Can I put up a free Web page?


Feb 16, 2004
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I just finished my Masters in Library Science. One the classes I took was on Internet resources, and I had to make a basic HTML page. I'd like to create a page to practice my skills and show potential employers. I have script in a text document I'd like to use.

Is there a way I can view script in HTML format or does anyone know where I can create one for free? (we used the school's resources for the assignment before.)
For the physical therapy business I have recently launched the web page which is absolutely concerned with the therapy treatment so let give the permission for free put up.
physical therapy documentation
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If you just want to edit an HTML file and see how it looks as you do it, you can save it on your computer and open it with your browser. Just open Notepad, type in your HTML code, and save it as [filename].html. If you're using Windows, I highly recommend downloading Notepad++. You can change the language to HTML (and other options) which allows you to see that you're typing your tags correctly. You can also connect it to your host and use it to edit your files once they're online. However, the file won't have a URL since it's just a file on your computer, not an actual web page.

I came across an article from Lifehacker that recommends,, and Dropbox. It's from May 2010, so not sure if they're still free.

And if you want to pay for one in the future, this article from Lifehacker has information on their preferred web hosting services

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