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Church Confirms Venom

Iron Fist.

Mar 2, 2006
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Church on Sandman and Confirms Venom
Source: MSN Movies
April 11, 2006

MSN Movies chatted with Thomas Haden Church about playing Sandman in Spider-Man 3, an interview in which he talked about the story and confirmed Venom is in the film:

"[Director Sam Raimi] and I started having really involved sessions about who the guy was," Church says. "Clearly, it's taken from the fourth issue of 'Spider-Man,' which was when Sandman was introduced and which I now have framed on my wall."

Church is still sworn to secrecy regarding plot details (he might want to consider moonlighting as a CIA agent), but he wants to let fans know they won't be disappointed.

"I'm overwhelmed every time I'm around Sam," Church says. "He's been showing me [stuff] since the beginning of last summer. 'This is what we are going to be doing in this sequence, this is what Spider-Man is going to be doing and this is what Venom is going to be doing.' It is a massive, massive process."

Check out the full interview at the link above!
LOL! That makes Church,Stan Lee and Kirsten Dunst spilling the beans :D

Dammit Sony just confirm it already.Nobody is going to be surprised now.The cat is well and truly out of the bag.
I wounder what the people who said he wasnt in the movie are thinking now. Venom Owns....:venom:
If he is sworn to secrecy, then why would he let that slip??

I mean, thats BIG.

Is it me or do they all say 'VENOM' as if we've known about him being in SM3 for years?????? Sony should back up all the whispers now with a good image of Venom for the fans. Sandman too :)

Church drops out Venom so casually in that interview - do you think he slipped up? ;)
Well that's that then Venom is in SM3, the origin, the journey and the death of Brock in all one "shared" film. Sounds like Sam isn't going to do the character justice to me. :(
So it's official. Or officially unofficial rather. Whatever the case this is BIG news!
hell, church knows most people who aren't in denial already know so he went about it casually.

whoever makes a post saying that venom isn't in the movie should be flamed mercilessly, cause its getting old.
What I'm thinking, is after the first few actual slips, Rami said to hell with it, and to mention that Venom is in the movie but don't go into deails.

It makes sense to me.
I still think sony is waiting for comic con to make their big reveal. They probably have a big presenation and they don't want to ruin it by releasing an image of venom. So they are playing the waiting game, while the whole world reveals venom to be in the film.
Just release a picture of Topher in costume already Sony!
Looks like more proof of the Q&A.Church has said that he is the main villain,and now Church has said that Venom is in the movie.So if Church is the main villain,Venom can't be.
Maybe Sony is preparing an announcement about it and thats why all these people feel so comforitable saying Venom is in the movie.
Maybe why Sony has not released a pic of Venome yet is because they are still working on the effects and want to show him at his best. If that were true then I'd be happy to see the finished product and not have them release something that everyone will tear apart, and we know that some people will tear it apart anyway so it might as well be the best pic they can make.
They obviously read the web forums then as Church said he was shown the comments by fans ;)

So they know what the general feelings for Venom are - maybe they're about to give us something BIG ;)
I'm so happy the speculation has finally ended!!!! I was pretty certain it was Venom from the get-go.:up:


*does happy dance*

Awesome. I'm REALLY excited to see how Topher's going to pull Eddie off. :up:
Retroman said:
I'm so happy the speculation has finally ended!!!! I was pretty certain it was Venom from the get-go.:up:


*does happy dance*


I'm loving that pic. Damn, I REALLY feel like playing Ultimate Spider-Man now.
WorthyStevens4 said:

Awesome. I'm REALLY excited to see how Topher's going to pull Eddie off. :up:

Easy tiger - this aint the Village People :) :up:
I wonder how much screen time he has,even though he won't be the main villain.
Superhero Hype! said:
The movie is still a year away, give Sony a break :)

They can't, complain is their nature :D
I can't even begin to understand why Venom would be 'second fiddle' in a Spidey movie at all :( I mean he's the closest match to Spideys powers and has such prescence...........something is still going down ;)
Frenzy said:
Easy tiger - this aint the Village People :) :up:


This has just been a great day. A new promo of Cyclops in uniform, and now hearing Church confirm Venom. Just awesome. :D

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