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Jesus of Narnia

Aug 20, 2000
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There's prolly a million polls about this all ready, but I did a search and couldn't find any recent ones so....

If they decide to use Electro in a sequel...what do you want him to look like?

As much as I love the comic book look...just imagine that on film.

I like the original costume best, but it would look absolutely ridiculous on screen, especially the mask.
IMO, the best for on screen would be the Ultimate look. The black leather looks fairly cool but I think it should be slightly crazier, maybe bright yellow lightning shapes across it.
I'm not sure about the bald head but I guess it makes sense because it would have burnt away. The glowing eyes are cool though.


I say make him the classic max Dillon we know and love - y'know loser in life who wants to make an impact on the world, not severely burned psycho from the Ultimates. But give him hte Ultimate costume, except maybe make the colour dark purple rather than black, and give it a yellow trim.
Oh, and from now on, any Electro discussion should go in the OFFICIAL Electro thread on this board. Jawdawg started it, it's called "Electro".
Hard to say; the MTV look was cool but "Hulk" kinda killed it. I like the Ultimate version but don't want black leather to become the new rubber. And no way in hell would that mask work.
First, welcome to the Hype, Jesus. This is a much better poll than newbies usually post.

Second.... this poll needs a "his look needs to change as the movie progresses" option, since that's what I think it needs to do... I am not certain how I want him to look. Perhpas at first he could start out with the traditional green & yellow, complete with silly-yet-somehow-endearing mask.... then, as the movie progresses and his powers become more fully developed/he gains experience, he should move on to Ultimate-style, stylin' black rubber, which I really REALLY like, especially with the Quesada-style raised collar, wait just a sec & I post a pic.

Then, as time marches on, something happens like in U6, he loses his containment suit and we see him in essence stripped bare, just raw power and very frightening - perhaps he should become more... elemental, just really crazy. I don't know. There's a lot of different schools of thought on this and all of them have good points.
Let's take a look at some stuff; and if you want any of these pix, swipe 'em because my hosting space is extremely limited & these will not be here long.

First, Bagley's magnificent Ultimate design, a personal fav of mine:


What's not to like? Gorgeous.
Next, the same design as rendered by Joe Quesada for U6. While Bag's original take is peachy with me, I admit I LOVE this big raised collar, that's so cool in a retro kinda way.... I also am very fond of the star-shape being etched into the skin of Electro's face, if he's not going to be wearing the yellow mask.


Electro is older here but he's still cool.
Next: the new MTV version. While I do take issues with some elements of Max's character in that series, I think this "god of electricity" look could kick some *very* serious ass on the big screen if handled correctly. Raimi & co. seem good at translating villains to the big screen so far, so I think they'd be able to give us something worth seeing.


Bald or with hair, either way is cool with me (although I think guys with shaved heads are really sexy... can't help it :gg: ) and I definitely agree, his eyes have to glow.
actually i think if he had a ridiculous costume to start out with that resembled the original's that would be amusing but might seem kinda campy. i don't want campy. however, i'd like there to be the take of him being bald or clumps of hair anyways as the ultimate version portrays him. i would like the original max dillon character to be who electro is but switch around some of his origin.s i don't want justin hammer being involved but i'd like a new twist on his origin from the 'struck by electricity' that makes it seem more believable with him getting his powers. but i don't want to see any mention of MUTANT whatsoever too. keep the mutants with x-men.
and if he has a leather outift like the one above which kicks serious ass (U6 costume) it should somehow be stressed that it is insulated so it doens't burn off. but if his powers steadily increased towards the end of the movie he could end up burning his clothes off and just become total power. if he was power and had no clothes on, yes he would be naked, but i feel he would be far too bright to tell. i dont' want it being super bright to where we can't make him out but make him turn into power, make his eyes burn with electricity and have it just pouring out of him. if he was naked, he could still do some kick-ass scenes if the camera was to be worked right, but if he was naked, i don't think a scene like that should go past a couple of minutes if that. i would say go with that take only just before he is defeated and don't over do it, but enough to see what kind of power he is endowed with.
this way you would see a few different ouifts and version of the character. either his hair would become stiff like mtv electro or he would be bald. or maybe, just maybe he would steadily lose hair through the movie to show he is becoming more power than human so he COULD have hair and have it evolve into a few forms of electro to where he wont' have hair by the end and ends up looking like ultimate 6 electro
if he has the ultimate look, they should keep the idea of it but change it carefully so it doesn't look like he tailored it, unless that is the approach we are going for since he likes attention
To begin with I'd like to see a black leather suit (ultimate), only with more yellow (not sure about green, doesn't seem very electricky). But in his first scene he should have some kind of mask. What of it was like a samurai mask, only more modern and contemporary, and shaped similar to how it is in the comics and painted black and yellow.

