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DTL Season 5-Week 3 (Set 2)

DTL Commish

DTL Commisioner
Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 7 days. Days 1-3 (Friday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

Debates will open to everyone on Day 4 (Monday) once I post that they are open. On Day 6 (Wednesday) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day (Thursday) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Atlantis in the DC universe
Big Boomin' Brawlers
Mr. Majestic (DU)
Nate Gray (MU)
Blade (MR)
Nocturne (MR)
Elijah Snow (DR)


The Deadly Dozen
Loki (The Reigning) (MU)
Vision (eXiles) (MM)
The Ghost (MR)
Darkchylde (Inferno) (MR)
Havok (AOA) (MR)


Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Quasar (MU) - the Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Dr. Fate IV (DU) - is an accomplished sorcerer, able to match most other wizards in the DC Universe, but not as powerful as true extra-human beings such as the Spectre.
Aquaman (DM) - with the ability to breath both above and below the surface of water, super-human strength, speed, agility, stamina, telepathy and the Waterbearer, a magic hand.
Beast (MR) - superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and speed, despite his bulk.
Mr. Terrific II (DR) - genius level intellect, is an Olympic level athlete and has black belts in six martial arts disciplines. Carries equipment with a variety of applications, such as creating holographic images.


Dr. Strange (gaian aura) (MU) -- Can control the elements and has various sorcerer abilities.
Starhawk (original) (MU) -- Super strength, super speed, energy blasts, manipulates energy, can create light constructs, and a form of cosmic awareness.
Spirit of Vengeance (GOTG) (MM) -- Super strength, hellfire, spikes that shoot out of him, and a big spacebike.
Inertia (MR) -- Manipulates kinetic energy.
Magik 2 (MR) -- Teleportation, spellcaster, and wields the Soulsword.


“Knowledge is power.”

Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) – (MU):
Continuity: 616
Powers and skills: Possesses the Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on including force fields, giant weapons, and a suit of protective armor (his quantum armor). He can also fly and can use the bands to teleport by creating portals into the quantum zone, the source of the quantum bands power. His Quantum Bands also guard his mind against psychic control. While in possession of the Quantum Bands Quasar can fly at faster then light speed. Has had basic espionage training through S.H.I.E.L.D. and has had extensive hand-to-hand combat training through both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America.
Resources: None.

Doctor Fate (Hector Hall) – (DU):
Continuity: Pre-Infinite Crisis New Earth
Powers and skills: As Dr. Fate, Hector possessed a wide variety of powers. In general, he could fly, was resistant to damage, and had greater-than-human strength. He was susceptible to toxins in the air, however. At his most potent, Fate is an accomplished sorcerer, able to match most other wizards in the DC Universe, but not as powerful as true extra-human beings such as the Spectre. Fate has been observed throwing bolts of mysical energy, crafting solid objects out of energy a la Green Lantern, and transforming objects into other kinds of matter. The full limits of his magical skills are unknown.
Resources: The books and files stored within the Tower of Fate.

Aquaman (Orin/Arthur Curry) – (DM):
Continuity: Pre-Infinite Crisis New Earth
Powers and skills: Biologically typical Atlantian with the ability to breath both above and below the surface of water, super-human strength, speed, agility, stamina and keen eyesight adapted to the pressure and darkness of deep water depths.
Mutation resulting in the ability of limited telepathy with surface beings and enhanced telepathy with aquatic beings.
Resources: JLA files.

Beast (Henry “Hank” McCoy) – (MR):
Continuity: 616
Powers and skills: The Beast possesses superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and speed, despite his bulk. The Beast possesses enhanced senses, the ability to secrete pheromones to attract members of the opposite sex, as well as a slight healing factor that allows him to regenerate minor wounds and recover quickly from minor ailments such as colds. The Beast also possesses cat-like night vision as well as razor-sharp claws on his hands and feet. Hank is considered one of the world's experts on mutations and evolutionary human biology. He has extensive knowledge of genetics, biochemistry, and a variety of other scientific fields.
Resources: X-Men files.

Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt) – (DR):
Continuity: Post-Infinite Crisis New Earth
Powers and skills: Normal human being with genius level intellect, is an Olympic level athlete and has black belts in six martial arts disciplines. He possesses 14 Ph. D’s and is primarily specialized in multiple fields of medicine, engineering and science. His equipment (his mask and t-spheres) render him invisible to all forms of electronic detection. His t-spheres are capable of projecting holographic images, create laser grids, serve as cameras, link with outside data networks, allowing him to fly by bearing his weight, self-destruct, generate powerful electrical charges, and strike as flying projectile weapons. They are controlled mentally.
Resources: JSA and Checkmate files.

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”

Aquaman will be sitting on his throne as the others appear in Atlantis. Poseidonis brings back ugly memories. The betrayals, the invasions, and most importantly, all of the for Aquaman recent deaths. There’s nothing but tragedy here for him, and that’s going to make him angry.

