Crossovers You'd Like to See


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Oct 11, 2010
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Between two universe, two worlds, or more
They can be between two worlds from the same company (i.e Ghost Rider 2099 and Ultimate Blade), or two worlds of different companies

I'd love to see the Punisher in a Judge Dredd world, that place fits him, his laws defines who he's allowed to kill, and that's fine, they're the type of people he doesn't mind offing
Frank and Joseph could be best buds and fellow judges, I don't want to see something as lame as "I don't fit here" or "I miss my world" (even more cause in Marvel Knights v1, Punisher saw himself fit to stay in Nightmare's realm inside of Cloak's dimension) or even "Dredd chasing after Punisher for being an outlaw or killing corrupt judges Joseph Dredd didn't know were corrupt"
All I wouldn't mind to see in dramatizing is for Frank to take a while to adjust and gets used to not having "bleeding hearts" chasing after him
Deadpool and Ambush Bug Go to Vegas
-Buckey O'Hare/ Usagi Yojimbo

- Terminator/ Transformers

- Spawn/Ghost Rider

- Predator/Wolverine

- G.I. JOE/ Aliens

- Hellboy/Ghostbusters
Static and Spiderman

And a huge WWII crossover feat. Sgt. Rock, Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos, The Blackhawks, The Haunted Tank, Captain America, Isaiah Bradley, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and The Invaders
Wonder Woman, and The Invaders
:up:that would be awesome! Shredder man!

I would like to see poison Ivy and Harlequin journey to meet Betty and veronica for of night of debauchery pillow and cat fighting at Riverdale high!
possibly with Bruce making Archie the new robin only to get killed again by principal Weatherbee and the joker! that dude never learns about getting kids to be his robin!hehe
I'd like to see another Marvel vs DC.....without the obviously biased voting for the big fights. The other fights were good but too short.

Justice League vs the Avengers

Moon Knight and Batman

Punisher vs Batman's rogue gallery (Batman somehow out of the picture). We'd get some good stuff out of the Joker and Scarecrow.

Deadpool vs. Batman's rogue gallery...same reasons.

I have this idea for a "movie" where after Doomsday killed Superman Bruce Banner wandered into the town and offered to help clean-up. Doomsday came back to life and fought the Hulk. A teaser ending would have Superman returning. :10-:30 of this sounds like great music for a trailer to this (yes, it was part of the FF4 trailer)
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Batman and Daredevil.
There are two of those

A crossover I'd really love to see now is Spider-Man and the Flash
The villain should be Gorilla Grodd
GI Joe and The Walking Dead. I'm surprised that no one has brought this up. It would be interesting to see how the dynamic changes between the mission of the Joes, and the agenda of Cobra in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Who gets bitten? Who switches sides? How much does military force help or hurt the situation?

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