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DTL Season 5-Week 8 (Set 1)

DTL Commish

DTL Commisioner
Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
Due to the holiday, these threads will be in use for 10 days. Days 1-4 (Jan 6 - Jan 9) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help.

On Day 5 (Jan 10) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count. Look over the matchups and read the strategies, and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match. (Note: The length of a writeup the discretion of the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember to vote for all matches or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 10th day (Jan 15) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: The Himalayan Mountains

The Immortals
Superman M* (DU)
Tony Stark: Sorcerer Supreme (MU)
Winter (DM)
Midnighter (DR)


B'wana Bet?
Baron Helmut Zemo (with Moonstones)(MU)- The Moonstones grant Zemo his own version of Cosmic Awareness and powers, including the ability to open warps through time and space, in addition to his own natural skills and prodigious leadership ability.
Pulse-8 (DU) - Uses a Quantum Keyboard to alter reality.
Lightray (DM) - Faster than light, superhuman strength and durability, energy conversion, and light manipulation. Lightray is highly-intelligent and possesses a Mother Box.
Reed Richards (MR) - Elastic supergenius. Again, perhaps the only point in need of highlighting here is his little used ability to alter his own mind through his powers.
Vixen (DR)


The Nameless Wonders*
Fernus (DU)
Flash (Titans of Tomorrow) (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)


The Authorititans
Resurrection Man (Quantum TK) (DU)
Flash (Bart Allen) (DU)
Aztek (DM)
Midnighter (DR)
Anarky (DR)
Well I hope the personal stuff comes to a satisfactory resolution for you.

Prep Time

“I'll give 'em one thing,” he hears someone say. “They got imagination. From a mansion last time to the damned...where the hell are we, anyway?”

Mitch Shelley turns around, wondering where the hell he is now. He doesn't remember dying...and he doesn't remember having been in the mountains, in the middle of a massive blizzard, at any point in the recent past.

“Computer says it's the Himalayas,” says the man all in red.

“Guess it's the Himalayas, then,” nods the man all in black, in assent. “The ****ing Himalayas? What's next?”

“The moon, perhaps,” chuckles the man in white and gold.

“Nope, we did that one. My first week with the team. I didn't play, but Apollo did. We got beat hard. Strategy was sound, but the other team played better. We took a few of 'em down, but not enough.”

From out of nowhere...finally, a familiar face. The Flash...but something's different about him. The costume...it's not quite the same. And the voice...

“OK, guys, I checked around. We got a big area to play in, but it's not quite big enough to encompass any civilizations. A few shanties down in the lowlands, but we can't go far down enough to reach anywhere that would have any tech for Anarky to mess around with. Not without leaving the battleground.”

“Not a problem,” says the man in red, and Mitch mentally marks him as Anarky. “That means they don't have anything to play with either. I'll make do with what I have. I've got the tech to rig up psi-blockers to protect us from this Fernus thing--”

His sentence ends abruptly as all four of them are lifted high into the air by Mitch's quantum telekinesis.

“OK, folks. Listen up close. I am about as confused as can be right now, and I expect some answers immediately. Nobody moves until I get them. No, literally, you're not gonna be moving. I'll be making sure of that.”

A few awkward, hasty introductions and explanations later, the Authorititans are working as a team again, and plotting strategy. Resurrection Man is assigned to deal with Fernus, keeping the insane J'onn J'onzz at bay with his quantum telekinesis long enough for the rest of the team to arrive and help. Intuitively, Bart Allen is assigned to deal with his future cloned self, using his superior arsenal of Speed Force tricks, and superior command of the Speed Force. Aztek, of course, will take on Blue Beetle. Anarky's happy to deal with Traci Thirteen, and Midnighter will go to work on the dangerous but beatable Zauriel.