It makes for a gruff reintroduction with Beast, Mr. Terrific, Quasar and Dr. Fate. Each of the characters is familiar with what the DTL entails, and they have all worked with each other in some fashion. There are no surprises on that front anymore. Aquaman naturally takes command.

Images and descriptions of their opponents are shown thanks to the t-spheres holographic projections. Beast and Quasar are quite familiar with Dr. Strange, although not with the Gaian thing. Beast knows Starhawk from his Avengering days and will know all about the new Magik. The only unknown is Inertia, but her description is pretty cut and dry.

With access to Poseidonis’ arsenal, the team is outfitted with breathing apparatuses, should they require them. This mostly concerns Beast, as the others are all capable of finding a way to breathe underwater. There is armour and weapons, but these guys aren’t really into the whole medieval fighting thing. A few blasters might come in handy, so they’ll be sure to pack those at least.

Aquaman, naturally, is going to break out the sword and crown.

“I'll tell you the ultimate secret of magic. Any **** could do it.”

By the time of the fight, Aquaman’s righteous anger will have made way for tactical and strategic thinking. As the expert on the location, he can arrange ambushes and traps. He already has a few installed, which were able to take down Obsidian when he tried to travel beneath the city in Aquaman #16. Put that in the hands of Mr. Terrific and Beast and you’ve got trouble on your hands.

Who’s team will have prepared as well, but as purely Marvel characters, will be quite unfamiliar with this Atlantis, and certainly unaware of its capabilities. They’ll group together to avoid an ambush, although I could see the Spirit of Vengeance going off on his own. Eventually though, they’re going to have to split up. My team will be extremely patient in waiting on the other team to disperse, making sure Dr. Fate cloaks his allies properly. Basically, the only way Doc Strange would detect them is by standing right in front of them and using the Eye of Agamotto. After all, Fate and Strange are pretty equal in power.

Now, Magik and Inertia have shown a tendency to team up, so they’ll split off eventually to further the search. Dr. Strange will probably try to seek out Fate, leaving behind Starhawk and the Spirit of Vengeance. First on the agenda would be keeping the ubers busy while the regulars are taken care of.

So, Dr. Fate drops the glamour and engages Dr. Strange while Aquaman, Beast and Mr. Terrific ambush Magik and Inertia. Quasar will be engaging Starhawk and the Spirit of Vengeance, using all of his power to go on the defensive.

Aquaman, Beast and Mr. Terrific vs. Magik and Inertia
There’s no reason Aquaman shouldn’t be able to telepathically take out Magik as soon as the battle starts. As a teleporter, she’s one of the most dangerous opponents. Aquaman isn’t going to hesitate to take her down. A quick psi-blast, and she’s down for the count. After all, there is really no feasible manner in which she can defend herself from a telepath of Aquaman’s calibre.

This leaves Aquaman open to attack from Inertia, who’ll freeze him in his place. Of course, Aquaman has Beast and Mr. Terrific to aid him. Inertia’s only a normal human, and she can’t stand against Beast’s agility, Mr. Terrific’s t-spheres and keep in Aquaman in place all at the same time. An unseen t-sphere will probably do her in, knocking her out.

With that battle over and done with, the team can focus on the ubers. Aquaman will be helping Dr. Fate fight Dr. Strange, as his magic hand is particularly useful there. Beast and Mr. Terrific will go to Quasar’s aid, who by now is struggling against the combined force of Starhawk and the Spirit of Vengeance.

Dr. Fate and Aquaman vs Dr. Strange
These guys are slinging spells at each other, none really getting the advantage. Dr. Strange’s experience edges out Fate’s though, so it’s only a matter of time before that becomes a factor. Which is why Aquaman comes in so handy.

It’s always really tough to determine who wins a mage match and how he or she does it. I would wager that it’s going to be about keeping Dr. Strange busy, while Aquaman uses his hand to dispel the magic and then deliver a crushing blow. If this can’t be facilitated in the open air area, he can either have that fill up with water, or guide Fate towards the water. Either way, it’s all determined by knock-out.

A match that isn’t going as swimmingly (excuse the pun):
Quasar, Mr. Terrific and Beast vs. Starhawk and the Spirit of Vengeance
Mr. Terrific and Beast can’t really stand up to the Spirit of Vengeance, but they can keep him busy for a few moments. The moments Quasar will need to deal with his future son, Starhawk. I can see Starhawk having some trouble in fighting his father, something he could also turn into his advantage, but I think he’d be hesitant to reveal the future to Quasar.

I have to admit I don’t know a lot about Starhawk, but I don’t see him matching up well against Quasar. Quasar is the top energy manipulator in the Marvel universe, with the possible exception of the Silver Surfer. Anything thrown at Quasar will be absorbed and redirected. Combine this with the psychological trouble of fighting his own father, and Starhawk is going down. A large enough emission of power should be enough.

