Ex-Playmate reveals what goes on in Hugh Hefner's bedroom (WTF?!)


Sep 13, 2006
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No one talks about it, but let's face it. We all wonder what the hell Hugh does in that room with all the young hotties. (Un)fortunately, one of them has spoken out:

Personal slave? Define what that is.

A personal slave is someone who has to follow all the rules of Hef or you're asked to move out. She gets to live in the house, but she has a 9:30pm curfew and she has to participate on Wednesdays and Fridays for sex night. They're required nights for sex. You have to go upstairs [to Hef's bedroom] unless you just had a nose job or a major operation. Otherwise, you have to go. Even if it's that time of the month, or you're sick and the doctors tell you that you can't participate. You still have to show up that night.

What happens on sex night?

On sex night you go upstairs and the girls that are brand new, or the girls who don't have their own room yet, have to take a bath. That's a requirement. You also have to put on a certain pair of pink pajamas. They're all lined up and neat. You can tell they've been to the cleaners. They tell you to put them on, even though you take them off as soon as you enter Hef's room.

What is Hef's room like?

It's pitch dark, and there's this loud techno music playing. There's also two large big screen TVs.

Is it a very big room?

No, it's not exactly huge because it is an old house. But it has tons and tons of stuff everywhere to the point where you almost have to make a trail to get around.

How do you feel when you first walk into Hef's room and see all this?

I'm terrified!

How many other women are in the room with you?

The night I was there, there were 12 girls.

I guess this is the million-dollar question. Does Hef actually have sex with the girls?

I didn't think he did, because nobody talks about it. There's not one girl who talks about it! I actually studied this before I went up there!

What do you mean by that?

I actually looked through articles on the Internet and read articles from various magazines about Hef's lifestyle. GQ and Vanity Fair even did articles on it. I read everything! The one thing I noticed in each article is that none of the girls talked about sex, but then there's a video out called "Inside The Playboy Mansion." I even bought that! Through the whole video, whenever a girl is asked about having sex with Hef, they say, "We don't kiss and tell." Nobody says anything!

That brings me back to my earlier question. Why?

Well, most people don't want to admit that they had sex with a 78 year-old. The night I was there 10 of the 12 girls had sex with him.

By sex you mean intercourse?


How is a man who's 78 years old able to have sex with that many women?

He doesn't really do anything. He just lies there with his Viagra erection. It's just a fake erection, and each girl gets on top of him for two minutes while the girls in the background try to keep him excited. They'll yell things like, "F-k her daddy, f-k her daddaddy!" There's a lot of cheerleader going on!

After the two minutes are up what happens?

The main girlfriend wipes off his penis. She's the girl who actually shares the bed with him. She sleeps there all night. She's around 22 years old. He uses all the same girls. She's been there for three years now.

So she was just a teenager when they met.


Don't you think that's crazy?

Yeah, but nobody really knows. I don't think even the main guests know all this.

So let's talk more about Hef's sex party.

When it first gets started his main girlfriend gives him [oral sex], then she has sex with him. She's the first to go because that's the safest for her.

Does Hef use a condom when he had sex with these women?

No. No protection and no testing. He doesn't care.

Don't the girls he's having sex with care?

They care, but they're also getting $2000 a week.

They sound more like prostitutes than girlfriends.

Yeah, they do.

But you're in the room as well. What are you doing?

I'm just thinking to myself, "Oh my God!" But I wanted to be a Playmate and this is the way to do it.

If you didn't have sex with Hef, what were you doing specifically?

Each girl pairs up with another girl and they pretend to have girl on girl sex while Hef is having his turn with the other girl. It's not real lesbian sex. We're just pretending. Nobody else really likes each other. There's also gay porn on in the background.

I was told that Hef likes to watch male gay porn by former Playboy centerfold Victoria Zdrok. Did you find that odd?

Yes, but I think he needs to see that stuff to help him stay [erect].

So why didn't you have sex with him?

I did have a turn with him, but I said, "No."

What happens when you say "No" to sex with Hef?

Nothing, because I kept my pants on. That's a rule. If you leave your pink pajama bottoms on, that means you don't want to [have intercourse].

Once you refuse to have sex are you kicked out of the mansion?

Definitely, but he doesn't give up that easy. I was supposed to be living in the mansion for five days. I moved in and intended on not leaving. I didn't realize they had real sex.

What did you think was going to happen?

