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Dec 27, 2007
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Recently, I came across Andrew Kevin Walker's (Se7en) Script for Batman VS. Superman, that was going to be produced by Warner Bros, directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Troy) and starred by Jude Law (Closer) and Colin Farrel (Phone Booth). I don't know if I can post it, but I tough I could detail it. Here's the beginning:

The Script starts in Metropolis. It's a calm day in the City of Tomorrow. Until a truck drive in the sidewalk, hitting over dozens of people, that is. The truck is towning a black SUV without identifications. Inside it, there's a group of heavily-armed terrorists. They're heading to Metropolis National Park. The guards try to make a stand, but the terrorist shoot they way in.

Meanwhile, on the Daily Planet, Clark Kent is typing a story. His colleague, Pete, invitates his for a Happy Hour at O'Malley's, but Clark doesn't even listen. Lois is out of town, and he's mourning. Suddenly, he hears the gunshots and heads for a empty hallway, where he opens the elevator door and jumps in the vault, opening his shirt an revealing his "S".

The Truck storms in the park, while the black SUV detaches, running away. The SUV hits the street, hitting people mercyless, when they accidentally crash in a delivery truck nearby, knocking out the terrorists.

The truck is gaining full speed, and is going straight to the Liberty Monument, a enormous glass statue simbolizing peace. One of the guards climbs to truck only to find out there's no keys in the ignition, and a bomb attached to the passanger's seat. Meanwhile, Superman flies to the park at full speed. But he's too late. The truck crashes and the bomb goes off, exploding it's base and making it fall towards the defenseless citizens. Superman storms in and grabs the statue, while using his heat vision to explode the debris in mid-air, and his freezing breath to extinguish the fire. With all his strenght, Superman puts the statue back on it's base, and goes against the terrorists. When he arrives, he finds an angry mob circling the criminals, with the delivery truck driver violently beating one of them. Superman tells him to stop. He doesn't listen. Superman order him to stop. The mob gets furious. Superman orders again, and the guy grabes a pipe to beat the criminal. Superman heats up the pipe and lectures the mob, saying that make justice with their own hands isn't the solution. He then grabs the terrorists and flies away, escorting them to prision.

Superman is halfway, the sun coming up, when one of the thugs wakes up and starts talking with him in a menacing tone. Suddenly, flicks his wrist and a Kryptonite cloud that knocks Superman onto the ocean beneath comes out of his watch. Superman nearly drowns, but the water washes the Kryptonite away, and he swims back to safety. He uses his X-ray vision and finds one of the thugs sinking. Superman tries to grab him, but his skin comes off. He's a robot. And, inside it's skull, Superman reads "This is only the beginning" in freakish red letters...

(To be continued...)
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Sounds good. But this is a superman movie script. I don't see any Batman in there prot.
Part 2:

Cut to Gotham City. In the Wayne Manor, 300 guests, including famous actors, writers, millionares and socialites, are gathered together for Bruce Wayne's marriage with the stunning Elizabeth. Clark Kent is the best man. After the cerimony, Bruce walks in to the living room and finds Barbara Gordon. They talk. It's said that Jim Gordon died and Barbara's the new comissioner. Elizabeth appears and warns Bruce that his aunt Harriet is wreaking havock in the open bar. Elizabeth and Barbara meet and have a heartfelt conversation. After Elizabeth's gone, Bruce notices a solitary Clark over the balcony and goes there to talk to him. They talk, and it's revealed that Lois and Clark are getting a divorce, and Lois is nowhere to be seen. Clark says it's the job that made everything complicated. While drinking champgane, they talk about Bruce's life. He's no longer Batman for five years, since Robin was murdered, and he become more violent towards the criminals, until he met Elizabeth and found hapiness again.

Finally, they talk about the terrorists, before Elizabeth shows up and takes Bruce back to the party. Clark finishes his drink, takes a last look at his friend and goes back to Metropolis, while Bruce and Elizabeth load their car for the honeymoon.

In Metropolis, Clark is cumprimented by his apartment's doorman, Ernie, who says Lois and her sister dropped by and took all of Lois stuff. Clark is sad. He goes back inside.
Part 3:

Clark goes back to his apartment. It's half-empty. He takes a glass of Vodka, but switches it for Milk. He punches something. His wedding lolls. Then, he goes away.

