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Jun 22, 2005
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Ok, here's an RPG for anyone who wants to play, but it has a twist. It will be set in this world today exactly as it appears and must explore what would happen if batman was real. So, we assume that the bat,man character has enevr existed and will be born in real life. We will say however that spider-man, superman, flash and everything else are comic books and films however, which will make the public reaction to batman more interesting. So, the game will chart batman starting his career right now in 2006 in this world. We will presume gotham city is a real city on the east coast similar to enw york. Ok? so if you wanna play just come in and state the chracter you wish to be. You can be batgirl if you want, but obviously she'll have a different origion and so would robin if they were to come in so ersly into batman's career. But anyway, if u wann play just say the character u want to be, why you want to be that character and then u will be approved. You could even just play yourself in this rpg seeing as it's in the real world. it could be your chance to meet batman. you could be you except that you just happen to live in gotham city. so, please come and sign up if your interested in this rpg. The chracter I choose to be is Rupert Thorne.
I want to be rupert thorne because
he is an underrated chracter with lots to explore about him.
We'll say he's the xcorrupt mayor of Gotham at the start of this game.

Ok, anyone else want to play?

Oh one rule, u must post at least once every two weeks. we will commence when we have five players.
Ok your approved. shall we say he's the commisioner already? why not. i just realised i accidentally posted this page 3 times. anyway, so far it's

Nietzsche = rupert thorne
boywonder13 + comissioner gordon
cool. also, another point. You can make up a new origion for your chracter if u want to with it being set in this world.
Ill be nightwing!

I want to be nightwing because nightwing is my favorite character apart from batman. Hes not all colorful and crap like Robin. And it would be neat to discover a new origion.

Nightwing comes from the West Coast and when grew up he moved to the east to Gotham, he met a guy named Bruce Wayne. Wayne inspired him, not knowing that he was the batman. He inspired him to always push it to your limit and try as hard as possible. And one day Nightwing's parents were murdered as he heard from the news. This shocked him and he decided to become Nightwing. He suspects Bruce Wayne though, he seems like there is more to him..
Guys, just a word of warning. I have seen many people try starting Batman RPGS, and they have all failed. I think the main reason for this is that we have 4 successful RPGS at the moment: The Marvel RPG and Ultimate Marvel RPG on the Marvel boards, the DC RPG on the DC boards, and The One Universe RPG on the Misc. Comics boards. There are others, but those are the big guns. Rather than trying to start a new RPG, you may want to check out one of these RPGs.
Boywonder! Honestly. this is different kind of rpg for those who want a frsh rpg and don't want to catch up with the storys in the other ones. Oh well, anyone else who wants to play this rpg sign up now. Don't let that put u off!
ok so it's me= rupert throne and batman 911 = nightwing.
OK fine Man I am Gordon.

Gordon has lived in Gotham his whole life and came from the streets of Gotham. Gordon is black.
ok approved. So your the ventriliquist then? the ventriliquist and scarface. cool. so,

Nietzsche = rupert thorne
Boywonder13 = gordon
R-taco = the ventriliquist/scarface
Batman911 = nightwing

Just need one more player.

batman would be good to have !
yeah we need batman. How do we have a batman rpg without batman?!
well, I've never been in an RPG board before, but I wouldn't mind taking a crack at Batman if thats alright w/ you guys.
It's an interesting concept,at least.

I'm sorta in the same boat with Keyser,considering I've been apart of two of those failed RPGs...But...The idea is interesting enough.

Put me down for The Joker,cause I think,out of all of the characters that could be brought into this,He'd be the most interesting one to play around with.
nietzsche = rupert thorne
Boywonder13 = gordon
Masterbruce = The Joker
Infinity9999x = Batman
R-Taco = Scarface
Batman911 = Nightwing

We can begin!
I'll begin.

I'm Rupert Thorne. How would I describe myself? Big-shot. That about sums it all up. I'm the mayor of Gotham City. But I'm more that. I don't run office, I run everything- the police and the crime itself. I deal more drugs than the people I put behind bars and make more money than the people who can afford me to get them out from behind those bars. I'm the most powerful man in this city and nothing will change that. Have to say though that recently things have been harder to manage. Crime has been on the rise recently. There's been a lot of particularly grissly murders involving some nut who leavse playing cards with his victims. Now, I have friends on both sides of the law but there are some people that ain't no use even to me. For instance, take Comissioner Gordon. He really makes my blood boil. He's always trying to screw up my operations in this town. Take last month- he and his boys apprehanded a ship full of cocaine. That would have made me a lot of money. Still, sometimes you have let people like him win, otherwise things look too suspicious. I don't think he knows just how much I do in this city.

