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The Dark Knight Are you happy so far?


The Legend Ends
Mar 10, 2007
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Heres the real question. Are you guys happy with everything so far? The promo pics, new joker pics, joker not being perma white, batsuit ect. I mean im just wondering. And if your not happy then why not? I know I am. I was a little iffy on the suit before but now that I have a better shot of it, I really like it! :yay:
I'm happy with what I've seen. Disappointed at how much work goes into the viral campaign for so little output
While I have some minor issues here and there, overall I would have to say that yes, I am happy with the way "The Dark Knight" seems to be going.
I'm for sure happy about everything.
I forgot to add a poll. How can I add one?

I'm Very Happy, Everything has been very Cool so far
I'm so unbelievably excited for this movie its not even funny.
Aside from changing the Joker's permawhiteness from the comics, I'm happy with TDK. Very happy.
While I have some minor issues here and there, overall I would have to say that yes, I am happy with the way "The Dark Knight" seems to be going.

Same here. I would have preferred a few things to be different, but I'm definitely happy with the direction things are going and I'm very excited about everything TDK-related. :woot:
Now that we've seen that Nolan did not flop by rebooting the Batman franchise, it's very easy to be confident and optimistic about his work, especially since he seems to work the same way and perhaps the team improved a few technical points that were problems for them in the Begins production. Faith in the project and what is shown to us, it's just enough, perfect marketing campaign!
Ledger's won me over.
The batsuit is still up in the air.
I just hope this doesn't turn out like the matrix sequels.

but i am happy so far.
It's exceeded my expectations already, and that's just from a few pictures and what little of the story I know about. So yes, I'm very happy. Can't wait to see the trailer.
I'm fine with everything I've seen so far, but then I'm not one of the die-hard types....at least not about Batman.
When I first saw the IBHDT pic just before SDCC, I went "WTF IS THAT?" and went off to research, and eventually liked that pic just in time to participate in WSS's first run.

And cutting the rest of it short, I'm completely 100% happy minus the boring spot we had there and how overly active it's been lately. It's been great getting so much, but there's also so much s*** to keep track of on the virals. My only gripes right now.
Yes I'm very happy the way this movie is taking direction :up: :batty:

Batman and Joker look great, all we need Gordon & Harvey Dent pics.
I think it will be great. Nolan does good work.
I'm happy. I've been digging the games since I jumped on, I love all the pics released, and I can't wait for the teaser trailer.

I'm confident with nolan, because so far I haven't been disappointed with any of his films. I doubt this flick will be anything short of amazing.
Everything has actually exceeded my expectations thus far -- any initial minor skepticism I may have had regarding Ledger (while small) was erased after not only seeing him in Joker form, but reading interviews where he mentions locking himself in a hotel room for a month perfecting the character that will be most likely one of the greatest performances of his young career.

I never doubted Nolan/Goyer & team...they hit the nail on the head the first time out...& Nolan's body of work has proven to be nothing short of IMPECCABLE...so, I trust him and his brother Jonah implicitly! I think this is going to be an unbelievable movie...

The viral stuff has been fun!!! Just think, regardless of the rewards we've reaped...if you think about it, henchmen don't get a lot for their work...especially when they work for scheming, sick, emotionless mass-murdering clowns with no sense of humor aside from their own twisted anecdotes and no regard for human life whatsoever...-- it makes sense!!! ;-)

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