Best Batman Score

Shirley Walker and the composers of Batman: TAS were the best for capturing Batman musically.

But Danny Elfman's is the most classic and instantly recognisable as batman.

Also, it has been confirmed that the B:TAS opening was original music adapted for the show by Elfman himself (Best opening ever :woot: )
TAS score was awesome
but I'm also a fan of the Begins score

So TAS at #1
Begins at a close second place
I definitely should have put the B:MOTP score up there. I would put it at #2 behind Begins. I know that the Begins score is "unfinished" but that's what I like about it. It is more subtle and doesn't necessarily sound "heroic". When I hear it, I don't think, here comes the hero to save the day, like Superman, but more like "*****'s going down, are we gonna survive it?"
Although I love Elfman, I voted for the BB score. Since I first saw the movie the music got into me. I idenfified with it immediately! It definitely set a mood for every scene. Everytime I listen to the soundtrack, I can picture each scene. The music played in the sequence of the death of Bruce's parents was in part responsible of making my eyes watery. And I have never felt awfully bad for those deaths in the other movies. I know, it sounds kinda cruel and some may think that I'm a bad-hearted person but that's not the case. Trust me! The way that issue was addressed in previous movies (at least for me) wasn't that well done and that may explain why it didn't make an impact on me. Or perhaps by some reason I just identified with this particular take on those deaths. But that's another subject!

Anyway, that score made a huge impact on me like no other score has and I describe it as a beautiful masterpiece. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand why some people don't like it, but I respect that. Btw, my nickname is the name of my favorite song of the score. It's the song played in the last two scenes of the movie: 1) when Bruce is with Rachel and Alfred walking around what's left of Wayne Manor and 2) when Gordon and Bats are in the rooftop and the already infamous calling card appears. :yay:
Elfman's Batman Returns >>>>MOTP>>>> almost any batscore possible :o
More people have voted for begins, are you lot for real!?

yeah, even in my opinion Batman Begins and Batman89 are in one league, I think that nobody will ever create a more fitting soundtrack than Elfman.

I cannot understand it, too.
Probably BR had the best score. Masterful work by Elfman indeed.

BB score was excellent as well, Zimmer and Howard did a great job together.
The trailer music sounded the same as BB.

I know but it seemed more apparent that there will be a "theme." The score in it might have been the same from BB but I could hear it in the trailer. It will play a bigger role in TDK.

Regardless: Put the Batmobile racing to the Batcave in 'Batman 89' against the beginning credits theme from 'Batman Returns' against the 'Batman Begins' and have a fight....winner: Batman Returns.
I would've chosen TAS if that was a choice, but my distant second is BB
Of course Danny Elfman's score is THE Batman score.

Yes it is the most instantly recognisable of all hero movies alongside Supermans theme. BB has a good score but i cant help thinking the score could have been present in any old thriller its not BATMAN to me.

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