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Control`s question


Feb 19, 2007
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Hi everyone, i might get a wii next month, and i want to play many games that look pretty cool, but i have a question ....

Can I use the Game cube Controls for all the games? or just a few of them??
Is that control that looks similar to a super nintendo control any good? is it similar to the game cube control??

im wondering this things cuz if i get a wii i will get a SSBB for sure, and i know that for that game i can use the GC's control. but i want to play games like the new Zelda, Metroid, Dragon Ball Z, Mortal Kombat Ar., Naruto and the last WWE with the GC's controls, or at least with the one similar to the SNES.

i Know that the theme of this game is all about the wii remote, but its too expensive to buy 2 more ( at least for me)!
Most games you cannot use the Gamecube controller. I finally was able to get a Wii 2-3 weeks ago and just like most of the reviewers said, you won't want to go back to standard controlls after using the Wiimote and Nunchuk.
I think you can use the gamecube controller for only some games. I'm not sure which ones. I'm still curious if all games work with the classic wii controller before I go buy it. I'm like you, On the WWE and fighting games, I want a controller for those. Four buttons, 2 to 4 on the top.
yeah thats what i want... for metroid i dont care to use the wiimote and the NC, but for WWE i would really like to use a normal control.
the main reason why im buying a wii is cuz of the SSBB, and i know that i can use a GC controller for that game, but i dont want to buy one only for one game...thats my problem..
You'll want to use the Wii-mote and nunchuck for games like Zelda and Metroid. Haven't played any of the other games you mentioned though. I suggest a classic controller, GameCube controllers cost $25-35, classic only $20 and it's basically wireless
and is it nice?? the classic controller that is.... what diferences does it have with the GC controller?
and is it nice?? the classic controller that is.... what diferences does it have with the GC controller?

As far as I know it's just wireless and white lol. I don't plan on buying one since my T.V isn't that far from me and I still have my Gamecube controllers.
The Classic Controller connects to the Wiimote. I got it because it was too hard to play SNES/GEN games with the GC controller. Plus it has a more nostalgic feel.

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