World It's Electric!!! The Official Electro Thread

What exactly would you put in the mix? From USM, definetely the bald thing, and the costume. From SSM and Ultimate, the "need a containment suit" thing. But not to the extreme of SSM I think. Although... I'm not really knowledgeable about ASM, so please enlighten me : can he "volt on" without destroying his clothes in ASM? From ASM, perharps taking the fact that the electricity on his body takes a specific shape on his face.
I liked the way everyday life activites became impossible for him in SSM. If they were to put that into a movie, it would be awesome.
2003 mtv spider-man animated series Electro


Oh God, that is horrible.
lol "it's electric"

I love Electro lol but I hate the Electric Slide. Christ they played that song 5 times at my senior prom when I was in high school

Yeah the song did have some inspiration behind the title, but also because of the character.:woot:

Like I said, he's one of those villians you either love or hate, there is no middle place for him.

I loved his arc in the New Avengers.

Luke Cage: "How did you beat this guy before?"
Spider-Man: " I usuallly just webbed up my hands and started hitting"
Luke Cage: "Webb me up"
Electro faints...

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