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Creature lives in a woman's ear

Can we move this to the "Kill it with fire" thread as well...because my God...I never want to sleep again
F*************** My ears itch all the time. I'm going to keep believing it's allergies.
It happen in China, yet the article talks about large numbers of spiders and bugs in the US due to the drought, thanks, thanks a lot.
That's ok, I was planning on staying up all night to watch a Batman Beyond marathon anyway.
This is a pretty regular occurrence actually.
I'd have my ear cut off. Or, I'd shoot myself with some kind of narcotic to knock me out.

Or, you know, just die - before having a spider live in my ****ING EAR! :o
its why I am glad i go to sleep with my ear buds in listening to music
A fly once flew into my ear while I was asleep. Thankfully some ear wax removal got him out.
hygiene is vital

you won't find insects nesting anywhere on me imo
This article just reminded me of that scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, where Khan has his henchmen put creatures into both Chekov's & Captain Terrell's ears. YIKES!!! :wow:
Why did I click on the article....I knew it wasn't a good idea...why did I click...
Matt not going like this thread :hehe:

should go back to my spider avatar ;)
I remember hearing about a similar incident where a kid had itching and heard rustling in one of his ears. The doctor got the spider out, and the kid kept it as a pet!
Why nobody in the horror movie genre has started an "Earspiders" franchise is beyond me.
Ears and eyes are the only holes on your body that are constantly open and vulnerable to parasites.
Oh, the article comes with pictures. :csad:
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Those photos sent me over the edge.
Why nobody in the horror movie genre has started an "Earspiders" franchise is beyond me.

Because no one would be able to film it without having major icky feelings. You think Human Centipede is bad...this movie would be banned in every country. People would have bootleg copies and invite friends over to see how long they can watch

...and just when you think its over and you washed the spiders from your ears.....

Doctor:" Mr Hale. You must come down to my office immediately."
Hale:"Why whats wrong?"
Doctor:"The spider we pulled from your ear....it was female...and was pregnant"
Hale:"Was pregnant?"
Doctor:"It laid its eggs in your ear."


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