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Based on the movies only, who's your favorite comic book movie hero?

The Batman

The Dark Knight
Jul 20, 2002
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Based only on their movie counterparts, which superhero did you like the most?
Toss-up between Reeve an' Jackman, but I hadda go with Wolvie. His intro scene was just WAY too badass.
I love Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and The Punisher. Don't make me pick just one. But I'd vote Batman.
Tom Jane as the Punisher
Blade is my fav, based on movies alone. Because the movie revamped the character.

Second, would be Superman. Third would be Spider-Man.
other reb brown captain america tv movies
No matt salinger? wtf?

I'll go with Reeve for supes.
Based on movie only...it's a hard choice. Almost all of those characters have had such great movie renditions. Particularly Superman , Batman, Blade, and Punisher have been all portrayed remarkably well. And V...just, wow. He was awesome.
If I had to choose one, I think I'd have to say Spider-man. Tobey just does such a great job and is such a regular guy. Unlike most of the others, he isn't born to some sort of power nor has he trained for it..he has to face an insurmountable commitment. He's scared but still faces it. Courage means you are afraid to face something, but you do despite it. That to me is more heroic than someone who is just a straight up badass, and has nothing to fear in the first place. And Peter still remains a good guy through the whole ordeal despite the hardship he endures. I'd have to go with Spidey in the movies because the one thing he has over most of the others is he is almost inspirational.
Damn, that is one hell of a tough choice.

I voted for Tobey Maguire's portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-man. :spidey:
Ben Grimm from Fantatic Four ,the best thing(no pun intended) about the movie.
Keaton and Bale for me.Bale makes a great Bruce Wayne,but Keaton's Batman is better than Bale's.Bale's Bruce Wayne is better than Keaton's.

I like Tobey Maguire too,but he didn't get my vote because his Spider-Man is not the witty,fast talking web head we all know and love.His Peter Parker is too much of a mopey loner too.
I'm going with Batman.

Even though the movies were screwed up, Keatons Batman had an excellent character. He was dark, calculating, and mysterious. He was screwed up and you knew it. In fact, besides Batman & Robin, Batman's character arc in the movies were excellent. It told the story of a man who's been lost in the darkness for so long, that revenge has become his life.

Bale's Batman is great because he realizes he has a purpose. He has a mission and goes for it straight away. His Batman is very idealistic. The way Bale portrayed three different personalities was excellent, unlike tobey maguire's spider-man, whos pretty much the same guy in and out of the mask.
1.Bale as Bats
2.Maguire as Spidey
3.Jackman as Wolvie
4.Snipes as Blade
5.Reeves as Supes
1.Bale as Batman
2.Reeve as Superman
3.Jackman as Wolverine
Based solely on the movies, V is the most interesting (and articulate) by far.
i like spidey of course, and i also surprisingly liked keanu reeves as constantine even though it had been changed from the source material, and i also like cyclops as jimmy marsden did great with what he had
Wesyeed said:
No matt salinger? wtf?
i own a copy of that movie too he'didn't do too bad a job as winghead
Keanu Reeves as Constantine.

Doesn't hide his identity like the "average superherohero" and his sense of humor :D

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