Best action sequence of 2012

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Oct 24, 2004
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I've counted up the noms and not surprisingly the 2 big CBM's of the summer dominate the poll.
For me the battle over NYC was the most inspiring action sequences in my life in that it taught me how much comic relief meant during a fight scene, how important scope was and visuals were to creating an overall sense of joyousness - a child-like essence.

The opening in Skyfall is a runner up since that taught me how cool it is to have one sequence lead into another lead into another. All with very different forms of action leading into a big final number.
1. Battle of NY
2. Skyfall Intro
3. TDKR Batman Car Chase sequence was great in IMAX
4. Bane vs Batman round 1
5. Lizard vs Spidey school fight.
6. Iron man vs Thor
7. Climax of TDKR
The battle for New York. Nothing topped that.
The battle for New York. Nothing topped that.
Whoa, the choices in that poll are rather unsurprising. Still, action sequence of the year is the New York battle.
You're all insane.

The Expendables 2 opening sequence. Easily.
I actually would rather choose the climax of The Expendables over the opening

Also although it was really short the shootout at the end of End of Watch was really cool and filled with tension

But overall, I'd pick the battle of NYC
You watch The Avengers and think, "Oh look... it's CG. And quips. And more CG."

You watch The Dark Knight Rises and think, "Nobody has figured out Bruce Wayne is Batman yet? GOD THEY'RE DUMB!"

You watch The Expendables 2 and think, "ANY second now one of em could break their hip!"
The Battle for New York didn't impress me that much. Had some fun moments but eh.
Come on the climax>>>>>the opening.

Arnold, Sly, Bruce Willis all in the same shootout
Sly vs JCVD
Statham vs Scott Adkins

I voted for the Helicarrier Siege, it has a bit of everything; Iron Man and Cap working together to repair the Helicarrier, Hulk chasing Widow, Shield vs mercs shootout, Cap vs mercs, Hulk vs Thor, Widow vs Hawkeye, Hulk vs the Raptor jet and all set on a spectacular flying aircraft carrier.

Come on the climax>>>>>the opening.

Arnold, Sly, Bruce Willis all in the same shootout
Sly vs JCVD
Statham vs Scott Adkins


Well I simply used what got the most nominations, and having seen the film tonight I agree that the opening was a more inventive, better shot and more ambitious sequence, I found the finale a let down except the bit with Arnie and Bruce in the Smart car.
I might be wrong but I don't think I have seen an action sequence in 2012 as impressive as the Burj Khalifa scene in Ghost Protocol
Batman vs. Bane round 1
My vote too. Lots to love about it. Intimate, hard hitting and great lines. Bane's time to shine in a sequence straight from Knightfall - and Batman comes off good too even if he is thrashed. His spirit was willing but the body wasn't.
Batman vs Bane round 1
All of the ones on the list were great, as well as some not on the list, but the battle for NY just had too many amazing fanboy moments.

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