The Dark Knight Clean Up to Happen Soon

Dew k. Mosi

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Mar 22, 2001
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I am going to go through this forum and start closing unnecessary threads, repeats, redundancies and wastes of space. You guys tell me what is important to have here.
There are 2 DKR casting threads, you can start there. Alot of useless casting and Joker threads I imagine.
Don't close any of the Robin ones, just merge them. We robin fans can still have our little thread to hope and speculate.
you can pretty much think of any character rumored for the sequels and there will be repetative threads about him/her.
I think the Joker threads should be kept and kept seperate, as they involve different discussions.
Put "Robin" as a forbidden word.

Like this: Batman and *****.
I think we can have an official thread for each of the basic topics that have been discussed for the sequel: a thread for all Joker casting suggestions, news and discussion; one for the Dent/Two-Face casting; one for comics storylines to be used for the sequel, etc.
We need only one of the following:

Cast Joker (Joker Poll 2.0 is the best)
Cast Two Face (Two Face Poll 2.0 and Schreiber, Jackman, Lucas or Gyllenhaal are the best)
Robin stuff (there are a bunch, just merge them)
I clicked on a link about Travolta for Dent and it took me here.

Needless to say, I thought Dew was messing with me.
StorminNorman said:
Delete every single Sequel Title thread.
Of course 5 newbies would immediately rise to create 10 new threads on the subject.

Only 2 of the 10 being a mistake.
nice to see you b**ches in the bat-forum
Ronny Shade said:
nice to see you b**ches in the bat-forum

I was looking for Aquaman news and got lost. :o
my suggestion would be to wipe the whole forum clean and start over...but that aint gonna happen.
Merge Joker. Two-Face, Robin, Harley and Black Mask etc... threads.
i think we need only 2 joker threads: joker casting thread, and all other joker talk thread. any other thread that gets started about the joker is instantly closed...not merged, but closed. though, with permission from the mods, the joker casting thread can be updated/restarted about every 3 months with a new poll.

there also needs to be absolutely no Robin threads...this is not an attempt to be anti-robin (i love the guy), but nolan stated he will not be in the film, therefore we dont need to be talking about it, unless its in the sequels forum. any robin threads will be immediately closed...not moved to sequels forum, but closed.

hopefully people will learn to quit being stupid and opening threads that they know shouldnt be opened.
The War Lord Solution Thread must stay.

It gives me purpose.
I second keeping up War Lord's thread, simply because I love Hopeful Canadians - they are so much better than the normal ones.

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