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Curse You And Your DC Universe!!!

I have read Quiver. That's what got me buying Green Lantern/Black Canary. Not as good, but I've grown to love Green Arrow. And yeah, I've seen how far Catman's come between that and the original Secret Six mini during Infinite Crisis. I'm always a fan of underdogs and so I like him (as he's nowhere near Batman, Green Arrow, etc. level).

Also, while at the shop I saw the cover to the newest Shadowpact and it said something about being the beginning of the end. Is the title ending?

And Also 2 - As I said before, I've become a big fan of Green Lantern. Is there anything post Infinite Crisis that any of the Lanterns (even minor ones) have been in that were good other than Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Ion? I wouldn't mind reading other takes on them.
Catman was in Quiver? When?
I knew Anubis had Catman in his pants.
I haven't read anything from Moonstone yet, but they have a lot of interesting titles. I might have to check out that Mandrake. I haven't heard about the Phantom dispute. I had Lone Ranger on my pull list back in January, but for some reason, it never got shipped after several months, so I just let it go. I've been collecting Zorro since it started, and I'll keep buying it as long as they keep making it.
Moonstone is really a great house, and I've always been very pleased with their output, whether it be Sherlock Holmes stuff (I think they did some of my Holmes comics), Phantom stuff, noir stories, Kolchak, and there's just a lot of great stuff they've done. They've never really found a successful niche like Avatar (the place for Alan Moore and Warren Ellis to do comics they want to do), Boom! (the place for good solid indie comics that isn't Dark Horse), or Dynamite (the place for ****ing yourself out for money and a movie deal with a terrible story), which is weird, because their material would seem to create a niche in and of itself. They do the kind of stuff that a lot of comic fans clamor for--noir done right, revivals of classic properties like Kolchak and the Phantom, etc.
So some cool news for me. I'm switching jobs to a government job... which has better retirement plans than my 401k. I don't have a lot in there and there's no point in just letting it sit idol, so I plan on pulling it out. I'm expecting about $1,500 to play with after the tax rape, so I'll have the money to really catch up on some DC stuff. I won't get it for maybe a month and a half or two from now, but it could be a fun spending trip!
Moonstone is really a great house, and I've always been very pleased with their output, whether it be Sherlock Holmes stuff (I think they did some of my Holmes comics).

They didn't portray Watson as a complete moron, like some of the Movies and TV series... I always hated that. In the actually stories by Doyle Watson even solved on or two
That sounds neat. I think I'll check out the Sherlock Holmes comics.
I just went to Moonstone's website and holy balls, Holmes has to solve a mystery with Dracula and the Invisible Man in his first two arcs. Holmes himself is awesome enough, but the addition of other literary characters makes it all the more interesting. :wow:
Moonstone doesn't have the financial power to make this stuff widely available. Especially when guys like Dynamite are ****ing them on their biggest moneymaker.
Dynamite waved bigger money at King Features, the licensor of The Phantom. Moonstone's license had an option to renew. That was entirely up to Moonstone to renew. It wasn't King's choice. But when renewal time came up, King unilaterally cut the deal and tried to sell to Dynamite. Moonstone made a stink about it, Dynamite decided to back off until the option expired (few years down the road) when they'll take it from there. Dynamite comes out looking like the good guys, when all Moonstone did was defend their property. Fact of the matter is, Dynamite is a cutthroat corporation with no respect for the properties, the characters, the talent, or the readers. Moonstone is a house with integrity that doesn't give up when a bigger house comes after their properties.
Thanks for the suggestions guy. For right now I want to focus on just mainstream stuff. So things like Jonas Hex and the Vertigo Line can maybe come later (though I'm iffy on the Vertigo stuff, as I'm a pretty PG-13 kinda guy).

Now, as someone new coming in... all these shout outs won't do me much good without more info. Titles don't help. So to try to keep things organized, I'll break some things down.

First thing, I'm interested in Batman but this whole R.I.P. thing has me confused. I hear that in order to get it, I need to read all of Morrison's run to understand it. Is this true? Also, is the main story in "Batman" all of it, or do I need to read the tie-ins? The "Detective" tie-in interests me because I did read "Hush" and liked the characters. What's everyone's thoughts on R.I.P. and any essential lead-in's that I may need to read to appreciate it?

Rogue's Revenge and Legion of 3 Worlds interests me because a) they're tie-ins and b) in regard to Lo3W, I like Superboy Prime. However, I know next to nothing about Legion and very little about the going ons of Flash. I know that Wally was lost somewhere and that Bart took over... but I guess Bart died and Wally's back. That's really all I know. Can I read those and get them without reading what's come before?

As for other ongoings... I'm interested in Secret Six, Shadowpact, JLA, and JSA. What's everyone's thoughts on those? Can I just jump into their books or should I go back to a certain point? And I've heard a few recommendations for Manhunter.... what the heck is Manhunter? Is it related to the Manhunters from Green Lantern?

Now... I'm also looking for help immediately post Infinite Crisis. As I said before.... I'll try to get and read "52" first, as it fills the void from Infinite Crisis and One Year Later, but what should I read from One Year Later and Why. Even if it's just an arc or two. Any minis or oneshots that are good? I've read the "Brave New World" oneshot I think it was called and there's some stories in there that interest me. How were their mini's that came out of it (Omac, Creeper, and Uncle Sam specifically)?

If you were to give me a read order starting with "52" what would it be? Anything leading into Final Crisis would also be helpful.

Thanks for your help guys. I appreciate it.

Get action comics starting with the 1st johns arc. The only thing i know about legion is what i read in action comics and the JLA/JSA lightning saga. 3 worlds also ties into the green lantern corps (bad ass last issue) If u read action comics with the legion, the rest is self explanitory (there are blurbs that tell u about every member that shows up)

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