Legends Battlefront Series Discussion and Appreciation Thread

Doc Ock

The Spider-Totem Awakens
Dec 5, 2009
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Discuss the action-oriented and quite awesome Star Wars Battlefront series here! Battlefront was actually the first Xbox Live game I played. It was great to see the Battlefront III leak earlier this year, but also kinda sad to see considering it was cancelled.

Free Radical was working up something great!
I still pop Battlefront II into the 360 now and then. It is a great game, many fond memories playing split screen at my buddy's house.

Like so many, I too hold out hope that one day we'll see a Battlefront III. Or perhaps a spiritual successor. I once read that the one Free Radical were developing had maps that allowed you travel between the planets surface and space, which would have been amazing.
Love Battlefront! I still play my copy of Battlefront II with my siblings once in a while. We've conquered the galaxy several times.

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