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Jul 19, 2002
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Just to be on the safe side I've sent a Cylon to fall in love with WHF and then kill him as per her mission instructions so he can't post in this thread.

Teaser trailer




Fascinating. Can I play as the Cylons? They don't whine about love and politics and bull**** they just go kill people.
WhatsHisFace said:

I mean, I don't even know what to say. Do you not see how freaking stupid this is? It's so nerdy. GOD!

The only reason you hate Sci-Fi and "nerdy" things so much is due to your own insecurity about your relative coolness and ability to be liked; these things are in direct relation to that in your mind. Just because something has space ships doesn't mean it can't have compelling characters, sharp narrative, and well done themes. It's no different from any other work of the imagination except in your own biased head!

Video games are nerdy WHF, being a PC gamer more so, run for the hills!
Now that the question on your intelligence has been addressed (again) there's really no need for you to be in this thread.

So leave.
It's the fact that you honestly think you have a point that makes all of this so sad.
WhatsHisFace said:
Or, it's just really fake bull**** too far up it's own clich'es asses to actually mean a damn to me.
Up it's own clich'es asses? What does that even mean? Give examples or something, preferably visual since words aren't doing the trick here. Unless of course you were just throwing as many words that you thought sounded good into a sentence as possible hoping to make your "point" seem more intelligent and well thought out because you know what cliche means, in which case you may carry on.

Right, just like things that have realistic, or cool settings, can also have. I can watch things that don't have stupid, six headed aliens and butt-faced martians to get me "compelling character" fix.
I've never in my entire life seen a single sci fi with a six headed alien or a butt-faced martian. Seriously, ever. I've seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Galactica new and old, and I have never seen anything like you describe. The only thing cliche here are your bull**** reasons for hating sci-fi and calling it nerdy in the hopes that someone on the internet will think you're cool. I'll let the irony sink in.

Actually it is, because it has things like this
Wow, one character that appeared in one movie of one series for one minute who was one percent as bad as some of the characters I've seen in settings you seem to prefer (like gears of war bull**** with "up it's own cliched ass" war characters that I've seen a million different times, as well as the convenienty overlooked sci-fi theme) is reason for you to hate an entire genre so much that you start tarding out whenever you hear it mentioned?

But they are nerdy for a purpose. It's technology and there's no way around it. However, Sci-Fi is just crappy TV, and I can get crappy TV in any genre.
You're right. It's all crappy TV. Every last bit of it. I mean, I know you're too cool to have actually watched any and to have found out, but I'll take your word for it. All crap.

Here's a clue, you obviously need one. Sci Fi tells it's story's just like everything else. It shares the same underlying themes and character archetypes as everything else. As a matter of fact, every sci fi movie and television show ever made could be translated into any setting you'd like and still maintain those things, because they do not change because of themes. Unless you hate all media, music, tv, movies, games, everything, which I doubt, you are left with only one reason to hate sci-fi: because you want to look cool, on the internet. Which I'll leave you on your own to figure out how ******ed that is.

If you don't like sci-fi, or whatever, seriously, no one cares. I mean it. Absolutely no one. Not even one person. You probably don't even care. So the next time there is some sort of sci-fi related thread, we don't really care if you post or not. We won't miss your post if you decide to move on to something else. We're perfectly fine with not being told what is and isn't "nerdy" by someone who posts on a comic book message board to his internet friends about video games and going to college a virgin. So just stop.
sci fi has some advantages over regular series aswell. often the behaviour of aliens can be used to illuminate human behaviour through contrast. they are more free to deal with the question of religion because their religions are fictional. the setting and situation can be changed far quicker. one episode you can have diehard in space. the next something completely different.

I'm not sure how far along the series is in other parts of the world, but In Canada we just finished watching Home part 2. Anyone?

BSG: Beyond the Red Line *** FAQ *** (for noobs)



Ok, basicly to all newbs here, we welcome you, however please read thru this faq to avoid posting the same questions over and over.

Thanks to StarSlayer and everyone else for helping get the links and bugging us to get a faq up.

Please refer to his thread for more info and questions.

Q: What is BSG:BTRL

A: BSG: Beyond the Red Line is a stand-alone total conversion for FS2 released by Volition and Interplay for the PC.
Q: Will I need FS2 to play it?

A: No, BTRL is a Stand-alone total conversion, it will not require FS2.
Q: Is it Free?

A: Absolutely, this mod was made in the modders free time because of their love of the tv show Battlestar Galactica and FS2, and no profit will made by this project.
Q: When will it be done?

A: When it is done, more info
Q: Will it feature newtonian "real space" Physics?

A: No, FS2 was designed with arcade physics, but rest asured, they have been changed to be more like the show. And will end up in-between real newtonian physics and arcade.
Q: Will there be Multi-player support?

A: Yes, Multi-player will consist of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and the possiblity of a Coop Campaign.
Q: Will the Main Campaign story follow the show?

A: Yes, it will follow the same lines as the TV show.
Q: I've got a Medium build Computer, will it be able to run BTRL?

A: Yes, BTRL is being made to run on a wide range of cpu specifications.
Q:Will I need a joystick?

A: No, you will be able to use the mouse or gamepad, but a joystick is recommended
Q: I can only get one page to show up on the Website?

A: The website is messed up for the moment, but will be fixed shortly.
Q: What kinds of Ships will be flyable?

A: Ships like the Viper Mk I, II and VII, the Raptor, and more.


BSG Teaser Trailer

Some Gameplay Video

BSG Test Fire Slavo

BSG Weapons Test

BaseStar Weapons Test
Baltar is the man. Every time he does almost ANYTHING I just want to smack him, but he's so endearing in that morally glass half empty sort of way. :o
Zenien says I have to post here or she'll beat me up. :(

Anyways, this has the potential to be good, like sci-fi. But it could also be dumb fanboy "omg do this and that and that and that omg" crap.
Hey guys don't click that, it's a sham, not even a single breast! :(
DRT rendered my original response useless. :o

Orignalresponse: The correct reply would be to talk about Baltar and his robot girlfriend. :o
The problem with sci-fi is that it exists. And I'm not saying that to not sound dorky. I dork out over a lot of things, but sci-fi is just awful.

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