The plan is spread out and make the Nameless Wonders do the same in order to find them. This will force their big guns to choose one fight at a time, and it will also give the Authorititans the possibility of ambush.
Battle Time

Midnighter vs. Zauriel:

Zauriel flies low, at high speeds, over the Menlung Chu Pass, scanning the snow-covered ground below for signs of either of his targets. He sees none. Soundlessly, Midnighter leaps from behind the boulder concealing him and descends upon the angel, timing the jump perfectly. Zauriel spins violently in surprise, even as Midnighter slams a fist into his wrist, shocking his hand open and sending his heavenly weapon flying.

Another fist rams into Zauriel's face, and the fight is on. Momentarily stunned by the rapid change in events, Zauriel falls rapidly to Earth, and the two combatants crash into the snow with a muffled thud. Without his weapon, and unable to use his sonic scream for fear of killing Midnighter, the angel is at a distinct disadvantage to his opponent's unfathomable ability to calculate all possible outcomes of the fight. Blow after precisely, surgically placed blow lands on Zauriel, and the angel is able to return precious few. At the end of it, Midnighter stands victorious over the fallen angel.

“Anarky, my man's down,” Midnighter calmly speaks into his headset mic. “How are you?”

Anarky vs. Traci Thirteen:

“Still working on mine,” shouts Anarky breathlessly into his helmet mic. “I'm a few hundred klicks up Gauri Sankar, but we're still close to the villages, and Kathmandu's only 100 klicks away, and that's giving her a little bit of power to draw on!”

Calling upon every ounce of superspeed and superstrength and enhanced agility, Midnighter bounds up the Sankar side of Gauri Sankar, the peak just south of the Menlung Chu Pass. But his teammate may not have the time.

Traci can't turn her pet into a full-fledged dragon—she doesn't have enough urban power to draw on—but she has made it into a large, horse-sized animal that is not to be trifled with, and Anarky finds himself dangerously outmatched. He hurls a fistful of shock-darts at Traci and doesn't even wait for the momentary yelp of pain that results before turning to the gigantic lizard barreling down on him. Just as it reaches the threshold of crushing him, he leaps high into the air, and as he comes down, he slams his stun-staff down onto the creature's head, sending as many volts as he can produce from the staff into the animal.

Before he's even landed, he vaults off the stunned animal's back and over the edge of the short cliff, using his acrobatic skill to leap down the side of it to lower, but safer, ground, and ground closer to Midnighter.

Traci leaps down after him, on the back of her iguana, and they charge forward towards him. He steels himself, and at the last moment--

He ducks, and Midnighter leaps from under the snow, taking Traci off the animal's back, and the head off of Traci, from there, the two martial artists make short work of the newly ownerless iguana.

Two down.
Aztek vs. Blue Beetle:

Blue Beetle's mystical carapace slams into the side of Nanga Parbat, one of the world's most dangerous-to-climb mountains. If the two combatants now dueling amongst its rocks were not gifted with the power of flight, that danger might be more apparent or concerning to them. As it is, they are focused only on the battle at hand—and the battle at hand is going Aztek's way.

Jaime Reyes was lucky enough to have a powerful suit of armor and weaponry bestowed upon him, but he simply doesn't have a solid-enough base of experience from which to draw. Meanwhile, Aztek draws upon a lifetime of training, preparation, experience, and expertise with his tools.

Pinning Blue Beetle to the sheer rock face with a net made of fourth-dimensional energy, Aztek fires bolt after bolt of pure energy into his opponent, and the scarab's protection begins to recede from Jaime's body. He struggles violently against his strictures, and eventually frees himself, but the damage has been done. His armor in shreds, his defenses damaged, his weaponry partially incapacitated, Reyes is a sitting duck. Aztek puts him down hard and leaves him bound with an energy net in the snow.

Flash (Bart Allen) vs. Flash (Titans of Tomorrow):

There are two ways this fight can go.

Scenario 1: My version of Bart Allen literally IS the Speed Force, which DCU speedsters, including the Nameless Wonders' version, rely upon for their speed. It's a simple matter for Bart to just deny speed to his future counterpart. However, if the voters find that a cheap-ass solution, here's another scenario.

