Create-a-Hero! (with Hero Machine 2!)




These are characters from a digital comic book I did as a project in college...

Lexa Tanaka a.k.a. Bushida, the smart-mouth, pint size heroine with a katana almost as sharp as her tongue. When she was a newborn her uncle, a scientific genius, hid his invention insider her head from the evil Hara Sasaki. This invention has given Lexa the enhanced abilities of a normal human being, plus given her extensive knowledge as a ninja. She has all the skills with none of the training. So, she...gets herself into quite a bit of trouble.

Short, stocky and full of steam, this hockey player known as Slap Shot (but his real name is Gordie) joined Lexa when she took the fight to her arch nemesis, the Nano Ninja. Back when the Nano Ninja was still a normal man, he kidnapped Gordie, a star hockey player, and genetically altered him to be faster, stronger and tougher than any other player. As a result, Gordie was kicked off the team and now looks to smack the Nano Ninja around any chance he has.

Hara Sasaki was the leader of the Yakuza back in Japan. After learning that a young girl now possesed the power that he had hired her uncle to create, he set out for America to find her. In America, he built up his Yakuza empire into an army of crime. A genetitisist and ex-soldier, Sasaki developed molten nanobots that he would mould into an army of ninja robots. In his first encounter with Lexa, she chopped of his hand and left him in the molten metal to die. However, the nanobots repaired Sasaki's body and even remade a hand for him, a hand that can transform into any metallic weapin he wishes. He re dubbed himself the Nano Ninja and now seeks to kill Lexa for turning him into a freak.

In order to strike fear into the hearts of the other organized crime bosses, Sasaki employed ninja assasins as his henchmen, rather than typical street thugs. These ninja spread a wave of terror through the city. Theft, trafficking and especially, assasination are their specialties. After becoming embroiled in a struggle with Lexa, Sasaki recruited hundreds of ninja to help him defeat her, rushing them through their training and eventually having them fall to her sword.
I love Hero Machine!!! I'll post mine later on...I've made tons of heroes on this thing! I definately suggest everybody try it out!

I love Hero Machine too. But i have not any hero machine to post here in this thread.

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