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does anyone know of any good sites...


Formally batboy99
Feb 4, 2006
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with screencaps from both Tim burton batman films? im planning on doing a GIF for a what if.. third burton batman film and i need screencaps from both movies
Holy mackerel, Batboy! i think you should start looking on this site -


or respectively -

they have proportionally way more B89 screencaps than for BR, but still i can't think of another site with a rather good amount of screencaps.
thanks, but i was looking for something thats mroe ''frame by frame'' so when i do the gif, it looks likee they are actually movie rather than just a bunch of still images together that dont flow, thanks though
ya i seen that one, but as i said before, i need something frame by frame and not just random screenshots, thanks though El payaso
try taking screenshots while playing the dvd in WMP.
yeah, i think you need to make your own screen grabs, there'll be no sites offering frame to frame captures.
rip the films, and then import them with a filmcutting software, if you happen to have that. thats the most precise way to do it, otherwise, as suggested, make screenshots while playing the movies.
there was one i seen, but i cant find it now :(

i usually find good screencaps from fansites of actors, but there isnt any good micheal keaton fansites, so oh well

oh and wouldnt it take really long to get screenshots while playing the movie? i have to printscreen then paste it onto a blank paint file, then i have to crop it, i dont know if its even worth the time if i do that
damn, the name got me exited :(, but it says no site exists

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