Scenario 2: Future Bart is a clone, so he was never trained in the use of the speed force, and certainly is not able to make speed scouts. My version of Bart, however, does have the ability, and while he is very hesitant to use them, recognizes that it may be the only way to end this fight quickly. Speed scouts, for the uninitiated, are basically copies of Bart made from Speed Force energy. In many ways they are very similar to Madrox's duplicates, but are also similar to Multiplex's duplicates in that they are somewhat of a hive mind.

So Bart whips up three speed scouts, making it four to one. Furthermore, my Bart is faster and more skilled with the Speed Force, because he has the Speed Force internalized. There's absolutely no way that future Bart can compare to four present-day Barts. He probably couldn't even beat ONE present-day Bart.

Having defeated future Bart, my Flash reabsorbs his duplicates. He doesn't want to risk them against Fernus, since the death of one can knock him into a coma. He then takes off and arrives instantaneously at the site of the final remaining battle—the peak of the highest mountain of all: Everest.
Resurrection Man (Quantum TK) vs. Fernus:

Above the peak of Everest, two titans of a power unimaginable to the normal human being are locked in struggle. Fernus slams Mitch into the side of the mountain and hurtles after him, but Resurrection Man is already back in the air, blasting Fernus over and over again with beams of quantum energy that take the crazed Martian apart molecule by molecule. But quantum telekinesis can only do so much against a shapeshifter, a creature with complete control of its molecules. The battle is a stalemate. For every blow that one lands, the other lands one of his own.

Far away, Midnighter and Anarky can see bright flashes of power, the signature of the battle, visible from miles away. Huge chunks of Everest crash down into the valleys and passes below. It is a monumental struggle.

Flash, having done an hour's worth of fighting in the space of moments, arrives almost instantaneously, but is relatively unable to strike meaningful damage against Fernus. His infinite mass punches do damage, but Fernus quickly realizes the danger of them, and goes intangible to render them moot, only going solid when he needs to strike a blow against Resurrection Man.

30 minutes into the fight, Aztek arrives on the scene, having soundly defeated Blue Beetle. He goes intangible immediately and pours on his own power and command of fourth-dimensional energy.

The battle rages on for hours. Flash lands a few punches every few minutes when Fernus has to go tangible. Aztek and Resurrection Man pile on blast after blast after blast after blast.

It takes nearly a day of nonstop fighting, but the beast is eventually brought down. Aztek is severely wounded. Flash is exhausted. Resurrection Man is weary. But Fernus is overwhelmed by the combined fury and intenstiy of Aztek, Resurrection Man, and the Flash.

Authorititans 5, Nameless Wonders 0.

"Bozhe moi, it is cold!"

The white-haired former Spetnaz officer did his best to stop shivering as his team stood on a cliff face, wondering where they were. Turning to the group he had found himself with half an hour before, he looked up as the man who had introduced himself as Kal drifted from the sky.

"Well, folks, looks like we're on Earth, 21st century again. Somewhere in Asia, thoguh I'm not sure where, though. Not too familiar with ancient Earth geography..."


Midnighter and Death glanced at each other, having spoken at the same time. Midnighter was the first to speak again.

"One of my team members is fond of Tibet, you know? I've been here before."

"Well, excellent. Can one of you spare some energy? My reserves are basically non-existent and the cold is starting to become a factor, even to a man who was born in Siberia. Anything but magic, please, Tony. That stings enough that I don't absorb it unless I need to."

"Of course, Nikolas"

Raising his arm, Tony fired at the man with a low-level repulsor blast. A blast of that power level would have punched through the trunk of a large tree, but Winter didn't even move, simply nodded his thanks as his body stored the energy, converting it slowly into body heat. Before anyone else thought to speak, knowledge of their opponents came to them, even Winter who should have absorbed any psychic energy, since his powers were still "on" after taking the blast from Tony.

"Well, does anyone recognize these folks?"

As always, Midnighter was the first to ask.

