Cinemax's Banshee.


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Jan 19, 2004
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The series is set in a small town in Pennsylvania Amish country and features an enigmatic ex-con/martial arts expert posing as a murdered sheriff who imposes his own brand of justice while also cooking up plans that serve his own interests.

If you want to see it, the first episode is on YouTube.
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Wow, episode 3 brought the most painfull fight I've seen in a TV show... Holy crap.

Also Ulrich Thomsen is probably one of my favourite villians on a TV show right now.
I'm liking this show, not usually my cup of tea, but it's intrigued me enough to keep tuning in.

And yes, that fight was insanely brutal.

Also this show needs more Job, immediately. He always steals the show.

"This is Diane von Furstenberg, chica. Now shoo. Go get pregnant."

"...which makes you the DUMBEST ***** I know."
*Girl he insulted looks over*
"Oh, not you Snooki."


I would pay to see him and Lafayette from True Blood interact.
Renewed for season 2 the other day! :up:
This show is great! I was immediately hooked after the first episode. Glad to see it got renewed for Season 2!
Episode 5 was intense!

Annable will play a beautiful Native American assassin with a murky past.
Why is this thread so dead? Violence, action, nudity... This show should be more popular.
Ive been watching since episode one I wasn't sure about it for a while but now I'm sold. I wish the albino was still around somehow he would of been great to see him show up in banshee somehow.
The albino, man that dude was just creepy as all hell!!! Although I'm surprised the didn't go into how Wick got his scar, as I assumed it may have been retaliation for what Lucas did to the Albino's b****.

And I agree, more Job is an absolute must!
This show sounds pretty cool!

But it's's non-existant online. It's not even on Amazon to buy the episodes like every other show.
this show is awesome been watching since the beginning I don't know if it airs in same day as Canada but tonight was good.
God I love this show! Great characters and great storytelling. The fights are so freaking brutal! lol
That last episode was one big ass brutal fight. Proctor is one devilish sob I thought he was gonna bang his own niece .
We get the introduction of Odette's character too. Her and her brother Alex Longshadow will be major players heading into next season.
Ive been needing to watch this and Strike back I like how Cinemax is doing kick ass action shows.
Wow, I can't believe this show is 8 episodes in and I've only just started it! I'm about half way through the first episode as I type this and it's great! Way more action and violence than I was expecting, and Antony Starr is a superb actor.

EDIT: Having just finished the episode it's interesting Antony Starr do his American accent, often time he sounds like me when I try and do a West Coast accent -accentuating the R's too much, etc. Anyway, very cool show, I get a real "Justified meet Spartacus" vibe. Can't wait to catch up on the rest of the episodes.
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Ive been needing to watch this and Strike back I like how Cinemax is doing kick ass action shows.

I just finished season 3 of Strike Back. (Haven't watched season 1 and 2 yet.) If you like special military operation type action you'll like this.
Man, how do they write the scripts for this show? Fight, screwing, fight.

As someone from a small town, who knew it could be so exciting!!!
Wow, I just finished episode 3 -that fight was intense!

I knew that dude with the glasses and bow tie was something fierce. Ever since he marched up to the gunman at the party, I knew he had something else going on.

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