For godsakes, it's "they're" the contraction of "they are." Come on people, it's not that hard.

And twinkies are gross. Little gross bundles of fat.
seriously never tried. i can imagine what it tastes like.... but ive never done it. however i am not opposed to it, if you handed me a twinkie, i would probably try it.
Are twinkies all that they're cracked up to be? The answer is f**k yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes.
They are alright.People should know that Twinkies were originally ment to be non-perishible foods.Meaning they could sit outside for weeks and still taste good,not to be a snack you eat every day.
I'm afraid of anything that has a shelf life of eternity...


With this I agree. :ninja:

But they do taste okay. You have to have milk with them though, because one twinkie and your mouth will be drier than the Mojave desert. They don't have nearly as much creme in them as they should. :dry:
I tasted them years ago when I was in cali. They are out. You can buy buns and cakes that are practically the same as Twinkies.

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