"I know that Richards guy. Zemo too, though I never knew he had those moonstones."

Death wasn't much of a talker, but when it came to helping his team (and by extension himself) survive, he had no secrets.

"I know a fair bit about Lightray. Vixen and Pule-8... they sound vaguely familiar, but nothing really stands out. I really wish I'd had a chance to study more of the ancient heroes, but there were just so many."

Kal stood there, hands clasped behind his back and eyes closed, wracking his brain for any other information he might be neglecting.

"Well, that will have to do for now. Shall we begin planning?"

Casting a simple survival spell on the other two who, though they would take quite some time to admit it, were suffering in the brutal cold as well, Tony Stark used his armor to display a holographic map of the mountain range, and their place on it.
In the last hour of prep, Tony cast his best shield, the Triple Shield of Protection, which has protected him from attacks from cosmic-level foes, channeling the protective power into the armor itself. Death, the one who could spare an energy blast the most at that point, fired a huge column of destructive force at Winter, who soaked it up, channeling the energy into his body in the form of flight, strength, enhanced durability, and speed. Superman, as per their plan, rose swiftly into the air, stopping just inside the planet's atmoshpere moments later, and began scanning the mountain range for signs of their foe. After casting life support spells on both Death and Midnighter, to allow them to ignore the cold, Tony gestured and teleported them near the peak of K2. One didn't find much higher ground than this, on any battlefield. Team in place, all they could do after that was wait..

Superman and Stark vs Zemo and Pulse-8:

In the instant that he detected the appearance of their opponents, Kal unleashed a blast of supremely focused heat vision. The purpose of this was twofold: first, it told the rest of his team exactly where their enemies had appeared. Even as he touched the first key, Pulse-8 discovered the other purpose as his keyboard vanished in a flash of energy and shrapnel that took the operator of the keyboard out. Even as this happened, though, the other four members of the team vanished. Knowing this was the doing of Zemo, Kal streaked from the sky towards his team... only to pass through a portal that deposited him outside the solar system. Firing up his Boom suit, he flew back to Earth, only to pass through another portal, layered seamlessly over the opening of his boom tube, which nearly caused him to fly face-first into the surface of a planet somewhere in the galactic core. Muttering under his breath, Kal once again Boomed to Earth, this time coming out above America, and streaking towards the Himalayas, dodging nearly half a dozen portals that appeared in his way, one after another.

Back above the mountain range, Stark flew up behind Zemo, who was staring into the distance and chuckling, as if watching something that amused him greatly. Given the absence of their team's other heavy hitter, Tony did not find it difficult to guess what he was doing. Keying up his repulsors, he fired a full power blast at Zemo's back, wanting to finish him quickly. The blast, unfortunately, passed into a portal and disappeared for good. Tony shook his head. Zemo was as good as they had feared.

"Hello, Stark. Please, don't take my amusement as evidence of a lack of attention. I can accommodate you and your large friend out there."

He gestured vaguely in the direction he was looking, and a portal opened behind Stark, releasing the earlier repulsor blast. His shields did not even wavering at the blast, and Stark began spellcasting. At the same time another portal opened in front of Kal, this time depositing a massive asteroid inches from Kal's speeding face. Blowing through the several hundred tons of rock, Kal sped up, seeing from across the globe that Stark had his hands full.

As the long green tentacles the mage had summoned clutched at his intangible form, zemo finally turned to look at Stark, devoting the majority of his attention to him. Without even a gesture, Zemo increased the weight of Stark's armor a hundredfold, though Stark quickly countered, freeing himself and his armor almost completely from the hold of the Earth's gravity. Even as he cast another offensive spell, a blast of tremendous energy struck his shield and actually knocked him back several feet. Stark unleashed a blast of the Winds of Watoomb, smiling in satisfaction as Zemo, who, couldn't react to an attack he couldn't see, was knocked tumbling across the sky before disappearing into a spatial warp. Appearing behind Stark, he unleashed a blast of energy at his back, only to have Stark use his own trick against him: opening a portal to divert the entire blast harmlessly, rather than force his shields to cope (as Stark did against Dormammu in his What If).