But then he would lose that and go for just the black suit. But he should have hair (the mtv hair looks cool). I think to start with he should only be able to fire electricity out of his hands, where as when he gets mor powerful he can produce huge balls of electrical energy. And for the eyes they should glow only when he is charging up and when he uses a power.

In the final battle I think he should charge himself up so much his suit and hair would burn away instantly. He would be naked but I think with bolts of electricity and energy flying around him it would be easy to cover him up. When he is fighting I also think it would be cool if when Spider-Man lays a hit on him, he flashes blue temporarily, similar to the U6 and MTV looks.
Thanks for the welcome, Mnemosyne!

Anywho, I'm not sure if I like the MTV look...something about the hair, maybe. But I really like the first two pics...especially the second one with the raised collar. It does give him that retro supervillain look but also makes him seem more dangerous...not sure why though.

I think he should be bald, at least when he gets his powers...and the idea of him turning into pure electricity during the finale could be really cool too.
I think he should have hair at first, but then it starts falling out - like people who get electrolysis sometimes lose their hair. A scene where Electro wakes up to find all his hair on his pillow and he completely frekas out would be great!
Actually, yeah, that would be really cool. It seems to me that with most Villain's origin scenes, the character seems completely comfortable with the changes to their body and begin wreaking havoc immediately...

It'd be a neat change to have Electro's origin somewhat parallel Peter's by using a scene like that...have him excited about his powers at first, but then a little afraid when his body starts changing throughout the falling out, static cling, interfering with electronics whatever...

At the end should he become pure energy, he could either become completely obsessed with using his new powers...or getting rid of them.
I'd keep it the same as the classic costume, but change the green to black and no mask. The Ultimate baldness and scars covering his face would be perfect, along with of course glowing eyes. ;) As my own touch, I think it would be cool if he had electricity start flowing out of his skin, so to speak, so for instance the electricity coming from his head would "resemble" his old mask slightly in shape, but wouldn't actually be a mask or obscuring his identity.

IMO, keep far away from the the MTV design and it's wierd hair. Of course, even that was better than how they "reimagined" the character... :mad: ;)
I'd say a dark green trenchcoat, mustard yellow shirt, and black pants with uber-spiked blonde hair. The origin should resemble the one in James Cameron's scriptment (not bad, but not Spider-Man).
No more trenchcoats. After Ock, that's going to be old news.

I don't think he should become pure energy either; I don't want him becoming an electric "ghost" like in the MTV series. I like how they did it in U6: he still has a human body, but he can still travel through power-lines anytime he wants to, too. This is good.

Seeing him floating around, errant energy-arcs passing between him and the ground as he moves like in the new series - that's pretty cool. There's so many cool things they could do with him.
What do you think of Cameron's origin idea, Nemo?
A little of some of those choices. Maybe naked when first gets his powers then designs a costume that doesnt burn when he uses his powers. Then he would use the classic costume without the mask, with less yellow and green.
ddr: "What do you think of Cameron's origin idea, Nemo?"

I have never actually gotten around to reading the actual script, although I have it bookmarked.

From what I understand about it, I don't really mind; at least the lightning-field origin part. What bugs me is the idea of making Max a sort of Norman Osborn-ish character. That's not at all what he's about. Max is a very ordinary guy who is so nondescript as to be almost invisible out in society. He is a man denied most of the good things in life.

He's not an evil or could-be-evil business tycoon. That part, I really hate. Ixnay to that.
Originally posted by Mnemosyne
Max is a very ordinary guy who is so nondescript as to be almost invisible out in society. He is a man denied most of the good things in life.

He's not an evil or could-be-evil business tycoon. That part, I really hate. Ixnay to that.

Besides, we'll all ready have had an evil business tycoon with Osborne, and a mad scientist with'd be a nice change of pace to have just an ordinary Joe (kinda like Peter) bestowed with these incredible powers.

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