I thought I was going to get to play dress up and go out partying and just have a great time looking like I'm [Hef's] girlfriend. I had no idea it was the real deal.

I don't need to tell you how naive that sounds.

I know it sounds like I'm an idiot and very naive, but I just wasn't willing to have sex with, him even though I wanted the dream so much, but I also didn't want to not live either. I looked around and thought to myself, "You got to be kidding! These girls are strippers... ex-porn stars."

And those are the girls that make it into Playboy?

Yes. If you took the time to research a lot of the girls you see in Playboy, you'd probably be surprised. If you ran their social security numbers, you'd be really surprised.

Can a girl get into Playboy without sleeping with Hugh Hefner?

Yes, but you have to go in a different direction.

What direction is that?

Not meet Hugh Hefner. That's why he usually only has six or seven girls at a time. Then he only has to fill six or seven months out of the year in [Playboy].

Referring to centerfolds?

Yes. Some girls don't have to be ho's to get in, like Kerri Harrison. She was in soap operas, so she already had a following. She didn't have to be a ho.

But if you want to try getting in Playboy by sleeping with Hef, how does it work? What's the first step? Do you just come up to him in a club and tell him you want to be in Playboy, and if he likes you, he brings you home?

Yep. In the book I list real names of girls who actually slept with Hugh Hefner and made Playmate, and as soon as they made Playmate they moved out.

For instance?

Buffy Tyler. She slept with Hef and got in the magazine.

Is that really such a bad thing if she got what she wanted out of it?

No, unless he's got some disease. Also, she was a very beautiful girl. She shouldn't have to compromise at all.

So why mention her name and not others? Aren't you worried she will sue you?

Because she's known in the media as a "Hugh Hefner girlfriend." She already admitted to it. Brande Rodrick is another Playmate of the Year who had sex with Hugh Hefner.

Do you think a girl can be selected Playmate of the Year without sleeping with Hugh Hefner?


You have to sleep with Hugh Hefner to be Playboy's Playmate of the Year?

Yes, that's my opinion.

But you weren't willing to have sex. So did they just throw you out of the mansion?

No, but I wasn't invited to the next party. I wasn't told to leave the mansion, I just left it on my own because I didn't like what was going on and I wasn't going to participate. I wanted to be a Playmate, but the unprotected sex with a 78 year-old great-grandpa just wasn't my idea- thing.
You can read the rest of the interview at the link...if you've made it this far without puking blood. :dry:
No way. That sounds way too f**ked up. :huh:
Playboy bunnies have reading and writing comprehension skills?:dry:
That sounds like what blind_fury wants to be when he grows up. :dry:
"Also, she was a very beautiful girl. She shouldn't have to compromise at all."

While I agree that if she doesn't want to sleep with Hef, she shouldn't, but this comment just makes her sound stuckup
Wow thats sounds messed up. The girls next doors show doesn't show that at all. Surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit or anything like this before.
I'm kind of angry about this. And you know how Heff's son is going to grow up. He's supposed to inherit all of this, and you know the same kind of things are going on in his life. I saw a special before on the mansion and his son walks around at night in a robe just like his father's thinking he's big ****.
I...I never thought I'd say this...but...JAL > Hugh Hefner.
There is no emoticon to express my shock, awe, and disgust.
Techno music :up:

Bangin 10 hot chicks :up:

Ho's cheering you on while you do it :up:

Gay porn in the background......:down:
My question is, if Hugh has 12 girls in the room pretending to be with each other when they're not with him, why does he have gay porn on? Nothing against it, I'm a fan:p but I'm just wondering why the guy who is almost every straight man's idol at one point in their life watches gay porn when with 12 women.:confused:
It's probably the only thing "kinky" enough to actually turn him on anymore.
haha, or he needs to see an erect penis to help keep it up.:o
My question is, if Hugh has 12 girls in the room pretending to be with each other when they're not with him, why does he have gay porn on? Nothing against it, I'm a fan:p but I'm just wondering why the guy who is almost every straight man's idol at one point in their life watches gay porn when with 12 women.:confused:

I don't know, maybe he's bi.:huh:
Why is everyone disgusted?! The man is a pimp, yo! In his position you'd do the same. Well...except the gay porno s--t! :cmad: :(
Maybe he's so old that he forgot how to get an erection and he needs to watch "Naught Sailor Boys Part Deux" to figure it out again?

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