The opponents disappeared and reappeared, phased and attacked for a very intense several moments longer before Superman came within normal human eyesight. Running at just under Mach 11, he spun at the last second, just as Zemo reappeared yet again, and flew directly at him, leading with a massive blast of heatvision. Yet again Zemo phased, and the heatvision lanced through him, and the air where Stark had been only an instant before. Zemo gestured and teleported Superman away yet again, but he had anticipated the move, and boom tubed in right next to Stark, who unleashed a blinding, befuddling light from the Eye of Agamotto. Stunned momentarily by the magical version of a telepathic attack, Zemo was slow in reacting to a wide focus blast of heatvision that scorched his body. Crying out, he banished both of his opponents, only to have them reappear by ttheir individual means of teleportation immediately after.

Force vision lashed out, applying pressure to the arteries in Zemo's neck and light from the Eye once again assaulted his senses. Even as they attacked, he increased the weight of Superman's heart by several tons and fired a blast of energy at Stark that would have leveled the mountain range they fought above. Even as his vision grew dim, Kal felt his heart fluttering, slowing down, and Stark's shields (and the armor they reinforced) cracked and began to buckle.

Changing tactics suddenly, Zemo erected a forcefield of his own, relenting in his merciless attack against the other two even as he stopped Kal's telekinetic choke hold. Banishing Stark again, he used the momentary absence to focus the full power of the alien stones on Kal Kent. In an instant, his heart suddenly weighed seventy tons. Faced with such undeniable trauma, Superman plummeted from the sky even as Stark returned.

"No! Kal!"

Rounding on Zemo, he deflected the energy blast Zemo directed against him, and with a speed only possible with the use of his armor, cast one of his most draining spells: he slowed down time in Zemo's vicinity. Strange was a blur to Baron Zemo now, casting a final, simple spell before his enemy could finish blinking. Casting the Spell of Forgetfulness, Stark removed the memories relating to the existence and use of the moonstones from a mind that was thinking too slowly to resist.

Feeling completely drained, Stark grabbed the confused Zemo by the wrist, undid the time spell, and knocked the man out with a minor blast from his armor's sonic weapon. Allowing his suit's non-magical thrusters to carry them down, he made his way to check Kal's motionless form...
Winter, Midnighter and Death versus Richard, Vixen and Lightray:

Winter flew above the mountains, carrying his two allies by one hand each. Concealed by Death's cloaking device, the three were confident theyw ould get the drop on their opponents... until they happened upon them and two things happened simultaneously. First, a strange pinging sound came from the glowing one, and the deivce Reed was looking into flashed a warning light. Both looked up, directly at the hovering trio, and calle dout a warning to each other and Vixen.

"Oh... Yob tvoyu mat. Good landing, friends!"

Swooping low, he tossed Death and Midnighter at their designated opponents, trusting them to land safely, and flew at Lightray. Using focusing the rest of his energy into a blast of energy, he fired, striking Lightray in the chest with little effect, and allowed his momentum to send him crashing into the red--haired.

"Hello, Zhopa! I will be your opponent for now."

Even as he spoke, Lightray had blasted him in the face with a tightly focused alser beam. Smiling as the beam lanced against his eyeball ahrmlessly and fed him, he opened his mouth and returned the blast at half strength, keeping the rest for himself. Channeling the stored energy into strength, he smashed the palm of his hand into the bridge of Lightray's nose even as the New God wrapped his arms around Winter's waist and flew into the sky.

Seeing that they were heading out of the atmosphere, Winter used the physical contact to actively drain his opponent, amping himself up to allow him to survive in the void of space. Looking back, Winter immediately realized where they were going: to a massive source of energy so powerful he had no hope of absorbing it successfully. And theyw ould be there in eight minutes.

"NO! Not again! Never again!"