That leaves the fight against the Spirit of Vengeance. He’s a tough cookie to fight, and by the time Quasar is finished with Starhawk, Beast and Mr. Terrific are lying unconscious on the floor.

Quasar engages the Spirit, alongside his allies Dr. Fate and Aquaman:
Quasar, Dr. Fate and Aquaman vs. the Spirit of Vengeance
The Spirit is a magic being. Now he has Aquaman and Dr. Fate standing against him. That’s not a battle he can win. Aquaman could dispel his magic and have Quasar knock him out. Dr. Fate could remove him from the battlefield or sling various powerful spells at him. The Spirit of Vengeance falls a few minutes into the battle.

The Deadly Dozen
Loki (The Reigning) [MU] -- super-human strength/durability, sorcery
Vision (eXiles) [MM] -- super-human strength/durability, density control, energy beams
The Ghost [MR] -- invisibility, intangibility, assorted weaponry
Darkchylde (Inferno) [MR] -- teleportational portals, minor sorcery
Havok (Age of Apocalypse) [MR] -- plasma blasts

The above info is the summary provided to the opposing team.
For more info, see these links:Loki(1),Loki(2),Vision,Darkchylde(1),Darkchylde(2), Ghost, Havok (AoA)
Notes: Loki (The Reigning) has Dr. Strange's artifacts, Darkchylde is the demonic version of Magik, Havok (AoA) is evil, Vision (eXiles) was a member of the ruthless Weapon X team

One key point before I get going (I'll post some less essential points after):

I'm upgrading Darkchylde from regular to uber for the start of the battle

As we've agreed in the discussion thread, Magik/Darkchylde is a regular outside of her "home dimension" of Limbo (not to be confused with the various other Limbos in comics), but she's an uber within Limbo. This is because she can only use minor sorcery outside Limbo (in addition to her teleportation power), but within Limbo she's the Sorceress Supreme -- an uber level mage whose feats include imprisoning the Enchantress (herself a powerful sorceress).

According to DTL rules, since I started the match with only one uber, I'm allowed to upgrade one reg to uber during the match. I just reviewed this rule in the last couple days over in the discussion thread, so no one can accuse me of trying to take advantage of the fact that Kaboom is new and might be unfamiliar with the rules.

~ Loki and Darkchylde vs. Nate Grey ~
As noted in the above profiles, Loki's magic allows him to influence and control people's thoughts in a way that resembles telepathy -- and he can even cross dimensions with this ability. So to start the battle he mentally attacks Nate Grey from Limbo, where Darkchylde can use her full magical might to amplify his efforts, and where my team hopes Nate may be unable to counterattack against them.

But my team has underestimated Nate. He deflects this initial mental assualt, tracks it to its source, and taps into his own dimension-crossing abilities to materialize in Limbo -- where he can directly bring both his telepathic and telekinetic might to bear against his opponents. My team is somewhat caught off guard by Nate's dimension hopping, but he is likewise surprised to find himself facing not one but two uber mages. Recovering quickly, Loki and Darkchylde bombard Nate with complex illusions that disrupt the concentration he needs to effectively use his psionic powers. Loki is literally a God of deception and trickery -- illusions are his bread and butter. Adding Darkchylde to the mix makes the effect all the more overwhelming.

As Nate struggles to block out the illusions and target the mages with his telepathy, Darkchylde summons up her "stepping disc" portals. She and Loki slip from one portal to the next, narrowly avoiding Nate's psi-blasts and TK blows, while maintaining their assault.

Next Darkchylde exploits the unusual nature of time within Limbo (essentially it's outside linear time, so that you may come face-to-face with your past or future self) -- and the fact that her discs transport through time as well as space -- to turn Nate's own attacks against him. Nate finds himself psi-blasting his own self of one second removed. This strategy proves far more effective than Darkchylde dares hope, as the psychic backlash from two essentially identical Nates (even thinking the same thoughts shifted by a second) creates a feedback effect that leaves Nate stunned (similar to what happened when he faced Cable, only even more intense because of the added similarity).

Sensing Nate's disorientation, my mages go for the kill -- bombarding him with simultaneous blasts of mystical energy until at last Nate falls.

~ Loki and Vision vs. Mr. Majestic ~
Loki and Darkchylde return to the battlefield a fraction of a second after they left it. (Again -- time flows at its own rate in Limbo. The first time Magik went there she aged years in what was a second of time on the outside. And anyway, Darkchylde can control her temporal destination.)