Anyway, I'm fine for money right now. Matter of fact at this very moment I'm sat in my new office I just paid for. A man needs a nice place to work. I'm in the hot tub right now. Feels good. Not the water- the broad I got in here with me. My secretary. I like to work 'em hard. I might fire her later.
Hmmmmmm, I'll put on the news and see if everythings ok. What the hell?

A would-be-superhero has been spotted in various locations of Gotham city. A woman went to police just yesterday and claimed the same man apprehended two men who had attacked her. The police got the woman to indentify the men as ones which were dropped off last night in mysterious circumstances. They were bound with wire and in a state of shock. The police have now begun a thorough investigation of the case. Comissionor Gordon stated that vigilantes only blur the line between the two sides of the law and will be considered criminals. The vigilante in question has been described as waering a dark costume rsembling a bat. While his intetnions may have been good it seems that this man might just have watched two many spider-man films. Police state that he should not be approached if seen. He is considered to be very dangerous.

What the hell? This is the first I've heard of this. Awww, it's probably just some nut who'll turn up dead in a couple of weeks...
I'm gonna be Charles Dotson, an average college dropout working at the bakery in Gotham Square.

I'm Charles Dotson, an average college dropout working at the bakery in Gotham Square. Which bakery, you ask? know, it's that one on the corner, right next to the headshop. I don't actually remember what it is...Wheatlands, or Cornfields or some stupid sh1t like that. I'm only working there so I can pay the rent and buy a dime every once in awhile, yeah?

So I'm just gonna go ahead and sell you a donut now.
The wind rushes through my cape as I leap over the huge chasam between the two run down buildings on Gotham's west side. I land lightly on the roof, almost catlike, the way I was tought. I see the people in the streets hurry to where ever there going with their heads down, scared. No one should be scared of the city they live in. I can change that. I will be the change.
I've already gained publicity, the criminals are starting to whisper about me, which is good. But I can't have too much exposure, I must remain more then a man, I must be a source of fear. An urban legend come true. But I'll also have to try to win over Gordon. I can't have a man on the right side of the law chasing me, that's too many enemies. I need him as my ally.

I brush my thoughts away as I quietly land upon the building that is my destination. There's a small group inside,drug trafficers, but most of them work for the big name thugs, the ones that attend the mayors banquet parties. I have to be quick, one slip and it could be the end, just follow the training.

Taking a deap breath I grab hold of the edge of the roof and swing around through a window. The glass shatters and falls upon the unaware thugs like a soft rain. My Cape spreads out and slows my desecent as I fly towards them. There eyes widen in shock, they all hesitate, and it gives me all the time in the world.

I land amoung them, and attack before they can react, a monster amoung men. My cape obscures most of my body, and none of them get a good look at me before they hit the ground. One doesn't panic, he backs away, scared, but not stupid. I've taken too long, as I turn towards him he fires off a shot, it hits me hard in the side of the ribs and I go down.
"what the hell is it?" the gunman asks the only other man still standing, a fat blading thug with a husk of cigar smoke about him.

"I don't know, some sort of bat thing, look at those goddamn wings"

It takes all I have not to smile as I lie on the ground playing possum. The bullet was stopped by my armor, but I made sure my costume doesn't look like armor. The bodysuit resembles and feels like a course skin, a course charcol grey skin, and the cape looks very much like real leathry bat wings.

"Wait, it has to be a guy, look at that thing on his chest, the big bat thing."

"looks more like a tatoo to me, you ever seen a suit like that? Cuz I know they sure as hell don't make halloween costumes that lifelike"

"So now monsters get tatoos?"

"Well maybe its like those hero guys they made a movie about, those mutant dudes. He could still be as smart as a human, just with powers and everything."

The smaller one raises his eyebrows at his friend as he gazes at me. I can tell he's curious, and soon he slowly walks towards me. I'm still covered by my cape and the shadows of the warehouse, he slowly bends down and toughes my arm, I can smell the sweat on him. I can almost smell the fear.

"good god, it feels like real skin."

My hand shoots out and grabs his wrist, whith a quick jerk I break the bone and he drops the gun with a shout.

"GOOD GOD, HELP ME, OH GOD" the thug yells, lifting him above my head I hurl him into his friend, they both hit the wall and crumple.

