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Do You Like The Way He Acts?!!?!?!?!

Super Flight

Jan 17, 2006
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Don't comment on what was said here anymore, i should have changed this weeks ago! lol, but somehow it got bumped up, comment on my new thoughts where i wasnt half asleep
Yes, I love it, it's very in character to Wolverine.

And the accent wasn't that bad at all, it's barely noticeable in his first line, and that's it.
He's a good actor.

You could not hear the accent.

There's more legit stuff to complain about... like the tint of the car in the backround - it so clashed with the broken, burning walls :rolleyes:

This is a question belonging in either the Wolverine thread, or the Clip thread. Nonsense to make a new one. :down
Comicy? Like Batman do you mean? :down

I think the acting is more energetic than in the previous films, just as it should be.
we already know hes a great Wolverine, one or two lines will not change that.
His accent has slipped out in the previous films as well. Seriously, calm down. If it slips it slips. You may be listening just a bit too closely.

As for what he says...I have no problem with the lines at all. Exactly what I was expecting him to say.
I mean he doesnt sound like he did in 1 and 2, he sounds completely different
well i just woke up, and i'm extremly cranky, and this was the first thing i did was watch this video clip
oh please...be thankful it's not like Natalie Portman's british accent that went in and out throughout the entire duration of "V for Vendetta"..not saying she didn't deliver a good performance....it was just the accent
Yes, I do. He was awesome. Very Wolverine. The lines were hilarious, too.
The Original Bamfer said:
I don't agree with any of your poll choices :confused:

sorry i'm not fully awake at this moment in time nor space, so just pretend this never happend
wow, i think hes fine, after all its ONE FRIGGIN SCENE.....go listen to the trailer again tell me if you hear an accent. come on....lol

just love it for what it is i guess thats all i can say

the only thing i can say that bugs me is the way his claws first come out, they are just a LITTTTTTTLE incy bit too far apart and come out to up on his knuckles too far. (picky)

but its still cool:up: , and i wonder what possibly stupid one liner he might say right after the cclips ended, lol....
No one replied to your shouting posts in the other threads so you actually made a new thread? Christ, we get it!
lol. I thought the acting and the lines were fine. His accent didn't show up to me. The only thing I think the clip needs is a little editing on the FX side. lol
i didn't take your poll..... there weren't any good answers. :p
He does a better job than any of us in here could do.
He did fine in the other 2 movies, I don't see why he'd be different in this one.
I never noticed the accent...I guess some people are just more sensitive.
Theres not one hint of an aussie accent anywhere in that scene. As for "dumb" lines, wolverine is being written a lot closer to the comic book persona, calling colossus tin man and giving other little snarky comments to people is what he does and im happy that the writers put that aspect of the character fully into this

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