Now back at regular-level power, Darkchylde goes to assist the other regs, while Loki deals with Mr. Majestic. Only Loki being Loki, he’d rather eschew direct confrontation in favor of trickery and deception. Accordingly, he renders himself invisible, and then fills the dome of Poseidonis with a thousand illusory Visions – visions of the Vision, so to speak. All of which charge straight for Mr. Majestic.

Majestic is smart enough to realize that they’re illusions – or at least, all but
one must be. But he can’t afford to let that one hit him. Not when he doesn’t know if Vision’s maximum density is enough to damage him. (Majestic would have the info that Vision increases density, but he wouldn’t know exactly what his maximum is.) Using his super-speed, he flies between them, dodging their attacks while blasting at them with laser vision or striking them with super strong punches. Of course, the blows just pass right through, but whether that means he’s struck an illusion, or the intangible real thing, who can say?

Realizing this is a hopeless stalemate, Majestic switches tactics. The dome that keeps the upper levels of the city dry also conveniently limits the size of the battlefield. Starting at the top of the dome, he zooms through the air in expanding circles, covering every inch of airspace faster than anyone else on either team can hope to react. Sure enough, within nanoseconds, he slams into a forcefield that protects the invisible Loki. Take out the mage, Majestros realizes, and the illusions will follow. He batters away at Loki’s defenses, and it’s all the God can do to transmit a single telepathic thought: “Now!”

A carefully laid plan springs into action, as a portal springs open above Majestic’s head. Since the morning of the day of prep-time, the true Vision – in his maximum density state – had been far above the Earth’s atmosphere, falling between two portals. Every time he hit the lower one, he had been teleported back to the upper, and on each pass he gained speed, without even air resistance to limit it. Now this massively dense, massively fast projectile slams into Majestic from point blank range – faster than even he can react. The Kherubim Warlord falls, and a blast from Loki makes certain he stays down.

[Note: Vision falling at maximum density from high above was enough to beat Count Nefaria – a better-than-Thor level brick. This is Vision accelerating for a far longer period of time, and without air resistance to limit his eventual velocity. It’s definitely overkill, but my team had no idea how durable Majestic was, so overkill made since. As for how they knew to target Majestic – as opposed to, say, Blade, whose description also lists enhanced strength, etc. – well, they didn’t. They just decided to go after whoever tried to attack Loki, knowing this would probably be their most
powerful foe.]

~ Regulars vs. Regulars ~
Knowing from the descriptions provided that their opponents have powers that lend themselves to hand to hand combat (Blade’s strength, Nocturne’s agility), not to mention the fact that Nocturne can possess people, my team opts to try and take them out from afar. During prep-time Ghost cobbled together some radio-headsets from his various tech. Now he scouts the area invisibly, while Havok and Darkchylde stay out of sight (they
don’t even need to be on the battlefield, as long as they have a small portal open to receive Ghost’s transmissions.)

Spotting the opposing regs in the un-submerged portion of the city, Ghost relays their coordinates. Instantly, a portal snaps open above them – courtesy of Darkchylde – and a barrage of Havok's plasma bursts rain down upon them, powerful enough to incinerate them all.

But the opposing team reacts just as fast – Blade’s ability to sense the supernatural warned him of Darkchylde’s portal a second before it appeared. (As I understand it, summoning them is her mutant power, but the portals themselves come from Limbo, and are thus inherently magical.) He shouts a warning as he dives to one side – the agile Nocturne leaps out of the way – and Elijah Snow dives directly into the nearby water, creating a shield of ice above him as he swims to safety.

This team has made preparations of their own – they had been linked telepathically by Nate, but as a backup in case he went down, they have their own communication devices – constructed telekinetically by Nate based on Majestic’s instructions. Now Elijah relays coded instructions to split up so as to make themselves more difficult to track, and to initiate a plan of their own.

~ Havok vs. Nocturne ~
After further searching, Ghost spots Nocturne hiding near the base of a tall building, and relays the coordinates. This time, Darkchylde ports Havok directly to his target to insure he won’t miss, and he releases an omni-directional plasma blast which no amount of agility will allow Nocturne to dodge. But all he hits is a highly-realistic decoy – again, telekinetically constructed by Nate during prep. Before he realizes his mistake, Nocturne drops from the shadows beneath an overhanging ledge, and falls directly
into his body.
Havok is now hers to control.

~ Vision vs. Havok (possessed) ~
Wielding Havok’s power comes easily to Nocturne, since she has blasts of her own. Hastily, she blasts open a door and climbs the interior stairs to the top of a tall tower. Through Havok’s communicator, she shouts a message – “Help, they have me cornered!” – and flings herself out the highest window of the building. I hope this works, she thinks.

Sure enough, Vision catches her on the way down, and carries her to the ground. “Are you alright?” he asks. In reply, Nocturne’s plasma burst reduces him to slag. (Vision of course had to be tangible to catch the falling mutant.)

