Feb 26, 2005
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I finally got a scanner so I thought I should torment you with my amaturish art to make you feel better about your own art :D

I call this one: "What If Galactus visited Krypton?"

"Canada vs. US relations"

Logan: Your beers suck.

EDIT: this better?

I have a story that goes with that drawing, so pull up a chair.
After Thor went to sleep, his concious was gradually pulled apart and into the infinite cosmos. Mjolnir noticed that, and planned to save her master by pulling those pieces into herself and save it for her master once he's awake.
Unfortunately, as she pulled those pieces unto her she became a concious being and Thor turned into an inanimate object. She wanted to reverse the effects, but used a wrong spell which made her plummet to Earth.
She's now called Mollie O'Thursday, a little old lady from down the street who turns into a hot warrior chick when she strikes her foot on the ground.
these don't look too bad but it would help if the pictures were smaller.
Its good artwork (like ampersand said it could be smaller), but I would suggest changing the title of the thread.
When I heard that superboy is gonna die on IC, I picked up a pencil and drew his substitute...

His real name is Zackery Todd, and he lives in a quiet suburb in Wisconsin.
He discovers that he is a reincarnation of Zod who is powered by the Earth's magnatic fields. He plans to get stronger untill he can kill superman.
Unlike most heroes, his priority is protecting planet Earth not its people. Superman convinced him to join the Titans and protect people in exchange for keeping the Planet safe untill they clash eventually.
Superman hopes that his time with the Titans will change his mind.
For the record, he is not Zod's reincarnation. It just happens that there's a wormhole leading to the Phantom Zone in his closet! Zod sends subliminal messages through them that twisted the young Metahuman's thoughts and powers. Zod's powers is "power stage learning", meaning he can copy any one's power through staged learning process. For example, Zackery has a weak version of Darkseid's Omega beam which he calls an Alpha beam. It's only Heat vision that turns only once. He has Bizzaro's fire breath, weak telepathy obtained from Grood, etc. He also duplicated all of superman powers.
This is my Amalgam character, can you believe no one chose Spidey?
Drawing this one was like an acid trip....
I call it "The God, The Man, and The in-between"

I messed up the colouring on my computer, but that flaw gave it something....

P.S. to MajinShenron: What's wrong with blahblahblahBlah'sBlah-worthyBl-artblahblahblah?
I'll make it smaller from now on...


Peter & Ben.
I miss Ben
For a period of time, I was obssesed with creating a new Amalgam Universe. Here's some of the stuff I did.

That's Super American (Supes + Cap) getting sucker punched by General Skull (General Zod + Red Skull). I used the russian Zod. Why? I dunno...


The other dude is Bruce Marvels.
Shortly after receiving the Enchantments of Shazam, young Billy Banner rushed to the Gamma bomb test site to prove his youthful bravery to the local bullies. Nuclear expert Bruce Banner died protecting his son, Billy Banner, from a Gamma bomb explosion. The ambient Gamma radiation melded the father's now-twisted mind with that of the ten-years old army brat.
From then on, Billy lives with a demon-once-father inside him pent on the destruction of all weapons. The demon pushes him to utter the words that will let loose upon the unsuspecting weapons wielders a torrent of Hell's relentless fury!!!
Hey Blah, your stuff is pretty neat.Keep up the good work :up:

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