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The Amazing Spider-Man Bendis Responds To Criticism That He Plagized Ultimate Spider-Man


Apr 4, 2009
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The Op posted this

If you read Ultimate Spiderman (the original run) the writing is far superior to the garbage that is Ultimate Comics: Spiderman

I don't like how it has turned into a joke comic with all these powered up teens living under Aunt May's roof, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man seems like a story that you would see on Disney XD, it seems akin to X-Men Evolution, the writing seems like it was meant for children age 5.

On the other hand Ultimate Spider-Man seemed more gritty and contemporary.

Bendis Replied:

as for the rest of the conversation, if you could call it that, I have written every single word of ultimate Spiderman. even the issues where bill's name appeared. he did come up with the idea and some of the story structure but I scripted the entire series.

as for powers, Mike has been cowriting because I think he has turned into an excellent writer and it's his book too. I have written on every issue.

I do not put my name on books I do not write. I do not have any sort of ghost writer or anything like that. it's all me. I know what my output and sometimes diverse genre stylings it could appear otherwise, but no.

secret Warriors first story arc was my idea as was the series itself. but it is 100% Jonathan's baby. truth be told- I didn't really want my name on as writer on any of the issues. it just kind of happened. as soon as I saw it I asked for it to be removed.

that really is the only case where my name appeared in the credits and I didn't feel right about it.

the cool thing with powers is, it belongs to both Mike and myself. if one day I wanted to draw an issue, Mike would think that was great. just like I think it's great to watch Mike go at it. that's what creator owned means.

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