~ Darkchylde vs. Blade ~
Meanwhile, Blade’s sense for the supernatural has led him to Darkchylde. He leaps for her, sword in hand, but she ports behind him. “You like swords?” she says. “Try this one!” Her magic-disrupting Soul Sword slashes straight through Blade’s chest, leaving him . . . utterly unharmed.

“Um, I take it you’re not a magical vampire?” she asks. (Indeed, Blade is only slightly magical – his mother was killed by a vampire while giving birth to him, but most of his powers come from the scientifically created vampire, Morbius.)

“If it helps, demon,” Blade snaps, his own sword lopping off Darkchylde’s head, “I do have a bit of a headache.”

Darkchylde’s headless corpse doesn’t dignify that with a response. “I did say if it helps,” Blade adds. And then, “Huh?”

~ Ghost vs. Blade ~
That last syllable is the sound Blade makes when Ghost appears in front of him, hand still extended from sticking a bomb to Blade’s chest. I’ll spare you from knowing the sound he makes when said bomb reduces him to Extra-Chunky Daywalker Ragu. (And that beautiful image was for X’s vote.)

Ghost, having just switched from invisible to intangible, is of course
unharmed by the explosion.

~ Ghost vs. Elijah Snow ~
As the blast fades, Ghost restores his invisibility. Now to track down – he starts to think, before toppling to the ground and shattering into a million shards of ice, courtesy of the very man he was trying to track down. Elijah Snow arrived too late to save Blade, but not too late to avenge him.

~ Loki vs. Nocturne and Elijah Snow ~

Elijah meets up with Nocturne, who’s still wearing Havok’s body. “Looks like now we just need to find a way to beat Loki,” Snow says.

“Yeah, but I have bad news,” Nocturne answers.

“What’s that?” asks Snow.

“Loki wins.” And as a plasma blast reduces Snow to ash, those words come true.

[Note: Loki met up with Nocturne after she beat Vision, and hypnotized her. So it was Loki controlling Nocturne controlling Havok. I had that happen off-camera to preserve the suspense.]

Deadly Dozen win
Alrighty oh.


Dr. Strange will be the leader once again in this game of love. Looking at the team they are facing Dr. Strange will see that they have a mage. Now he has had experience with mages in the previous rounds and knows the quicker the ubers beat their opponents the better. So he has Magik give him the Soulsword. Magik has given the sword to Nightcrawler before so she should have no problem handing it over to Dr. Strange.

Wouldn't Magik be useless now that she doesn't have the Soulsword?

Nah, without the sword she can still teleport and and use her magic.


We go about the usual casting a cloaking spell along with an illusion spell and a protection spell around my team. Strange then gets familar with the Soulsword and then lets the team know who they are facing and what the plan will be. You might say "Strange doesn't use swords, you fool." but he actually has forged a sword and armor in order to combat his two creations(Strange and Vincent) and Solome.


One thing both Starhawk and Strange know is that Quasar is weak and is unable to absorb/manipulate certain kinds of energy. Most notably magic. This is something Wendell himself has admitted to. Gru himself had this to say about his magic weakness.

Gruenwald: Magic. He cannot absorb it, he cannot resist it. Magic can bind him, magicians can even take over his mind. A bolt of magic will penetrate his force field. However, an enchanted physical object will only be as strong as the object itself would otherwise be: while his forcefield could resist an adamantium blade, the Black Knight's magical ebony blade would be able to slice through Quasar's best quantum shield like tissue.

I don't think I have to tell you that Dr. Strange will want to take advantage of this.


There is a reason I picked orginal Starhawk. That reason is he actually had a form of cosmic awareness that was arguably better then Genis's.


The team sits back as Dr. Strange and Starhawk search for the other team. Dr. Strange uses the eye of Agamotto and Starhawk uses his cosmic awarness. Now, one person on the other that will stick out like a sore thumb to someone with CA is the guy radiating with q-energy.

Once my team has found their team it is time to get busy. Amanda and Strange teleport them to engage their enemies.

Dr. Strange vs. Quasar

Dr. Strange quickly unleashes a magical blast at a suprised Quasar. Wendell quickly counters with an energy blast. There energy clashes which literally shakes Atlantis. As Quasar continues to match Dr. Strange's blast three energy balls fly from Dr. Strange hitting Quasar dead-on. This stuns Quasar but he still manages to look over and see Dr. Strange standing there and quickly unleashes a barrage of constructs and energy blasts which to Quasar's surprise pass right through him. Quasar realizes that it was an illusion but unfortunetly for Quasar that revelation comes a moment to late as Dr. Strange has teleported right behind him. Dr. Strange unleashes a massive magical attack that rips right through Quasar's shields and hit his all to human body. Quasar falls and does not get back up.

