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Everyone's Favorite Chocolate Rain Guy Returns

People like this guy because it's like Willie Tyler's "Lester" became a Real Boy.

this reminds me so much of that Simpson's episode when Bart was the i didn't do it boy, and everyone loved him, then when the I didn't do it dancers and i didn't do it rap song came about you knew it was going to far!...:cmad: :woot:
I imagine Terry having the same voice.

Face of a 12 year old...voice of George Burns.
f**k it more power to him, like any of you would turn down the money he's getting
I don't get the way people think a lot of times. 10 years ago everyone talked about how much it sucked that corporations ran everything and that the individual had no voice or choice. Now that one person can make his own way in an industry such as media people ***** about how anyone can do it.
I think the chocolate rain guy has his first #1 fan. ^ :o
Hey, if he's in a commercial I say good for him. Although I'm curious as to what this Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper taste like.
That was horrible and not funny...I wonder what he will be known for for the rest of his life.

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