I walk over the two, staring down at them, the fat one is still awake. The lights behind me overcast me in shadow. The fat one shakes like a five year old who just saw a horror movie.

"Oh godohgodohgodohgod, p ppplease don't kill me, please, please"

I lean down to him, my eyes narrow. They appear to be glowing to the thug, I applied a special sort of protective contact. While they protect me, they also give my eyes a etheral white look about them, perfect for intimidation.

"tell your boss," I say in a voice more animal then man, "the batman has come."
Note: I'm not going to bother with replacing letters so that it's something an actual Ventriloquist would say.

From inside my office, I sit in deep thought. The room is quiet, which is good, because I need it dat way. Ya see, my mind is workin’ hard on my next big job. The biggest one of da year. This one can’t afford no screw ups, so I’s is tryin’ to concentrate.

“Mr. Scarface, Sir?”

“Whadda ya want?!” I barked. It was my stupid ‘pal’, Wesker. The Dummy. He’s a Ventriloquist, ya see. Can say things without movin’ his lips, and so on. I dunno why I keep him around, all he does is get in da way. Anyways, so the Dummy says:

“Uh, sorry Sir, Mr. Scarface, Sir. It’s just that...”

“Jus’ what?”


I could tell the Dummy was gettin’ nervous. Somebody had done somethin’ wrong, and they’s was gonna pay for it.”

The mook kept goin’: “I’m sorry, Sir. You see... You know that ‘delivery’ you were supposed to get?”

“Yeah... What about it?” I already knew what he was probly gonna say, but I asked ‘im anyways.

“Well,” he mumbled, “...It was...intercepted.”

“WHAT?!” I shouted, “By who?!”

“According to the trafficers, it was a...‘Bat-Man’”

This guy musta been watchin’ a few too many B-Movies. Either that, or he was a dirty stinkin’ liar.
My ribs ache as I ease myself into the chair infront of my computer in the cave. I have to be more careful, can't rely on my armor too much, it protects me from death but little else. Multiple rib brusing and some craking. I can't afford any more injuries like that, can't let them hinder me. But for now I can clear out the pain, pain is easy to deal with.

Scarface, was the name I was given by one of the trafficers. I've heard of him before, but I don't know much about him. Apparently, whoever he is, he likes his mobster movies. It's hard to find information on him, but from what I could gather from the thug's scared mutterings he was planning something big. I think he's one of the mayors men, but he might also have his own agenda.

From what I've heard on the street, barley anyone has seen him in person. He's going to be dangerous, but I have to find out what he's up too.

I lean closer to the monitor as I type on the keyboard. I've been trying trying to hack into some of the mayors personal files with limited success. He's applying some anti hacker program called E. Nygma, I don't know who made it, but whoever it was, they're a genius. I've never been up agains't anything so complicated, but I'll get through. I've broken some of it down already. The mayor is more open with his information then I would have expected. He only codes his talk about his big drug deals, and all but admits be associated with the smaller riffraff. Not surprising though, the way the city is, if anyone tried to bring him in, he'd be off in a day and the man responsible dead within the hour.

As I work at the eyes waver, over to a file. The file on them. There is little information within it...for all my skills I still can't find him...the one. The one that made me. I don't know if I ever will, but I can't stop's like a monster inside me, a cut that never leaves. The source of my determination.

"How are you sir?" the voice of Alfred interrups my thoughts and I turn in my chair to see him standing behind me. He's been with me since the incident, and one of the few people I can call family.

"Fine Alfred," I respond quickly, "Just working."

"When aren't you?"

"It needs to be done."

"That is, if I'm not mistaken, the job of our local authorities."

I roll my eyes, we've had this talk before, too many times.

"Not in this city Alfred, there are few decent men left in any positions of power nowadays."

Alfred remains silent for a while, he knows he won't change my mind, but he always tries.

"Sir....this won't bring them back."

I stiffen immediatley, and turn slowly towards Alfred, "I know, but I can stop someone from enduring the pain I had I to."

"and still endure. I don't know if this is the healthiest outlet for you master Bruce, your parents would have wanted a normal life for you..."

"I can't discuss this now," I respond, sounding harsher then I mean too, "you know I won't change my mind."

Alfred nods stiffly, "I will get some of my medical supplies and attend to your injuries then," he replies shortly, glancing at my brusied ribs. I watch him walk back up the stairs to the house, and then I turn around and face the monitor again....searching.....

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