Starhawk vs. Dr. Fate (hector)

Starhawk and Dr. Fate clash in a powerful display of power that leaves many in complete awe. Starhawk using his superior speed and potent energy projection matches Dr. Fates powerful magicks. For a brief while neither seems able to overcome the other until Fate manages to nail Starhawk sending Starhawk crashing to the ground but before Fate can enjoy his victory Dr. Strange appears right behind him wielding the Soulsword. Strange quickly negates Fates shields with the Soulsword. Fate quickly attacks Strange but Strange matches him. The sorcerers clash leaving Fate to occupied to realize that Starhawk was not defeated and is already prepared to attack. Strange and Starhawk quickly overcome Fate.

Spirit of Vengeance vs. Aquaman and Beast

SoV is teleported right to Aquaman's location. Riding his hellbike he rams directly into Aquaman. Literally impaling him(giving him a nice little taste of hellfire to boot) on his bike. SoV jumps off his bike leaving it to ram Aquaman straight through several buildings. Beast quickly engages him. Using his agility he manages to land several blows before SoV manages to grab him with lightning fast reflexes and slams him into the ground. Beast manages to kick away from SoV only to find hellfire being blasted at him. Beast manages to dodge the first blast but is nicked by the second. Despite it barely touching him he can feel the hellfire throughout his body and even his soul. Beast stumbles onto the ground and before he can regain his senses SoV lands a knockout punch. At this time a very mangry Aquaman emerges and engages SoV. These two beasts blows shake the surrounding buildings. The SoV's spikes tear through Aquamans flesh as Aquaman's blows rock the SoV. This will not a be a quick battle.

Magik 2 and Inertia vs. Mister Terrific

Before MT can join the fight he spots the two women that are near the fight. He sends a sphere directly at one of them and watches as flies right through one of the girls. He thinks to himself "Just as I thought an illusion". The women are surprised to say the least. Magik sends a blast directly at MT only to watch as it passes right through him. The women are surprised and unfortunetly have given away their position. A sphere spray's them with gas. They hold their breadth and dodge the gas. As Magik moves out of the way she is struck be surprise. MT lands several blows sending her down to the ground barely concsious. Inertia hearing her ally in danger throws out a wave of kinetic energy that manages to knock MT away from Magik. MT quickly sends a sphere flying at Inertia but Inertia hits it before it can reach her destroying it. He quickly sends several other spheres at her. Using the spheres as a distraction he moves up close to take her out. Inertia was to busy dealing with the spheres to notice that he has closed the gap between them and is upon her. As he is about to land a blow on Inertia he is suddenly struck from behind by a magical blast. Magik still laying down was abble to regain her composure to unleash a spell. Inertia quickly spins around and nails MT right in the chest area sending him flying with shattered ribs. MT has been defeated.

SoV vs. Aquaman

These two are still clashing. Both have been mangled but Aquaman's durability and SoV's durability and regen. have kept both up much longer then you would imagine. Aquaman lands a blow that rips right through the SoV. SoV quickly uses this to his advantage by hitting him with the penance stare. Aquaman reels from it but manages to land a blow that sends the SoV flying. As the SoV struggles to his feet he notices Aquaman once again coming at him but before they can once again clash Aquaman has fire burst all around him. Dr. Strange and Starhawk have arrived. Starhawk quickly blasts Aquaman. My team has won. And no sexual comments were made. X must be so ashamed of me.:csad:
Ah, yes, cosmic awareness. It doesn't really matter much in the grand scheme of things, as Quasar will be attacking him moments into the fight. Some general points, considering you have a pretty good strategy:
- Quasar isn't "weak". He knows his weakness to magic and will be certain to avoid Doc Strange.
- Inertia destroying t-spheres? Unlikely. She has human strength.
- Aquaman's magic hand should help against SoV's attacks, giving him the edge.

Otherwise, your team comes off rather ruthless, but that could just be me.
Eh, CA has worked great in the past for more then one character.

Quasar has to actually find him first.

Dr. Strange can teleport much faster then Quasar can.

Inertia is using kinetic energy to destroy them.

As far as ruthless.

Dr. Strange has been shown to be more then a little ruthless when he needed to. Even during the whole gaian aura thing he hacked limbs off of Solome and attempted to kill his two creations.

Starhawk has always been cold and calculating. Willing to sacrifice just about anything to accomplish his goals. He has killed before.

SoV was very ruthless killing many but he also showed he could work on a team. In fact his main attack was impaling his enemies using his bike.

Inertia nearly beat Power Princess to death.

Magik was shown in the first issue of her mini gutting a demon.
Quasar has to actually find him first.
Poseidonis isn't that big, and my team has the advantage of knowing the location intimately.

Dr. Strange can teleport much faster then Quasar can.
With no real benefit. Fate will be confronting Strange immediately.

Magik was shown in the first issue of her mini gutting a demon.
Superheroes never have problems killing demons.

