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Cap's shield and Wolverine's skeleton

I remember that episode. Standard firearms also jam, though. AIM now has those MODOC soldiers that can catch a shield thrown by Cap, let alone the less skilled US Agent. There are pros and cons on both sides, really.
Very true. I guess, in USAgent's mind and the mind of his superiors, the metal sheild works better. Andf I guess in Cap's mind, too, since he abandoned the ionic sheild when he got the metal one back.
Well, in Cap's case it was because, by his own admission, the metal shield was practically another limb to him. He had grown so accustomed to it that losing it felt like losing an arm to him. When Tony hooked him up with a pure adamantium shield, he ditched it because he couldn't quite get the feel for it the way he did his steel/vibranium one.
The photonic shield's inability to ricochet was another reason he abandoned it

I would think, since the mechanism for the photonic shield was stored in a special glove, he'd keep it for back-up
Is the stuff T'challa uses in his costume pure Vibranium or an alloy? Considering some of the feats he can do with them, I would consider having a pure Vibranium shield as opposed to an alloy if I was Captain America or even for Patriot; if T'challa's claws and soles are pure vibranium that is.
Most of T'Challa's suit is made of a vibranium weave. Lighter than Cap's sheild or adimantium, but not as durable. I assume that is the case, that is. His claws, however, are not Wakandian Vibranium. They're antarctic Vibranium. The stuff disolves metal. Makes climbing easyer for him.
The steel/vibranium alloy is tougher than pure vibranium, and I'm fairly sure it has a higher threshold for energy absorption. I'd say it's a much better idea for Cap to stick with the current shield than switch to pure vibranium, since pure vibranium explodes when it absorbs a lot of energy. I certainly wouldn't want to strap a pure vibranium shield onto my arm if I know I'll be fighting the likes of the Hulk, for example. He's liable to turn it into 20 square feet of explosives.

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