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Plot for unused "Batman vs. Superman" script?

Nightwing 52

Things change
Dec 4, 2005
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With all of the comic book heroes coming to the big screen it was only a matter of time that they would start pitting them against one another. Well according to Moviehole and IESB the long rumored movie Batman Vs. Superman is still in the works, to some degree. The film was supposed to be helmed by Wolfgang Peterson who abandoned the picture to do Troy. The studios decided that they were still interested in doing superhero movies but opted instead to focus on just one character at a time. This just means that they are holding on to the VS. idea until they have just about milked the franchises for all their worth. According to the rumors the script for Batman Vs. Superman, by Se7en writer Andrew Kevin Walker, sees an aged Bruce Wayne - who lost Robin, the boy wonder, some five years before - retired from Batman duties and retiring with new fiancée Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Batman's old foes return just after their wedding - namely, The Joker - and Elizabeth is murdered. Hell-bent on getting revenge, Bruce dons the cape again in a mission to destroy the clown prince of crime. Superman, fearing Batman is about to cross the line and become a murderer like the criminals he chases, ends up clashing with the Caped Crusader over his motives - and the heroes are set on a violent collision against each other. Unbeknownst to the heroes, their actions are falling in line with a villainous plot by Lex Luthor, who is responsible for the resurrection of the Joker. I have to say that I really like the idea and hope that they don’t wait too long before they do this film. Here’s to hoping that they do this sooner rather then later.

I just don't believe they're going to make it. Well no time soon that is. Superman Returns is about to become a successful franchise and Batman Begins is on it's way to a sequel as we speak. Maybe later down the line once these franchises are way past their day.
BB made enough numbers in box office to have a sequel, which as I hope will be really great movie also.

After success of SR as a great movie with huge box office, sequels will be successful also.

I just cant see BVS to be soon.I think we will see it only in December 2010, when there will not be BB or SR sequels.

BB2 will be realesed in June 2008m while SR2 will have realese date in July 2009.

Then BB3 will be realesed in June 2011, while SR3 will have realese date in July 2012.
i hope that they don't have a Batman v Superman film.
not at the moment anyway, not after what Nolan has done for Batman films.

if they ever do decide to make a Batman vs Superman film, it will probably be done on the 100th annisvery of the characters.
I still don't like that plot. I'd like to see the movie done, but not that one.
sounds like a batman movie featuring a guest appearance by superman. apparently clark and lois divorce and he's with lana now or something dumb like that. those smallville fans might like that though.
I liked the world's finest episode of The New Batman and Superman Adventures. I thnk World's Finest would be better than a VS. film.
warren_sparta27 said:
i don't like that Bruce marries Elizabeth...who is she?

well in that script she was a woman working for the joker the entire time. he had some kind of plan that had her infiltrate bruce's life, and i think she had a change of heart so the joker kills her and all these other people in metropolis. superman didn't get there in time so batman blames superman for his wife dying. that's where the whole "vs" comes from.
why does everyone think they are going to make THIS movie?? if they do make a batman/superman movie i doubt they are going to use that akw script. plus it'll be like 10 or 15 years before we see wb moving anywhere near this project.
Sub-Zero said:
why does everyone think they are going to make THIS movie?? if they do make a batman/superman movie i doubt they are going to use that akw script. plus it'll be like 10 or 15 years before we see wb moving anywhere near this project.

I agree, but a vs movie could work. Just no Robin and replace the Joker with Ras Al Ghul.
the whole VS thing throws me.these two heroes never really throw down, they do get in the way of each other's investigations. so it should just be a batman/superman movie. not vs: it just cheeses it up like freddy vs jason and avp.
Oh they threw down in the script. They threw down bigtime.
How can a Batman vs. Superman flim work. You know Superman can beat him...unless Bats has Kryptonite then it's a whole new ballgame.
Oh Batman had Kryptonite in the script. He had Kryptonite bigtime.
does anyone have the script? I'd like to read it. If anyone does so, would it be too much to ask to hook me up with a copy? Be it a photocopied version snail mailed to me, or scanned and emailed to me? I really want to read this.
Sounds like James Bond movie "OHMSS" where Bond married first time ever in the series then his wife murdered by old foe.

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