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DC Relaunching Everything?

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Cherry picking continuity defeats the whole purpose of a reboot.However I understand they dont wanna loose the work they have done with Batman and Gl.Ny answerto them is not to rest continuity but fastforward
Seems to have worked for the Green Lantern line, if the sales on those comics since Rebirth have been any indication.

You know, I just thought of this, but do we really need two threads about this? There's that 'how do you feel about the relaunch' thread where people are essentially saying the exact same things. Maybe we should close one or merge them both into an 'Official DC Relaunch' thread or something.
Well, the other one had a poll. I could merge them, but at this point, it'd just jumble everything up since people have been posting in both pretty regularly.
Exactly.This is why I say they should not reset continuity but fastforward it in a way that all most of the younger Gen as replaced the older.
Although I dont find Conner as an interesting Superman-Id rather see Someone else-maybe an actual son of Superman take the mantle
I think Conner is sooooo bland. I prefer Supergirl or Chris Kent.
No, Rebirth and much of the Green Lantern series since has been Johns at his continuity cherry-picking best, and it's sold like the proverbial hotcakes.

I think Conner is sooooo bland. I prefer Supergirl or Chris Kent.
You must not have read anything from before Johns got ahold of him. :o
So, do we know who Batman and Flash are going to be? I'm too lazy to look through all the thread...
I don't think it's been specifically stated yet. But I do think, given the people involved in the reboot, that it's a pretty solid bet that they're Bruce and Barry, respectively.
It's gonna be interesting how Batman Inc is handled. Chris Burnham and Morrison will either finish it as an "elseworld finisher" or will they simply continue? Because the idea was that Batman Incorporated gets back to the "normal" status quo as that was the original idea behind Batman and Robin conclusion but then Morrison came up with a new idea (Inc) and set out to do a 24 issue run on that. Still i'm not worried, but i just wanted to share that Batman was always getting ready to get back to "normal" one way or another.

Also Jim Lee is behind the Hawkman redesign.
I don't think it's been specifically stated yet. But I do think, given the people involved in the reboot, that it's a pretty solid bet that they're Bruce and Barry, respectively.

I like Bruce and Barry so yay.
Wow, I didn't realize it was suppose to be that long.
Inc. was suppose to be 24 issues?

Yeah, always. First 12 issues we're 1-3 issue arcs and then the last 12 issues we're "Batman going thru Hell" as the big finale breaks out, then things we're gonna get back to normal and thats it. Hence it's gonna be interesting if Batman Inc continues for 14 more issues and then goes back to "Normal". :p
I hope Morrison hasnt cut out a lot of stuff. I want this to be the way he planned it, with everything coming together, and to see how he planned to leave the franchise to his successor.

Anyway, the guy always leaves lot of material he can use later on. I mean Two-Face Two was referrenced back in his DC 1 mil (although i doubt he had planned Damianbats at that point), all this Nanda Parbat thing was handled in 52 with Morrison planning his Batman run, etc.

I hope sometime in the future he gives us a Damianbats series tying up loose ends, even if its an elseworld's story (god knows i dont want Dick to die). I'd also love to read a ThomasBats series.
So can someone give me the 411 on the reboot information we have thus far? All I saw was the USA today pic and that Jim Lee and Johns were writing and doing art for Justice League, that all we know so far?
Thanks Mr. Earle.
Also I just read alot of that information and it sounds similar to One Year Later, only possibly done right. My only worry is what will happen with Superman. On the other hand ****ING AQUAMAN! Johns and Reis is really a dream come true. I'm totally stoked.
I think I will continually post in this thread "Its not a reboot"...its a relaunch. Just like Waid's Daredevil series is a relaunch
Most of the characters are getting the GL/Flash:Rebirth treatment, that's all. That's the best way to describe it.
Probably. We've already seen that Aquaman's getting that treatment to some extent, what with his father being human again in Brightest Day for no discernible reason other than "Johns wants it that way."
If they're gonna start cherry picking whats in and whats out, then it kinda is a reboot. A soft reboot. They'll keep some things, and do away with others.

Which will likely cause even more problems, like OYL.
Not that it's "right" or a good thing...but isn't cherry-picking continuity what nearly every writer does nowadays on nearly every arc? I mean, obviously, there's some guys that have a great grasp on continuity (Dan Slott, etc.), but the big names - Johns, Morrison, Bendis...all seem to love picking and choosing as they go.
That's pretty much all Johns does. Bendis simply ignores the continuity. Morrison, Morrison is still going by Silver Age continuity.
Eh, Morrison more seems to go on all continuity at once combined and read while high on acid. But that's not my point; my point is, if it's a reboot because they're picking and choosing, then nearly every single arc is a mini reboot.

I think what DC is doing is going to end up being a whole lot less earth shattering than people think it will be.
Unless DC erases all but the titles characters from every comic, I don't think there's any way it will be remotely as earth-shattering as people are making it out to be.
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