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Jan 5, 2004
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Just a heads up:
It seems that the CW will be airing a special about the various TV/movie Batmobiles from the 60's "Westmobile" up thru to the Tumbler.
Monday at 8:00 PM, EST.
It's great. It covers the history of it without giving special treatment to any of the Batmobiles. It's fair and balanced.
Anyone know where to watch it online or where to acquire it online?
The longer cut of it will be on the TDKR Bluray later this fall. It was well done, cool to see all of them together.
They even talked about the BTAS car. It was a nice preview. I want to see the rest on Blu.
looking forward in seeing the longer version of this special. good thing it will be included on the TDKR blu-ray/dvd

i really wish they would have interviewed Michael Keaton for this thing seeing as how they interviewed Adam West and Christian Bale
I am in the first 5 minutes of the special dressed as Bane! Very cool documentary about the iconic car

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