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Connecting the stories


Wayne Inc. Tech Support
Feb 8, 2005
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If smallville were to end today, and the writers asked you to connect smallville to superman (nothing specific), how would you do it? It's obviously a HUGE deviation, i would like what creative ideas you guys can come with.
no one has any suggestions?

I start of with something.

LEX--Lex will know he's superman. But at the end of the timeline in smallville, he will end up in the mental institution because he probably will kill lionel. When he tells everyone that clark is an alien from another planet, no one will believe him. In the future, when lex comes out of the institute "healed" he will pretend that he doesn't know anything, even though he knows that clark is superman. So instead of telling the world, he will use it personally to attack superman through clark.

Who ever thinks of something, put the character name (eg. LANA--blah blah) and then connect to the future mythos. If you have a better idea for lex...i'd love ot hear it.

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