Desperation fueling his efforts, he drained Lightry, converted most of the energy, and fired it back inverted, as a sort of "anti-light" (he's used inverted energy before, against Apollo recently and early in his Stormwatch career). Being both drained and asaulted by a foreign form of energy, Lightray let go of Winter and lashed out physically, punching him in the face. Smiling grimly and absorbing thekinetic energy of the blow, Winter flew towards the New God, fists clenched.

"Oh, hand-to-hand fighting, is it? Let me show you how a memeber of the Spetnaz fights!"

Coming within arm's reach, he whipped out a roundhouse that Lightray easily blocked. Still moving forward, he brought his left arm up under his opponent's chin and, focusing the majority of his power into strength, jammed his thumb deep into his eye socket, then jamming the heel of his right palm into his throat. This fool had intended to throw him into the sun. There would be no mercy.

Screaming silently in the void of outer space, Lightray unleashed his power, complete unfettered: space itself seemed to burn with the light, and a miniature sun began to form all around Winter. Expelling his full charge (minus that eneded to keep him alive) into a massive blast, Winter absorbed the energy around him almost as fast as Lightray generated it, firing it int he form of inverted anti-ligh1t. Still, he couldn't absorb it all, and even as he flew in to hammer on the New God with physical blows, he could feel his body burning. Focusing his full energy on strength, he wrapped one arm around Lightray's head and another around his shoulder and wrenched his arms in two different directions. Almost completely drained himself, Lightray had not the enrgy to resist, and even as his Winter's body froze in the void of space, he felt the deep pop of a New God's neck snapping. Even as the cold of space froze the muscles in his arms, Winter pulled again, wrenching the handsome head around in a full 180 degrees.
Midnighter fell from the sky, feet-first. Vixen, having taken on the proportionate strength of an ant, caught him, spun, and slammed him into the ground. Standing up and brushing the snow off his uniform, Midnighter smiled and gave her the familiar speech, even as Death lanced the ground at Reed's feet with a blast from his sword.

Maintaining his balance, Reed drew a strange looking gun and aimed it at Death. Even as he pulled the trigger, Logan vanished. Hastily checking his scanner for what he assumed was a cloaked Death, he screamed in pain and surprise as Death rematerialized behind him and managed a shallow cut with the impossibly sharp edge of his sword. Spinning around, he brought another weapon to bear, onto to have it reduced to scrap by a swipe from adamantium claws. Brining his the gun to bear, he fired, and lunged backwards as the coldly silent Horseman ducked under the blast and moved in low.

Midnighter swept aside a punch that would have crushed even his skull, and brought his staff up as she unleashed a flurry of punches at hummingbird speed. Clutching her broken hands, Vixen retreated at Cheetah speed activated the regenerative abilities of an earthworm. Crying out in pain as a pair of shuriken seemingly came out of nowhere and lodged in his shoulders. Even as she pulled them out, Midnighter dropped from above, bringing his staff down on the top of her head hard enough to fracture her skull, but not crush it.

Standing over the fallen woman, he turned to see a flash of light, as Death, his sword jammed down Reed's throat, ended the fight in a brutal manner.

"Another satisfactory--"

His sentence ended with a flash of light from above.

"Oh, shi.."
Lightray was back, and angry beyond words. His neck still red from some recent trauma, he unleashed a blast of light that vaporized the snow where Midnighter had been standing.

Death came in from the right, leaping into the air and firing a blast of energy from his sword. Lightray vanished, moving out of danger at near-lightspeed, and a moment later Wolverine teleported back to the ground. Coming to a halt, Lightray spun and caught a shuriken flying for the back of his neck. In less than a second the metal was glowing red hot, then white, then vaporized. Flying as fast as a ray of sunlight, Lightray came to a stop, slamming a fist into Midnigther's solar plexus and sending him flying.