In Kona, Bruce and Elizabeth enjoy the sun and the beaches. By night, they're back at their suite. Bruce opens the curtains after they have sex. Elizabeth asks Bruce if he's afraid of the dark. He says "no". She notices a sad smile and ask what's wrong. He says nothing. She asks about Dick's death. Bruce only says they we're murdered. She understands, and says she made him something for when he's at his darkest times, but she'll only give him after a drink. Bruce laughs and goes to shave, talking to Elizabeth by the bathroom. Bruce makes a funny quip and Elizabeth laughs. Then, she silences. Bruce calls her, and she laughs again. He's happy. But she continues laughing. Actually, she collapses on the floor laughing. Bruce knows what that means. He doesn't want to believe it, but he does. He goes back to find Elizabeth death, a forced smile frozen on her face, a poisoned darth falling from her neck. And "THIS IS THE BEGINNING... OF THE END" carved in the wall, backwards.

Superman flies straight to Kona, but it's too late. The whole place has become a crime scene, and Bruce has left. Superman, saddned, heads to Gotham City.

Bruce is angrily driving his Rolls-Royce in the storm, filled with rage. He heads to Wayne manor. In the dark, he starts plumming down a stant of books. Clark is there. They talk. Clark tries to convince Bruce not to become Batman again. Not to kill. Not to surrender to the darkness. But Bruce is blind. Drowning in rage. Bruce goes back to everything else that happened the last days. He needs someone to blame. And he chooses Superman. Bruce trashes Clark, saying he's not human, and that's why Lois left him. Clark takes off his glasses. He's now Superman, and he won't let Batman kill. Bruce is furious, and smashes a metal statue on to Clark face, but the kryptonitan feels nothing.

Bruce expells Clark from his house and looks back to the dark entrance to the Batcave. He just became the darkness he fought his whole life against.

Cut to Elizabeth's funeral. The midia is all over it. Bruce doesn't care. He's soaked from the rain, staring at the five graveyars. "Thomas Wayne". "Martha Wayne". "Richard Grayson". "Alfred Pennyworth". And now, "Elizabeth Miller-Wayne". Clark looks at him, before turning back, in tears.

Bruce has taken too much. Lost too much. He won't take it anymore.

Time for payback.
Post more. I want more, more, mooooooooooooooooooooooooooore.
^noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I'm sorry. :csad:
Sounds like a very good elseworlds story to me. But not movie material.
this movie sucks.

It stinks of being a poor attempt at a reboot of Batman post-"Batman and Robin" and instead of being a good attempt at a reboot (ala Batman Begins) it just takes what we knew of Batman and kills everybody off (no alfred no robin)... it just stinks of "we dont know what to do so lets just kill everyone off"..... and Clark and Lois are divorcing? And Bruce gave up Batman 5 years ago but walks around "with the darkness in his eyes".... lol... pullleeezzzz....

it sounds like a fanfic written by a 13 yr old, honestly.
It's not a terrible script. But it's not great, either. A step above the previous franchise, with some of the same trappings. Akiva Goldsman toned down a lot of Walker's original script. But there are still some fantastic moments in this script. It draws from KINGDOM COME and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as well as the animated series. Think "Live-action animated series" for the tone of it.
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i thought aunt harriet was dick grayson's aunt? apparently every writer thinks the only way bruce wayne gets married is when a villain puts a plant in there to manipulate him and eventually betrays him? pfft. plus wouldn't people be suspicious that daily planet's star reporter is a world famous billionaire's best man? how the hell would they know each other without the public knowing about their superhero friendship? plus taking lois out and replacing her with lana is just stupid. lois wouldn't leave him. how do i know that, you say? probably b/c since he told her his secret she's been understanding and unselfish. hey i liked se7en, akw had an interesting idea, but it's too gimmicky. oh how did he explain how bruce is older yet clark still looks like he's in his late 20s/early30s?
Batman vs Superman just wont work imo the best we can hope is for the movie version of The Dark Knight Returns (which is just a matter of time imo) is or best bet for ever seeing the big two come up against each other even though i think a mix up between them i still pretty lame.

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