But I see your point on the ruthlessness part.
Some additional comments on my own writeup (can't comment on Kaboom's since he hasn't posted his yet.)

- The details of the Nate vs Mages fight may be debateable (psychic feedback, etc.), but the main point is that even as powerful as Nate Grey is, he's still at a disadvantage against two uber mages such as I have. And because of their interdimensional teleportation and cross-dimensional attacks, it's easy for them to engage Nate 2-on-1. I.e., he's the only one who can fight them from one dimension to the next.

- Likewise, Majestic doesn't match up well against even one mage, since for one thing he really has no way to neutralize magical illusions. At the least they can keep him occupied until they eventually find an attack that will stop him -- as I did with Vision. I was being generous by having Loki be somewhere on the battlefield for Majestic to find, rather than projecting illusions from further away.

- In terms of the regulars, I think my team has an overall advantage. All of Kaboom's regs have relatively short-range attacks. Blade is a hand-to-hand fighter who at most will throw daggers and such. Nocturne's most dangerous attack -- her possesion -- requires her to be close enough to literally leap into my character's body. Her so-called "hex bolts" aren't like Scarlet Witch's -- they're really just energy blasts, and no where near as powerful as Havok's plasma blasts (which have leveled buildings, taken down whole teams of X-Men, harmed high-durability ubers, etc.) Elijah Snow's temperature manipulation is also localized in his vacinity from what I'm told.

Meanwhile my team can literally strike at them from another dimension. Darkchylde can open portals for Havok's blasts, and those blasts can easily fell any of Kaboom's regs. All my team needs to know is where to strike. And we can have Ghost invisibly scout the location of the opposing team, or just have Darkchylde or Loki find them by magical means (e.g., scrying spells).

I allowed my team to get lured into some close-up fights in order to make the writeup more dramatic, but if I wanted to be cheaper I could just keep chucking plasma blasts through portals until I nailed them all.

- Someone's bound to notice that I went with all Marvels. I did this because I liked how those particular characters' powers could work together, and I liked how those abilities matched up against Kaboom's team. Sure, they won't know Mr. Majestic or Elijah Snow. But I don't think it's that big a problem, because really his team won't know mine any better. Have
any of his characters met Loki or Ghost? Not that I know of. Nate Grey and Havok are both from the AoA, but I can't remember them meeting. And if they have, it only benefits me anyway, since Havok's powers are so straight forward that there really isn't anything for Kaboom's guys to learn beyond the already provided description: "plasma blasts". But anyway, I'm pretty sure Nate's only met 616 Havok (i.e., mainstream Marvel Universe) --
and likewise Nocturne (from an alternate X-Men future) would at most know that version. Which is actually a disadvantage because 616 Havok is far less ruthless and holds back significantly against all but the strongest opponents -- knowing him will only make them underestimate my version. Inferno was also way before Nocturne's time, so she'll at most have only basic knowledge of Darkchylde.

Anyway, I deliberately had my team misjudge their opponents several times within my writeup, to show that they don't know them that well. And I think I've demonstrated that my team could overcome these mistakes due to an overall edge in power and the fact that Kaboom's team doesn't have good answers for a lot of my teams powers (illusions, dimension hopping, teleportation, intangibility, long-range energy blasts, etc.)

Here are some of the specifc ways I acknowleged my team's lack of info in my writeup:
- My team not knowing Nate could cross dimensions (although this worked out for us, because Nate didn't know how powerful Darkchylde was in her Limbo dimension)
- Not knowing how powerful Majestic was (we compensated for this intelligently by erring on the side of being as viscious as possible)
- Underestimating the ingenuity of the opposing team (specifically, the use decoys.)
- Underestimating Nocturne's stealth This and the previous one doomed Havok
- Mistaking Blade for a fully-magical being This doomed Darkchylde

- Oh, and for anyone who's going to complain that Elijah Snow got punk'd too easily by the controlled-Nocturne, I had Vision get punk'd just as bad. Worse, actually, because Havok is capable of beating Snow head-to-head, whereas Nocturne would never beat Vision if he didn't fall for her trick.
Poseidonis isn't that big, and my team has the advantage of knowing the location intimately.

True but I have my team staying together until they locate yours. If you have Fate and Quasar engaging my team right at the start they will be at a slight numbers disadvantage. Unless you teleport the entire team then it will turn into a chaotic brawl which won't actually help either side really.

With no real benefit. Fate will be confronting Strange immediately.

And Starhawk will be confronting Fate. Keep in mind Starhawk is the fastest member on either of our teams. While Quasar isn't exactly slow we know it would take Quasar about 4 years to fly from Uranus to Earth without teleporting.

