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Best recent movie villain?

Bruce Malone

May 23, 2009
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I stumbled on an article about the popularity of movie villains and how from 2008 through 2010 the best supporting actor went to someone who played a villain. Those actors and villains being Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, heath Ledger as the Joker and Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa.

I think you can argue that they are the best movie villains of the past decade.

Which villain do you think was best though?

Some scene examples:



The Joker


Hans Landa

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Bane was ALL sorts of scary s**t in Dark Knight Rises...
Bane. I found his plot fun to follow, plus he had an air about him that made it clear that he wasn't to be toyed with. Hans was...interesting. In the end, he was an opportunist, I think, rather than full on villain.
I'll go with Loki. But of that list of 3? My vote is for Hans Landa.
Seems like a limited choice, there's so many other great villains in recent movie history.
I'm going to go with Andrew from Chronicle. Great villain there.
Like i said in my description i put it down to these 3 as all 3 actors won academy awards for their performances.

Even though i know this is a comic book movie site primarily and even though i really enjoyed villains like bane and loki was ok i don't think they're gonna go down as some of the best villain in cinema history.
Everyone's so quick to forget:
Loki. I don't really see Andrew as a villain (or a hero), however that could say something about me lol...
I remember a thread exactly like this like three years ago, same 3 characters and everything. except it was a lot more relevant then because it hadn't been 2-5 years after their release.
I still find myself most entertained by Ledger's Joker.
Went with The Joker out of those three but its easily the dude from Oldboy. Get over it already numb nuts.
These are three great choices but there are others worth considering:

Jang Kyung Chul - I Saw the Devil
Bane - TDKR
Loki - Thor & The Avengers
Mad Dog - The Raid
Bernie Rose - Drive
This is such a hard choice to make. All three characters/performances are brilliant, but they couldn't be more different from one another.

Gun to me head, I'd probably go with Chigurh. That guy was straight-up terrifying, and Bardem's performance was a master-stroke. Otherwise, these guys are pretty much neck-and-neck in my book.
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Has anyone mentioned Jack Nicholson's Frank Costello from 'The Departed'?

(removed 'rat' video because of language, but look it up on Youtube)

Heath Ledger's Joker of course is iconic.

But no movie villain has ever freaked me out as much as Bardem's Anton Chigurh in 'No Country for Old Men.' None. Just... chilling. His lack of emotion, his unrelenting, single-minded pursuit that would put the Terminator to shame, his method of killing, his psychopathic nature. I've actually had a couple nightmares he's chasing me. That's how much he affected me.

EDIT: I just completely embarrassed myself by misreading Waltz as Walken. I spent about five minutes scratching my head about what badass roles Walken has played lately. Yes, Colonel Landa AKA the Jew-hunter was epic.
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Joker. But it was a very hard choice.
1.) The Joker. Heath Ledger gave one of the greatest performances of all time. No Australian accent, different tone of voice, the guy was a stranger to all of us. He disassociated himself from literally himself and we saw an entirely different person. THIS is what acting is about!

2.) Loki. Usually, I hate sympathetic villains (IMO they shouldn't be), but this was the exception. His character was just so complex, it made Loki the most interesting Marvel movie villain to date. The "Oh sh**!" look on Tom Hiddleston's face when Thor get banished was perfect. When I first watched the movie in the theater, I thought Loki was copying Scar by getting rid of his brother to take the throne, but in the deleted scenes, Loki was just stirring the spot with his mischievousness to get Thor into trouble, but not to that extreme.

3.) James Moriarty. He was cold, calculating, and charming all at once thanks to what Jared Harris was able to do. Also, the fact he matched wits with Sherlock Holmes and
"killed" Irene
to make things personal made him all the more unforgettable.

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