Death teleported above the New God, sword tip leading as he fell, only to be blasted backwards by a burning beam of light. Before he could hit the ground, Lightray was there, clutching his face and clamming him skull-first into a large boulder. Pressing his hand against the semi-conscious man's face, his hand began to glow: burning the flesh away from his skull almost as fast as it could regenerate. Suddenly, his head erupted in pain, as a pair of black staves slammed into the sides of his head, rupturing his ear drums (which Midnighter did to Apollo). Screaming in incoherent rage, Lightray spun and blasted a hole through the attacker's abdomen.

Even as Midnighter's face took on a look of confusion, a broad slab of razor sharp metal erupted from Lightray's chest, and slid, agonizingly slowly, downwards. Eyes still growing back, Death roared and pulled down with all of his remaining strength. The crack of a splitting pelvis, and the sound of wet things spilling to the ground told Death this fight was done. Slumping to the ground, he sat there as his face and eyes slowly came back, the smell of roasted flesh filling his nostrils.
Authorititans get my vote. Pretty sound writeup from Ari. I liked how he played up the advantages of his Flash -- going in I would have assumed it would be basically a dead-even match between the two.

The only thing I wasn't so sure on was the psi-blockers, which are kind of essential to beating Fernus. Sure, tech from 800,000 years in the future or whatever it is could probably make them, but would Mitch necessarily have brought that tech to the battlefield? Does he normally carry that kind of equipment around with him? (I don't know him well enough to know the answer.) And if he hadn't brought them with him, there's not a lot of equipment to work with lying around the Himalayas. But I suppose he could adapt some of Aztek's tech or something.

Regardless, it's a pretty good writeup against no opposition.

Excellent match between Khell and Gog. I liked Gog's tactics: amping up Zemo's speed and teleporting Superman 1-Mil to an exploding Krypton, increasing the electrical resistance of Iron Man's armor to the point where it wouldn't conduct electricity, etc. All very clever ideas. As for Khell, he can write a back and forth clash of powerhouse characters like none other. And no kidding about the gruesome ending.

Anyway, the writeups were both a very enjoyable read, despite being very different in style. But in terms of the winner, I guess I give it to the Immortals. I think that Kal's speed advantage and Pulse-8's lack of durability would let him take Pulse-8 down before he can make full use of the quantum keyboard. (As far as the no blitzing rule, I think that really refers to things like teleporting the whole opposing team into the core of the sun. At this point it's largely redundant with the ubers can't attack regs/meds rule. But your ubers are certainly allowed to use whatever speed advantage they may have against the opposing ubers.) Anyway, if Pulse-8 goes down then it's two-on-one against Zemo, and even if he amps his speed I think fighting Khell's two top-notch ubers is a bit much for him. Khell made Zemo look like an absolute beast and still had him fall -- I can't really see anything to question in that outcome.

Really great fight on both sides, though. I'm going to have my hands full with Gog next week.
I may not have been clear on that in the prep-time. It was Anarky rigging that tech up, presumably by dismantling unnecessary components of the extensive tech he has in his suit. He's got the know-how to make a boom-tube from scratch, as well as cloaking tech good enough to hide him from the JLA when they were standing literally right above him, so the only question is whether he would be able to rig those devices up from what he had on him. I feel he would. Good point though.

Also, my Mitch isn't from the future. He's just a specific version of present-day Mitch.
I may not have been clear on that in the prep-time. It was Anarky rigging that tech up, presumably by dismantling unnecessary components of the extensive tech he has in his suit. He's got the know-how to make a boom-tube from scratch, as well as cloaking tech good enough to hide him from the JLA when they were standing literally right above him, so the only question is whether he would be able to rig those devices up from what he had on him. I feel he would. Good point though.

Also, my Mitch isn't from the future. He's just a specific version of present-day Mitch.
Ah, gotcha. I knew your Mitch wasn't the future version, but somehow I spaced out on that fact when I was doing my comments.
I used Mediafire, and now the image is back again, so I don't know what the dealio is.
It's a pretty cool banner. Especially like the Midnighter pic you used.
Really? Cool. That was the one I was most worried about. It's kind of un-actiony, but on the other hand, it does look pretty menacing.

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