From what it seems our ubers will be getting in a rather big brawl with each other which would give my ubers an advantage. If Strange even hit Quasar with a stray magical blast it would hurt him and possibly give Starhawk the advantage.
And I could see Fate replying to that with a teleportation spell to bring Starhawk to Quasar. As for a stray magical attack hitting Quasar? Unlikely, since Fate would be sure to take the fight away from Starhawk and Quasar's fight.

As for that immediate confrontation, it is most likely your regulars and mediums would then try and find my meds and regulars, since they can't really effect the uber battles, since they'll be in the air. Obviously, Magik is an exception, but she already gave the Soulsword to Doc Strange in your write-up, so she'd be useless fighting Fate.
Hey, Kaboom!
If you get a chance, you should still post a writeup. No one will mind that it's after the deadline (mine was a little late too). Even if it's just a paragraph, at least it forces people to read mine and compare instead of just saying "I vote for the guy who wrote something."

I'd appreciate it if people read mine regardless, so that I can still get feedback.
And I could see Fate replying to that with a teleportation spell to bring Starhawk to Quasar.

Which would work just fine with Dr. Strange teleporting to Quasars location.:yay:

As for a stray magical attack hitting Quasar? Unlikely, since Fate would be sure to take the fight away from Starhawk and Quasar's fight.

I have my doubts. We both seem to agree that Strange has the experience edge. On top of that he has the Soulsword. Fate moving the fight anywhere would be very hard.

As for that immediate confrontation, it is most likely your regulars and mediums would then try and find my meds and regulars, since they can't really effect the uber battles, since they'll be in the air.

I suspect the Spirit of Vengeance could effect Quasar or Fate quite a bit. On top of that Inertia could harm Quasar with kinetic energy, which is another form of energy he has a problem with.:yay:
Hey, Kaboom!
If you get a chance, you should still post a writeup. No one will mind that it's after the deadline (mine was a little late too). Even if it's just a paragraph, at least it forces people to read mine and compare instead of just saying "I vote for the guy who wrote something."

I'd appreciate it if people read mine regardless, so that I can still get feedback.

I don't think I'm going to DTL anymore because after the first two weeks I find it rather absurd and pointless. IN any event heres my writeup for week 3:

The battles is in Atlantis--underwater. Nate Grey uses his Telekenisis to create a air bubble around his team so they can breathe. Elijah Snow and and Majestic freeze the water around your team solidfying you in ice.

Boom wins.

going to different dimensions means you leave the field of battle. How can that be fair in an underwater tournament?

Don't bother debating, I won't respond.
Well, I'll respond for the benefit of other people. The standard DTL rule is you can leave the field of battle, you just can't leave it abandoned. I.e., if you have no conscious characters left on the battlefield, then you've lost -- but if you want to have some of your characters take their fight into space, or port into other dimensions or what have you, that's still allowed. Likewise, if someone ports you away but you have the power to return, you have the opportunity to do so -- you aren't instantly disqualified for leaving the field of play.

Oh, and the battlefield is in a domed underwater city which contains air. Portions of the city are for air-breathers, and portions are for water-breathers, as I understand it.
Anyway, I'd say "I'm sorry to see you go," but honestly, I don't really care. If you don't want to do it, that's fine. I don't know what the hell you thought you were getting into, but obviously this wasn't it.

It's kind of dickish to call what we do for fun "absurd and pointless" (how is it more so than any other hobby/pastime?), but whatever.

Anyway, if you change your mind, post something here by tonight or so. Otherwise, I'm going to go ahead and mark your team ownerless. Corp can finally get Spartan/Hadrian/whoever back. :up:
Wouldnt Strange (Gaian Aura) (already a powerful version of Strange) be classed as tuber if he is given a sword which is capable of disabling magical shields which his own magic is not?
Wouldnt Strange (Gaian Aura) (already a powerful version of Strange) be classed as tuber if he is given a sword which is capable of disabling magical shields which his own magic is not?

I don't really think so. It doesn't give him an added boost in stats nor does it aid him against non-magic foes.
Which would work just fine with Dr. Strange teleporting to Quasars location.:yay:
I can see a big old teleporting mess then.

I have my doubts. We both seem to agree that Strange has the experience edge. On top of that he has the Soulsword. Fate moving the fight anywhere would be very hard.
Usually, power will trump skill for the first part of the battle. Fate will be tapping into larger reservoirs of power to overpower Strange, who usually holds back in the beginning.

I suspect the Spirit of Vengeance could effect Quasar or Fate quite a bit. On top of that Inertia could harm Quasar with kinetic energy, which is another form of energy he has a problem with.:yay:
SoV would have to find a way into the air. Inertia would still have to get a lock on Quasar. It's still more logical for them to go after my regs/meds.
The Deadly Dozen

Kaboom quit. Nice strategy and writing XFanTim.
The Deadly Dozen - for obvious reasons

Team Alpha Wolf Squadron - just because I think Acquaman should have an extra advantage in this battle

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