Evil Step-mother

man, my step mom was the same way. Maybe worse.

She is evil.

The is The Emperor man.

You can have a dream that they will change and not ruin you and your father's life.

But it will never happen.

Not trying to be a debby downer.

Just sayin' that you need to look for alternative ways of getting your family happy again from the Step Monster.
Hey Darth,

I'm sorry about what has happened with your step-mother and your father's health. I am glad that he's been found so at least now you don't have to worry about not knowing where he is. I hope he continues to recover and get well enough to have a clear mind as to see what this woman is doing to his relationship with his children. Hopefully he'll decide that he doesn't need someone like that in his life.

My best wishes to you and your family.
Eh, that is still messed up. There should be a way to confirm you are a family member by running off his birth date, address, etc. What do they suggest that you do then, b/c I am sure they are encountering this problem more than once a day? If he was admitted by himself and no one knew he was there, I could see so many different complications with this set up.

IDK, ask them to advise your father (if they are there) to give permission to disclose information to you or have him contact you if he is well enough. Try every hospital and if they are willing to do that you might get fortunate.

It's tricky, because often the patient does not even want family members to know. Not the case in this situation, but it's a matter of privacy laws. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to obtain information on someone to make it sound like you are family, etc. when in reality you're out to harm the person.

I'm really glad that he was able to find his father, though! What an awful situation :csad:
I wish you could somehow pry your Father away from this woman's evil talons. It could only get worse with her.

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