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BloodyWolverines Best 2007 Movie Poll.


May 16, 2006
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I know my good friend Hunter has a Poll on this but i think more needed to be added then the selection. I am going to select the best 25 movies popular box office wise and critic acclaimed films and post it in the poll to end out the 2007 movie year.
2008 Should be just as great or even better. But i can only vote once. It is up to you the people to select the best 2007 film. Forget the Oscars this is Bloodys selection so expect anything.
live free or die hard.. cause that movie was really split.

i unno
Which are In The Land Elah, The Kingdom, Rescue Dawn, and Gone Baby Gone movies about again? I can't place them
I don't see Sunshine on the poll.
Live Free or Die Hard.
Harry Potter, but Transformers was the surprise hit of the year.
Which are In The Land Elah, The Kingdom, Rescue Dawn, and Gone Baby Gone movies about again? I can't place them
In the Land of Elah - Didn't see it, I heard good things about it though. :o
The Kingdom - Action film about Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman taking on terrorists, and the second directing outing of Peter Berg (The Rundown)
Rescue Dawn - War movie about air pilot Derek Dangler (Christian Bale) who gets shotdown over Laos and taken prisoner by Vietkongs.
Gone Baby Gone - Excellent film written and directed by Ben Affleck starring his brother Casey who had a good year this year (which is ironic seeing as how Ben Affleck's only good year was um, one movie:o ). It was a detective story involving missing children adapted from the same guy whose story was the inspiration for the Eastwood movie Mystic River
Oh, and I voted for No Country for Old Men, but close seconds were Coward Robert Ford, Shoot 'em up and Grindhouse. :o I'm betting There will be Blood will come real close too.
300 . It was so increbile the first time i saw it , also my first time in imax theatre. I thought transformer had some silly parts , bourne was great but maybe unbelievable at times , Into the wild is also a good film but i wasnt to big on the cronology that could of been better.
HP 5. Watched it on DVD. Best HP movie yet.

By the way, I'm loving that Spidey has no votes. :up:
Some of those movies I have'nt seen yet,so I could'nt really vote for them.
It was a tough decision for me it was either; I am legend,Bourne ultimatum or No country for Old Men..As much as I thought bouth legend/bourne were good,I thought NCFOM was that much better. It was solid all the way thru,good story,good characters.
No Country for Old Men

Very classic movie. Good solid story with great characters and some pretty intense moments. I really enjoyed myself with this movie. It deserves 'Movie of the Year.'
3:10 to Yuma by far.

I would've elected/voted Superbad if the ending wasn't so "weird science".
300 for me, but dang, it's a close race. We had so many great films this year. Loved Gone Baby Gone, Pirates3, Beowulf, Mr. Brooks... so many great things. I can only hope 2008 is as good a year for movies. :D

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