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Create-a-Hero! (with Hero Machine 2!)

Psycho Hulk

May 2, 2003
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Granted this might be able to get away with in the Community but I will post it here in the fan art.
Anyways, this is the Hero Machine 2, where you can design and create your very own Superhero or whatever hero and you don't need any art skills at all. You just pic what you need and you can design whatever type of hero(well almost but there are a great deal of customability here.) So I thought it'd be a fun way to pass the time if you're bored and we can all share.
I recommend everyone to try it and share! :D
HELP: Now before you continue I am just going to say this...in order to share you are going to need to do a "Print Screen", you do that by simply finding the "Prt Scrn" key on your keyboard. Then by opening up any picture editor you have whether it be Photoshop, MS Paint, Imageready or anything you have...most computers have MS paint. Then you just crop it just for the picture and use one of these fine picture storage sites www.photobucket.com or www.Imageshack.us.
This tool gives you loads of options so I am sure everyone can be creating there own Hero!
To Create a Hero just go here: http://www.addictinggames.com/heromachine2.html
Heres mine:


I can't draw for crap and I know alot of other people can't either...so I figured this would be fun to check out...even if you are a great artist.!
I love Hero Machine!!! I'll post mine later on...I've made tons of heroes on this thing! I definately suggest everybody try it out!
Sir Granite said:
I love Hero Machine!!! I'll post mine later on...I've made tons of heroes on this thing! I definately suggest everybody try it out!
:up: Thanks you! :) I can't wait to see your heros!

yup..compleatly original..................:( :down
this is very cool. i finally know what my superhero looks like! i have been waiting to find something like this for my made up superhero. now he is brought to life!

This is the machine I used to create Dorgon way back in the day! Once I get home, I'll post it! Its awesome!
its not a new hero but i felt like doin this instead

as close as i could get

Awesome! The Originals and the New guys look great!
This is my 2050 team of Original Hero's updated...I am going to probably purchase Hero machine 2 so I can get more customability. But even so they aren't horrible:




movie-man2000 said:
Wow...these are really great! Can I mkae like a billion?

make as many as you want! Definately post a backstory if you can!
Okay, cool. I'm actually making more, and might have a X-Men thing going on...backstories soon.
Here is something I made. Just love my Superman!!!

that is cool! im making a catwoman one at the moment...then maybe a batman...or dark claw...

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