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Deadpool & Wolverine Deadpool & Wolverine News and General Discussion Thread

And hey, if Taylor is in it, this could be the first good movie that she's in. :o


I don't know why you can't link Twitter posts at the moment, but here's a screenshot.

And here's the direct link:

I'm so hyped! I dunno where I'm gonna see the movie yet so I can't buy the tickets now

LOL That last verse, paired with that shameless little animated Deadpool wink at the end. :funny:

And that Deadpoodle is some adorable nightmare fuel :shock

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They are really saving the other characters (especially cameos) for the film. I would love to see promotional pictures for those.
They must really believe in the movie, this is the earliest they have done the sales since like phase 3.
I'm not very familiar with Cassandra but, in the lore, does she have the capacity to do something similar to what Magneto did to Wolverine in Fatal Attraction and extract his adamantium? I always wanted to see that live action after it was teased in the 1st X Men movie.
"Debut" as in opening weekend? If it doesn't cross $200M in its opening weekend, I'll be disappointed.

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